Video: Kristen Stewart Jokes About Her Roundhouse Kick in the Breaking Dawn Trailer

MTV caught up with Kristen Stewart at the TIFF red carpet where her movie On the Road Premiered. She thanked fans for support and joked about why she beats up on Mountain Lions

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  1. I am glad to see Kristen out in public, but I am saddened by how much weight she has lost. You can tell this has taken a toll on her. I think her dress is beautiful, would love to see the whole thing. I am glad that she is getting a good fan response. Things happen in life,she has given us so much over the last four years, I think its our turn to support her. I think she needs to know we care and we aren’t going to throw tomatoes at her. I can’t wait for Breaking Dawn II; it is going to be fabulous and she will “shine”.

  2. Can’t view in the UK either Lyn Kinnaird!

  3. I support you baby girl…no one is perfect and your talent has proven to make a difference in the Twilight world so much love & peace to you. Thanks for performing as Bella and giving us a “bad*ss” Bella on the last part 2 of BD to add on to our memories of our beloved saga…cheers!

    • Well said. I’m glad she was able to enjoy being at the TIFF to promote On the Road. I can’t wait to see it as well as “bad ass Bella” in BD part 2.

  4. She doesn’t like cats? I thought Kristen Stewart had a pet cat.

  5. I love Kristen. This appearance must have been very hard for her to do. She doesn’t look healthy or happy. It makes me sad.

  6. I’m so proud of her! Keep it up Kristen! Everything will be okay! God bless you!!

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