EW Reveals Exclusive New Moon Cover

Entertainment Weekly has the exclusive look at the legit cover (not the one erroneously reported by numerous other sources this morning) of the movie trade paperback tie-in edition of New Moon. The cover features a a never before photo ofย  Kristen Stewart and Taylor Lautner.

We have been asked by EW to only link to the story and not post the image to our site. We are respecting their wishes. the cover shot can be found here. It comes with an exclusive poster inside.

According to a representative from Little Brown, the book will hit shelves September 15, 2009.


  1. i like the cover but dont like the fact that she looks more intimate with jake than any pictures ever done of her and edward

    • Rachel A. says

      I totally agree with you! All of the photos with KS and RP are so…emotionless, but this one with KS and TL has much more feeling in it. Could be that TL has so much going on behind his stare…

      • BloodSuckingLeech says

        I agree–totally shocked that Little Brown is going this route. We all know there is no Love triangle. It is doing the opposite of what it should…making ppl doubt the movie will not portray the essence of the book, which is how Twilight the movie failed big time.

        • I don’t agree. That was, however my original interpretation of the picture. After more thought though, here’s what I came up with. I hope you are more satisfied with the picture after you read my analysis of the picture, because after my realization, I think it’s actually a really really well thought out work:

          -Bella and Jake are obviously together in the picture, as they are more physically close in New Moon
          -They are flanked in the picture by the wolf pack, as they customarily are. This is symbolic of their clanish and protective nature towards each other – an imparative element of their frienships
          -Jacob has one strong, almost imposing arm around Bella. This is true in the whole novel- whether she likes it or not, he is 100% there for her, 100% of the time.
          -However, Kristen’s response to this protectiveness is split in the picture, just as it is in the book. Half of her knows (shown by her left arm and hand) that this is not true love, and is not fulfilling and right like her relationship with Edward was. She knew from her love of Edward that there was so much more in her heart for him and that any attraction she may have towards Jacob was just so lukewarm (no pun intended) so she is shown pushing him away.
          -Yet, part of her (symbolized by her right arm/hand) continues to hold on to him. There is no denying that although this is not true love, it’s way more than a simple frienship.
          -In the end, Edward’s face is the more physically prominent in the picture(seen in a fade-out in the upper left hand corner) because he is the one that remains more prominent in Bella’s mind.

          Sorry this is so long!!! I just want everyone to understand it the way that I and other fans did. I belive that once you do, the photo is much more enjoyable and you won’t feel so let down. ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Nezzi Loves Lautner says

        haha! my boy taylor deff has stuff going on behind the stare unlike someone…nyway love the picture and.. HANDS OFF BELLA!!!! Taycob is MIIIINE!

    • I don’t think she looks intimate with Jacob. She looks like someone having a really bad day and leaning on her best friend for comfort and support. Remember the story! To stay true to the book, Bella WILL start to have some feelings for Jacob, it happens no way around it. She just LOVES Edward more.

      • I agree with you. She just looks like she’s had a rough day and Jacob is her adorable protector.

      • Miss Miriam says

        As a reminder….In New Moon Bella is always holding herself together, like she is about to fall apart at any moment, I think this picture shows her holding herself together with Jacob there trying to help her through it.

    • Totally Thinking that too.. Cute though just need more Edward

    • I’m not sure what you are seeing but Kristen to me doesn’t look intimate here to me at all.
      She looks Sad about Edward,lost, Confused about what to think about Jacob and worn down.

    • I think its intimate, but i can see Bella is totally uncomfortable.. like.. trying to get apart somehow.

      And of course there cant be so much intimate pictures of Bella and Edward, you have to try to show by images that they can’t be so close because of the complications, in the movie you dont have all the descrptions like the book, so you have to illustrate somehow.

  2. That picture is HOT! They are such beautiful people. ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. I like the picture and especially Taylor’s stare.

  4. Love the fact that they have some of the wolf pack in the background.

  5. she seems uncomfortable and sad in the picture. it works. like she doesn’t want to be in that embrace, but she doesn’t want to hurt jake either.

    • Yeah , ok now that you point that out I can see that. I agree. I was looking more at the whole scene but when I look closer at her face and the other hand I can see it. ๐Ÿ™‚
      Beautiful, They did a great job IMHO ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Nice. I love the whole scene.Tho, she is a bit more intimate with Jake then I thought she would be.
    I know there is a strong bond between the to and there is a love for each other but Bella would not been so “lost” in Jake then the picture puts it off as , ya know? But it does look great. I love have Edwards is so distant and there but not really, the wolf back in the background. yeah I like it hehe
    They look great! Taylor is impressive o_O

  7. wow! what a great picture! But,I have a dumb question- what exactly is this for? Is it a poster for the upcoming film? The New Moon book will be re-released with this as the cover? I’m confused?

