FearNet exclusive With Jamie Campbell Bower

FearNet’s Jen Yamato talks to Jamie Campbell Bower about New Moon, The Prisoner, and Harry Potter.

You play Caius, one of the three powerful vampires who rule the Volturi. But we only get to see you briefly, at the end of New Moon. Is it challenging to infuse your character with all of the back story and motivations that he has when you have limited screen time?

Jamie Campbell-Bower: Well, it wasn’t difficult because there’s so much back story, particularly to the Volturi. We all knew what we were there for, we knew what we were doing. You know, the thing about the Volturi is that they’re introduced in the second film and then come the fourth book, that’s where the meatiness lies. So it’s an introduction, effectively. But I wasn’t disappointed; I knew exactly what I was going to be doing when I got the script. I’m just psyched to be involved in it.

You’re appearing in quite a few upcoming genre projects: New Moon, which is a vampire story, AMC’s The Prisoner, which is sci-fi, and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. Was this all by coincidence?

Well, if all else fails, I can just become one of those guys who goes to Comic-Con every year to have my own booth and get paid to do autographs. [Laughs.] That’s what I’m investing in – I’m investing in the end of my career.”

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  1. way off subject of new moon but the part where he talks about his part in Harry Potter and Dumbledore and Grindewald being possible lovers…am i the only one who never picked up on that!? that’s kinda gross (in my opinion)…anyways, just my thought.

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