Iconic New Moon Lines Hit Hot Topic Tee Shirts

Kiowa Gordon and Jamie Campbell Bower are featured on tee shirts that have what are no doubt going to be the lines that fans ask them to quote for the rest of their lives. Justin Chon has, “La Push Baby” and Mike Welch has ‘How you likin da rain, girl?” that fans ask them to quote, and now we have two new lines from the actual novel and from the screen play:

Check it out on Hot Topic along with new candles, tee shirts, you name it.

Happy Birthday November Twilight Babies

In all the whirlwind of the November news we’ve had a couple of birthdays. Very happy birthdays (some belated and some upcoming) to:

Jamie Campbell-Bower 11/22
Billy Burke 11/25
Peter Facinelli 11/26
Bronson Pelletier 11/28

Mall Tour Wrap Up: Jamie Campbell Bower & Edi Gathegi

FearNet exclusive With Jamie Campbell Bower

FearNet’s Jen Yamato talks to Jamie Campbell Bower about New Moon, The Prisoner, and Harry Potter.

You play Caius, one of the three powerful vampires who rule the Volturi. But we only get to see you briefly, at the end of New Moon. Is it challenging to infuse your character with all of the back story and motivations that he has when you have limited screen time?

Jamie Campbell-Bower: Well, it wasn’t difficult because there’s so much back story, particularly to the Volturi. We all knew what we were there for, we knew what we were doing. You know, the thing about the Volturi is that they’re introduced in the second film and then come the fourth book, that’s where the meatiness lies. So it’s an introduction, effectively. But I wasn’t disappointed; I knew exactly what I was going to be doing when I got the script. I’m just psyched to be involved in it.

You’re appearing in quite a few upcoming genre projects: New Moon, which is a vampire story, AMC’s The Prisoner, which is sci-fi, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Was this all by coincidence?

Well, if all else fails, I can just become one of those guys who goes to Comic-Con every year to have my own booth and get paid to do autographs. [Laughs.] That’s what I’m investing in – I’m investing in the end of my career.”

See the rest on FearNet.

Access Hollywood Interviews: Cullens, Volturi, and more

Now in case you missed other Access Hollywood info here are links for a recap:

Robert Pattinson Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Taylor Lautner Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

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Jamie Campbell Bower: The Prisoner

Jamie Campbell Bower stars in The Prisoner starting November 15th on AMC. Don’t miss it. We saw a preview of it at Comic Con and got hooked. Check out the video below and check out the official Prisoner site for more videos, including Jamie interviewing Sir Ian McKellen.

Jamie Campbell Bower: Bring on Tim Burton For Breaking Dawn

MTV Q & A With Jamie Campbell Bower, Kellan Lutz, and Billy Burke

“Kellan Lutz
Q: We know there will be more Edward in the “New Moon” movie than there was in the book, but did you and the other Cullens ever try to lobby for more screen time as well?

Lutz: I think I really tried to. I tried to throw in my two cents, to see if Emmett and Rosalie could have a honeymoon again in Italy so we could be around and be part of the whole situation of Edward, Alice and Bella. [But the script] has to really follow the book, because the fans are so die-hard about what happened in the book. I mean, I had a line that was in the [“Twilight”] trailers that wasn’t in the book, and I heard some of the fans saying, “That’s not in the book!” Like, “What the heck is up with that?” So, in “New Moon,” the script is very similar to the book and the Cullens are in where they would be in, and they aren’t put in anywhere else.

MTV: It would be kind of cheesy if Edward and Bella just happened to bump into the Cullens in Italy.

Lutz: [Laughs.] Well, I thought it would be a fun idea. Because my character, as well as Nikki Reed’s Rosalie, we go away to college. We’re a year older, along with Jasper and Alice, so I think it could be a cool thing to maybe show a clip of them somewhere — a fun honeymoon, away from the rest of the family. But, no.”

See the rest on MTV

Jamie Campbell Bower: Doesn’t Like Watching Himself

10 Cast Members Turnout For Hollywood & Highland

This just in from Hot Topic concerning the Hollywood and Highland Tour stop:

Cast Appearing: Kellan Lutz “Emmett”, Nikki Reed “Rosalie”, Jamie Campbell Bower “Caius”, Alex Meraz “Paul”, Kiowa Gordon “Embry”, Ashley Greene “Alice”, Elizabeth Reaser “Esme”, Chaske Spencer “Sam”

Bands appearing:  Band of Skulls, Sea Wolf, Anya Marina, and Death Cab For Cutie”

As for details on the Times Square venue, we were told it’s still TBA

EDITED: We’ve just discovered that Bronson and Peter are not coming to this location.