Happy Birthday November Twilight Babies

In all the whirlwind of the November news we’ve had a couple of birthdays. Very happy birthdays (some belated and some upcoming) to:

Jamie Campbell-Bower 11/22
Billy Burke 11/25
Peter Facinelli 11/26
Bronson Pelletier 11/28


  1. Bronson isn’t born on Nov. the 28 but Dec. the 31st ! 😉

  2. I celebrated Peter’s birthday this morning with a candle on top of pancakes. xD (But it’s my birthday today as well, so it was double-duty. lol)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to all of those cute men of the twisaga!!! Hope you all get everything you want!!! Thank you for bringing our beloved characters to life.

  4. Hey JCB has the same birthday as me! Whoo! Wonder how close in age we are…? *ponders* Hey Lex Staff, what’s up with no years of birth on those profile stats? Is this because of the vampires ‘not aging’ thing? 😉

  5. Heeeeey , I’m a Twilight Babie too : P
    My birthay is at the same day as Peters : P whoopwhoop 🙂

  6. Happy birthday boys!!!! I hope your days were/ are amazing!!!!!

  7. Happy Birthday to all of them ^.^

  8. Today it’s also one of my friend’s birthday. Happy Birthday (belated, present and upcoming) to everyone!

  9. Happy birthday, gentlemen! I celebrated mine watching New Moon 🙂


  11. What guys love me

  12. Hi

  13. Hi ash

  14. happy birthday to you!!
    you r all GREAT

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