    • Yeah it is a New Moon poster. More or less to help promote.
      Not everyone has read and been hooked on the books but have been hooked on the movie. The new covers to tie in with the movie coming out also encourages more people who don’t have (or have and collect memorabilia) to buy the books and merchandise and more promotion for the movie ๐Ÿ˜€

    • dtbvampire says

      I believe its for the movie edition book cover. My cousin has the movie edition book cover on her twilight book for example. My cover has the apple, but she has a pic of Kristen and Robert or something. Same story, just a different picture on the front.

  8. schorette says

    This is the second time I have noticed that tattoo. Is it something all of the wolves get to identify each other with? Sorta like the Cullen Crest was in Twilight.

    • Yeah, Taylor was talking about it in an interview while back and all the wolf pack has them. Like a family crest type thing, was my understanding. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. AlbertaJenn says

    It’s a really ackward pose they have her in. And I’m not crazy about the tank top she is in. He has kind of a “I’ll have you – or else” look to him.

    I’m not feeling this picture.

    • shequelia says

      i really like the picture but i agree with you the tank top is throwing me off kinda…u know what it seems like theyre gonna let taylor keep his hair short for the rest of the films. i mean i know its long in the beginning of new moon but they cut it… i just have a feeling that when eclipse comes out taylor is going to have the same hair cut even tho its described as being kinda floppy in his eyes and face idk its just a hunch. but love the pic still

    • I totally agree about the tank top!! I only wish it were a little more modest and not so skanky.

      I am irritated that they have a crescent moon in the background, when you really can’t see a new moon at all.

      One thing I do like is how she seems to be pushing him away, just a little bit, with her hand. It shows that tension that is there in their relationship, but the embrace is a little over the top.

      Not a big fan of the new cover.

  10. Bridgette says

    I think it is brilliant! I absolutely love the look of it. I think it really sums up the book. Bella looks sad, anxious, barely holding it together. It looks like she’s uncomfortable but at the same time desperate to have Jacob help her hold her pieces together (crossed arms). Jacob’s look is fierce, protective and possessive…just perfect.

    • I thought the same thing! it kinda looks like shes holding herself together/using Jacob help her to keep it together

    • I agree with your comments. She looks like she is just barely holding it together and probably wouldn’t be if it were not for Jacob.

  11. Amazing photo for the cover! It represents NM perfectly. Note how one of her hands is pushing him away yet the other is holding on to one of his. It shows how she wants to just give in to Jacob and move on, but yet she still has Edward’s memory in the back of her mind, as is represented by his shadowy figure in the moon. Awesome!! I can’t wait for the movie!!

    P.S. Taylor looking AMAZING doesn’t hurt either!!!

  12. Jennifer L. says

    wow. i’ll say that this is a 100% hot picture. but isn’t Bella wearing a too little amount of clothes? it’s more KStew’s style than BSwan’s.

    • I don’t think that the tank is more KStew than BSwan, I think it’s just out of place because they’re in Forks Washington, which is supposed to be reaaly cold.

  13. OMG! even more obsessed! says

    Um, i guess I can understand why they have to have pics like this…since it focuses on Jacob. ugghhh i just hate him SO much

    • dtbvampire says

      HAHA. I dont HATE him, (especially after seeing the pic…I think Im being converted LOL), but Im glad to find someone else that doesnt think Jacob is the awesomeest because Im not a fan and I dont get why Bella’s as crazy about him as she is.

  14. OMG I love it. I’m still Team Edward, but I will totally add that to my collection!!!

  15. dtbvampire says

    This pic makes me want to learn the ways of team Jacob.

    I agree with everything above. I too was taken aback by how much more intimate she and Jake look than she and Edward ever look. Although at a second glance, I did see the pic differently after reading Emma says about her looking uncomfortable. I think she has an expression that works to be interpreted both ways (uncomfortable OR too comfortable.) Maybe its a good thing to be ambiguous? Maybe its what they were going for? Im not sure.

    I dont like Edward in the moon. He looks weird and I dont like it.

    • Yeah is that actually Rob? The shadows on the nose are really strong makes it not look like him hehe
      The eyes tho, the eyes are alluring /drowns

    • ROFL you people need to stoptrying to sound all “smarter then thou” with the whole “read the book”.
      No matter how many people you put in a room to read the books or how many times they read it everyone will have their own take on it. Just with everything else in life. Everyone is different and pull from different experiences.

