Kristen Stewart in Vogue 120

Vogue is featuring the 120 people under 45 with the biggest influence on fashion. Kristen Stewart is featured with Balenciaga’s designing powerhouse Nicolas Ghesquière who according to Vogue, “[he]began as a backroom boy at Balenciaga when the company name meant virtually nothing. The career trajectory of the most innovative French designer of his generation has long since placed the house at the apex of Parisian influence; his blend of high-tech, sci-fi thinking and haute couture technique is inimitable (though many, many try). He’s here with Kristen Stewart, who wears Balenciaga constantly and is the face of its new fragrance, Florabotanica.”

Video: Kristen Stewart Behind the Scenes at Vogue

Kristen Stewart was on the cover of Italian Vogue in November.  Here is a video look behind the scenes of her photo shoot and a preview of the cover.  What do you think of her look for this photo shoot?


Stephenie Meyer in Vainity Fair Influential 100

Stephenie Meyer has made the list of Vanity Fair magazine’s “The New Establishment 2009” in the number 82 position.  It’s basically a list of what you could call the movers and shakers of the past year.

STAGE OF GLOBAL CONQUEST: The Mormon housewife’s Twilight teen-vampire romance novels sold nearly 29 million copies in one year, capturing the top four positions on the USA Today best-seller list for 2008, making her the first author ever to do so. (J. K. Rowling came close with Nos. 1, 2, 3, and 5 with her Harry Potter titles in 2000.) The movie version of Twilight grossed $191 million in the U.S., and the film adaptation of her second book, New Moon, opens in November. Meyer has also inspired hundreds of Web sites from fans who call themselves “Stephen-ites” or “Twi-hards.”?”

So congrats Stephenie, and anyone ever referred to themself or heard her fans referred to as “Stephen-ites” before? That term is a new one on us.

Via Twilight Examiner.