Edi Gathegi: Downton Abbey Addict

This isn’t exactly Twilight related but it’s an awful lot of fun. Edi Gathegi made a video for the Downton Addicts’ site. It’s a spoof on how addicting Downton Abbey is, and from what we’ve seen, many Twilight fans are also Downton Abbey addicts. It make you wonder if Edi got any ideas from seeing exuberant Twilight fans over the years at premieres and conventions.

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Video: Edi Gathegi Stays Out of Breaking Dawn and Hunger Games Debate

Edi Gathegi was being followed by paparazzi after a Nylon Magazine event. Usually paparazzi ask about personal lives and try to provoke a reaction, this time they went for Hunger Games vs. Twilight and Edi elected not to take the bait.

July 4th Twilight Style: Edi Gathegi, Rami Malek, Elizabeth Reaser

Here’s to hoping the weather is good and people can get out and do the whole picnic, cookout, fireworks, pool, and beach thing. However if the weather turns bad, or if you need a movie fix, here’s where you can catch Twilight stars on the big and small screen this weekend:

First up Edi Gathegi as Darwin in the latest X-men installment:

Next is Rami Malek who plays Benjamin in Larry Crowne with co-stars Julia Roberts and Tom Hanks:

Elizabeth Reaser as a very unlike Esme mom in The Art of Getting By, co-stars Emma Roberts and Freddie Highmore:

Edi Gathegi in New Tyler Shields Video

Photographer and videographer Tyler Shields is known for his avant guarde shooting style that features the up-in-coming of Hollywood. In the past he has featured Kellan Lutz cutting his clothes overkill style , Ashley Greene tied to the train tracks as a damsel in distress, Alex Meraz in angry shirt ripping, just to name a few Twilight connections.

The above video featuring Edi Gathegi is pretty tame since most of his work pushes the PG-13/R barriers. With Tyler Shields, you’re never quite sure what the message is. What do you think?

Edi Gathegi Gets Great Review in Superior Donuts

Edi Gathegi is in a play written by Tony and Pulitzer winner Tracey Letts of August Osage County fame. The LA Times just gave it a thumbs up.

‘The best thing about Arney’s production is the rapport between the two leads. As Franco, Gathegi is always in exuberant motion, busting out ecstatic dance moves at any sign of approval, quipping and exhorting with a breathlessness that is just as dizzying. He’s a charmer, and he works overtime to get a reaction from Arthur, who, as played by Cole, is withdrawn yet not impervious to this young man’s charisma. This old progressive’s dried-up heart can still be touched.”

See more on the LA Times

Edi Gathegi in Atlas Shrugged Part 1, Trailer Just Released

Looks like Edi Gathegi is having a busy month. His trailer for X-Men was released just the other day and now his Atlas Shrugged trailer was released. According to the official website, Atlas Shrugged hits screens on April 15th. The movie is based on the iconic novel by Ayn Rand who is probably best known as the author of The Fountainhead

Edi Gathegi in X-Men Trailer

Look for Edi at the 1:02 mark. He plays Darwin.

Edi Gathegi Talent Show Judge

Edi was on the judging panel for a talent show at Pechanga Resort & Casino .

According to the PR: “The talent was provided by a select few of the thousands of employees of the casino.
In all, 10 different entries were a part of the contest and show, hosted by musician/actor/comedian Chris “Kid” Reid, and they battled it out for the chance to win the $2,500 first prize.”

Aracelli Beers Interviews Edi Gathegi

Model, actress, webhost, and more:  Aracelli Beers interviews Edi Gathegi.

Jackson Rathbone, Booboo Stewart, and Edi Gathegi Support Kids in Need!

TJ Maxx organized this event at the Teen Choice Awards. Benefits go to Save the Children. A represntative wrote in to tell us that, “Recently, our company created a video featuring Booboo Stewart, Edi Gathegi, and Jackson Rathbone at the backstage Teen Choice Awards lounge sponsored by TJ Maxx. These three and many other celebrities (such as Beverly Mitchell, Verne Troyer, Kevin McHale, and Quinton Aaron) swung by the lounge to help Save the Children, a non-profit organization that aims to create lasting, positive change in the lives of children around the world and in our local communities.  At the Teen Choice awards, which aired on FOX Monday August 9th, Booboo, Edi, and Jackson all signed tote bags to auction off on the TJ Maxx Facebook Tab.  All the proceeds of this auction will help benefit children who don’t have the supplies they need for school this fall, and one of your site’s viewers might be the lucky winner of one-of-a-kind Booboo, Edi, or Jackson memorabilia. ”

Check out the TJ Maxx Facebook page for full details.

EDITED: This was not easy to find, and there are more actors involved here than was expressed to us! The winning bidder gets 5 Twilight actor signed tote bags (that’s right all 5) They are signed by the following people:

Bronson Pelletier
Edi Gathegi
Jackson Rathbone
Booboo Stewart (we think his sister Fivel signed it too, but we aren’t 100% sure)
Kiowa Gordon

You can bid on Ebay