      I am entitled to my own opinion …
      I have read the book several times, and am aware of the deep caring love for each other and the strong emotional bond. The times Bella pulls away from Jakes advances … yeah I get it and I know how the story ends. Thanks for the reminder but its a picture made to represent the book/movie and as die hard Twilight fans everyone will have their own opinion , just as you, and we should all respect such. ๐Ÿ™‚

      I think it’s interesting the way others see things I hope I would never come off snobbish or hateful. If so I am sorry. I do not mean to be ๐Ÿ™‚

  16. It’s the best picture right now.
    Hello people!
    There should be intimacy, because Bella’s relation with Jacob is really strong, haven’t some of you read the books. Besides, stop complaining so much, She ends up with Edward.

  17. What with the tats..

  18. I hate this picture. Just the thought of Jacob touching Bella so intimately makes me want to throw up. She should be pushing him away with both hands, though I do get the symbolism.
    Edward and Bella forever, baby!

  19. I think this poster is better then the first one… and that thing about the intimacy it’s suppose to be like that… hello with jacob there is softness with edward she can’t be like that: he is hard and cold as ice. Read the book people….

    • dtbvampire says

      I dont think there’s anything in this picture that couldnt be done with Bella and Edward because of the hardness and coldness. I dont really think that the movie ever conveyed a fraction of the depth of Bella and Edward’s love that the book shows. I think this pic looks more like a real couple in love than any Bella/Edward pics.

  20. Rachel A. says

    I actually like this picture for the most part, TL looks so focused and determined, it is a great photo of him. KS looks awkward (as usual) but for this picture it actually works. And a big thank you to hair, makeup, and wardrobe, when KS has her hair done, makeup on, and is wearing clothes made for a female she looks so much better!

  21. Laura G. says

    I have absolutely no complaint…besides, Morgan has made a great analysis of the poster…:)) it’s all about symbolism…we all know she ends up with Edward, but in the process she gets really close with Jacob even though we may like it or not…so, where’s the problem?

  22. HEY AND HEY says

    AAAHHHH OH MY EDWARD OME OME OME!!! lol. this is absolutely perfect. for all of you that are saying that this pic is more intimate, i agree, but maybe it’s just because the amount of emotional pain that Kristen is showing as Bella is just so much. yeah thats my opinion. yay.

  23. Wow, I love it!

  24. I like the cover, and I agree that Bella doesn’t look “comfortable” in the picture. I have always been a little confused as to why SM created this triangle with Bella/Edward/Jacob in the first place. If Edward is Bella’s soul mate, why on earth would she even fall in love with Jacob in the first place? It kind of ruins the whole idea of having a “soul mate”. I would have even accepted Jacob falling for Bella and her thinking of him only as a friend, but not her falling for him too. Other than that, I just love the whole story. Cool how Edward is there in the background…

  25. thanks Laura G.!! =)

  26. I dont like the way Edward looks in the background! Other than that, its ok.

  27. This cover reminds me of the ones you see on steamy romance novels… I don’t think it totally fits the New Moon theme.

  28. Well marilyn if “Edward” hadn’t abandoned Bella in the first place she wouldn’t have look for comfort in Jacob… and if that hadn’t happened there wouldn’t be a sequel… Understand…

    • dtbvampire says

      Looking for comfort and falling in Love are two different things. With the depth of Bella & Edward’s love, Im surprsed that she has it in her to feel as strongly for Jacob as she supposedly does…

      • But Edward LEFT! I know he came back, but suppose he didn’t? Would it really be so healthy for Bella to never fall in love again, and spend the rest of her life pining over her lost “soul mate.”?

  29. No, no, no I certainly don’t like it. They seem just too intimate and Edward’s face in the sky is almost… creepy. That book is about Jacob’s and Bella’s friendship and her discovery of how deep her love for Edward is. It is a love and loss story, not a story about a new love interest. Even their clothing is OOC. I liked didn’t like “Twilight” cover either, but I prefer it a lot better than this one…

    • Debra, you are absolutely right! New Moon is not about Bella falling in love with Jacob, but about discovering how much she truly loves Edward and still misses him. If she were falling for Jake would she have dropped him like a hot potato when Alice showed up and she discovered Edward was in trouble? No, she wouldn’t have. She knew then and there that she had to save Edward because he is ALL she will ever love and need and want. Jacob was her friend and emotional crutch. Period.

    • I completely agree. It’s not right at all. Everyone keeps saying they love it because it shows them all in love with each other but that’s not what the book is about. Edward is the base of the story and even though she cares about Jacob it could never be what she and Edward have. Plus the only reason her and Jacob love each other is because of Renesmee… It tells you in Breaking Dawn that he was feeling a pull downstairs to her because he thought Bella was dead and because he thought he wanted to kill her. Then he realizes she was the reason all along.

