10 Cast Members Turnout For Hollywood & Highland

This just in from Hot Topic concerning the Hollywood and Highland Tour stop:

Cast Appearing: Kellan Lutz “Emmett”, Nikki Reed “Rosalie”, Jamie Campbell Bower “Caius”, Alex Meraz “Paul”, Kiowa Gordon “Embry”, Ashley Greene “Alice”, Elizabeth Reaser “Esme”, Chaske Spencer “Sam”

Bands appearing:  Band of Skulls, Sea Wolf, Anya Marina, and Death Cab For Cutie”

As for details on the Times Square venue, we were told it’s still TBA

EDITED: We’ve just discovered that Bronson and Peter are not coming to this location.


  1. Wow, those fans are soooo lucky. Greetings from little po-dunk U.S.A where nothing ever comes close! lol

  2. Why do I have a feeling it’s gong be the the same people for NYC or the full cast.

  3. Why is it that California and New York always get the best stuff happening?

  4. OMG!!!!!!!!! I love living in California!!!!!!!! AHHHHH!!!!!!! :squee: its only cuz most of them live here!

  5. L.A. always gets the best because most of the cast members reside down there so its easier for them. There’s going to be a local event where I live with Ashley and Kellan, but I would only go if Rob were there lol.

  6. When in NY??? I live close to NYC, when is this going to happen???? Please somebody tell me. I cannot miss this!!

  7. Karen…greetings from another Po-dunk USA state (West Virginia) where the most exciting thing that happens this time of year is the leaves falling off the friggin’ trees!

    I’ve resigned myself to never seeing anybody in this cast, because they NEVER come anywhere near me.

    Robert Pattinson might as well live on MARS instead of the U.S. *sigh*

  8. Does anyone know yet when the NY event is happening? I can make it up to there.

  9. I can’t go! I so wish I could. I’m going to keep whining for a while….

    This is the same night as my homecoming! D:

  11. that’s weird, why wouldn’t robert, taylor, or kristen go if they are only across the street? sux that i’ll be in the seperate audience for death cab from the jimmy kimmel audience, which rob will be in 🙁 ::cries::

  12. well you should be happy that there is those stuff going on in US… here in DK we are lucky to (knock on wood) meet Bronson Pelletier for collector mania right after opening of New Moon, but that could change due to work… then there is nada here in DK at all… part from showing NM… we don’t get it as big here in Denmark as you do… I’m just happy I got tickets for Thursday evening… and will be attending the collector mania the whole weekend as crew.

  13. does anyone know what time this event is on friday???


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