  30. genissachantel says

    Yum. Now I know what I want as my birthday present, just in time. (:

  31. ScarletRubie says

    I take it all back! I take all my criticism and complaints about Taylor, i have to be honest when he was cast i was so disappointed. Jacob was my favorite character although i always wanted Bella with Edward together, Jacob was my guy. Taylor proved me dead wrong, he is amazing and this picture proves it. It’s so amazing, it’s i want it on my wall amazing, next to my twilight poster and my dark knight poster. My only negative comment would be the fact that Edward looks odd, he almost doesn’t look like Rob and i;m sure it really is rob. It seems too re-touched, i don’t know I’m being clear but it just doesn’t look right. If it were another shot of Edward i would’ve been ecstatic though it’s great, they really got an upgrade this time around, it’s clear and i LOVE IT!

    • edward is supposed to look odd and creepy and wrong b/c he just let soul mate go. I think it shows his pain very well.

  32. shortstuff says

    HOLY CRAP, i love it. i wish this were the movie poster, but i guess they want RP to be more prominent for the movie. but this is more true to the book, i think..

  33. I don’t like it. :\

    I feel like its misleading, with Jacob and Bella looking so intimate. Jacob’s look seems so out of character, because for new moon he is what heals Bella. His look just makes me think of “She’s mine.” (Which is what I would see him as for Eclipse instead.)

  34. twilightlover2 says

    I L-O-V-E this poster! I probably won’t buy the book again since I already have New Moon but if they make this into a poster I will def buy it!

  35. twilightlover2 says


  36. Kristina says

    Love it!
    btw, maybe I’m overreacting but… is that a tear on Bella’s face?????

    And I love Rob that way, after all Bella is kind of haunted by him in New Moon, he’s just a shadow that she can’t let go!

  37. Is that supposed to be Edward in the moon? Maybe I’m having eye issues but it doesn’t look like him AT ALL! At first I thought maybe it was one of the Volturri but his eyes are gold so that wouldn’t make any sense…

  38. i love it how the rest of the wolfpack are in the background

  39. I don’t like this at all. At all. Well, the pic kind of resembles Bella and Jacob’s relationship, when you look at it closer but the first impression that people get of this is that those two have a romantic relationship which of course isn’t true. But that’s what, I believe, people will think. And that’s not good. It’s annoying how they’re pushing the triangle already..

  40. I really like this one compared to the first poster !

    Bella looks sad but still needs Jacob. I’m really starting to feel that this movie will do way better than Twilight.

  41. Elizabeth says

    So the previous one is fake? I’m just confused because I remember Twilight had two different covers with movie posters on, one movie tie-in with poster included and one mass market edition.

    I like this cover though ๐Ÿ™‚ It looks very good.

  42. I think the poster looks great and I love the symbolism in it. It does look a little too “intimate” as everyone is saying but it makes sense. I’m interested in how they are going to do the Eclipse pictures since in the ones we’ve seen so far for New Moon it already looks like Bella is choosing. And Marilyn SM had to make Bella choose whether she wanted to be human or not; she could have nearly the same happiness by staying human with Jacob as she does with Edward. It would have made the story entirely too two dimensional if there was a love triangle where everyone liked the other person. This way it’s more emotional and descions had to be made that weren’t easy. Anyway, the cover is HOT!

  43. I love the cover, but I can’t say I care for the thing on Jake’s arm. If they wanted to add a tattoo, fine, but must you make it the size of a small pie? It’s a bit obnoxious for something minor that they’re adding to the movies. At least the Cullen crests are subtle, you know?

  44. Im sorry did I miss something in NM the book? When did Bella and Jacob become an item? As I remember it, they never did. I don’t like this poster, if someone didn’t read the books they would think Bella and Jacob are a couple and that’s not how it is.

    I guess this is a marketing campaign to make money from all the Taylor fans, kind of smart from a money making POV.

    • Well, remember in the book how everyone thought they were a couple because of the way they acted, but they didn’t care because they knew how things really were. Plus, since it is for the book cover, people who haven’t already read it will find out when they buy this one, what their real relationship is.

  45. they should have made this the poster for the movie. i love it

  46. DetroitStyle says

    That is a HOT picture! I am TeamEdward, but you gotta admit, that is HOT! Whether Bella and Jacob are an item or not. Like it was said, great marketing idea. I vote yes!

  47. Laura :D says

    omg Team Jake! Love that pic of him, but Kristen looks really uncomfortable. I may just have to go out and but this edition of the book (even though i already have one) for the cover and the exclusive poster inside! i’m so excited! does anyone know when it hits the stores?

  48. Lorraina says

    I like it but my problem is that they are supossed to make Taylor look giant. Jacob is huge and in this he is very average. I was worried about that with Taylor. They look amazing and he is a cutie but his size is a mayjor factor in the stories.


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