Where Are The Breaking Dawn Actors Going to Be Outside the USA?

A lot of this is still in flux, so if your country hasn’t popped up yet all hope is not lost. These things usually have to be worked out with film festival organizers and such, actors filming schedules on other projects, and lots of other details like plain old dollars and cents.

The Twilight Examiner has an excellent listing of what we know so far with the following countries:


Check out her site for full details.

Mary from Italian Twilight Moms also supplied us with this tidbit:

“Tickets for the sixth edition of the Rome International Film Festival, you can buy the ticket October 14, 2011 at the Auditorium Parco della Musica Viale P. De Coubertin, specialstores and Lottomatica enabled (list available on www.listicket.it).

For the first two days of pre-distribution of numbers is expected to eliminate queues at the entrance of the Auditorium from 8.00 am.

For the period from October 27 to November 5, 2011 will be active, also the ticket officeinside the Cinema Village in Viale P. De Coubertin.

They haven’t yet given specifics about Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone’s appearances”

We also learned today that Robert Pattinson, Bill Condon, and Taylor Lautner would be at the UK Premiere. This is the first premiere (as opposed to fan event or film festival) where the cast will be.

Reminder: Tickets On Sale TOMORROW for Breaking Dawn Part 1 on Fandango

Tickets are onsale tomorrow for Breaking Dawn part 1 on fandango and several other online services. The last two movies have set box office records for presales. Do you think that Breaking Dawn will top the previous two Twilight movies in presales?

New Photo: Bill Condon Directs Honeymoon in Brazil

The Twilight Facebook just put up the above image of Bill Condon directing part of the honeymoon sequence featuring Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart in the Lapa section of Brazil. Make sure you check out their special feature of Bella and Edward’s Wedding Book. You can sign the book as a guest at the wedding.

So what do you think of the photo delivered just in time to celebrate Edward and Bella’s anniversary?

Breaking Dawn Cover on EW Tomorrow!

What do you think of the reveal on ET?

What Squamish Breaking Dawn Sets Look Like Today

Both Twicrack and Mandy recently visited the site where they filmed the wedding and Cullen house sequences outside of Squamish.

Both blogs cover different details and give some really great side-by-side comparison using current photos and screen caps from the trailer.

Check out TwiCrack’s coverage here
Check out Mandy’s coverage here.

Breaking Dawn Comic Con Twilight Lexicon Live Blog 2011

We will update this post. Cast scheduled for 11:15 Pacific Time.

They are just starting the welcome!

They just put up a warning about no shooting the footage. If footage ends up online we will embed if it seems like Summit isn’t issuing C&Ds. We will play this by ear. We aren’t shooting footage.

Just spotted producer Wyck Goddfrey in the the room

Erik Morrow of IGN is the moderator he just came on stage

Bill Condon introducing :

Bill was sent noevel and outline and loved it. Jumped at chance to direct it cinematic

Bill joked he quickly imprinted on teh material

Rob Kristen and Taylor on stage

Kristen says it was waiting on her toes for six month waiting for wedding last to film. She was locked in a room in her dress to protect the secrecy

Brazil filming accorinf to Rob was beautiful first day bt was like a hurricane other days. Joked it was like a honeymoon in England.


First clip is after Jake Seth and Leah are protecting Cullen land,  Carlise and esme talk about carlise needing to get more blood for Bella but also their need to feed and how that is a problem due to the other wolves. It then flips to a scene with Jake confronting his old pack stating he wants them to take  Seth and  Leah back.   And then he says he’ll take care of the problem when the time comes because the Cullens trust him.

Second clip is Edward carrying Bella over threashold. Here asking for a human moment and then him leaving going down to beach and her brushing teeth, shaving, and going through clothes that are all really skimpy in a panic. You then see her go to the beach drop the towel she is wearing and presumbably join Edward in the water


Sorry for typos dark as hell in here

Kristen jokes two days to shoot two day labor was really hard

When all of this eventually I’m sure lands on Yout Tube this is THE BEST Twilight panel hands down!

Kristen says vamp make-up is just as bad as people say and contacts made they grope to find each other.

Rob has this half shaven head due to Cosmopolis filing

Robs favortite part was playing desperate and only this time Bella is n’t there to save him and he has to deal with it

Louisiana filming was more intimate and emotional itmes

Taylot gives major credit to Bill Condon on birth scene.

Kristen says it gives you the pay off

The is the baest press conference Kristen has ever given she is rocking it

Kristen is asked by a very pregnant woman what it was like to play pregnant. She feels like it was the most real human emotions in this. She felt most drown to pregnancy tiems and the instinct of a mother to protect her young.

Rob jokes it;s really great being surrounded by beautiful women all day that’s why I becaume and acotr. Kristne joke sGod we are all so hot.

Taylor jokes he’s jealous of his CGI wolf and he’s kiind of cute and fluffy

Julia Jones, Ashley Greene, Liz Reaser, and Nikki Reed all on stage

Rob just asked by like a 5 year old if he liked having a baby with bella. Rob really likes working with babies


Ashley favo part in series was growing witht eh character of Alice

Nikki was happy to actually get to smile in thes film

Liz happy to work with international vamps and to  playfierce stron momma

Julia loved to explore the hurt rather than angry side of leah

Bill says Kristen is the biggest fan of teh books and she knows books best on set next to stephenie

This is the BEST AUDIENCE EVER no constant screams of I Love YOu Rob

Nikki will miss the comerarerie and love between tje cast

Ashley says they’ve become and family and they learned and grew togehter

Liz will miss wierd normalcy of getting up at 4:00am every day she’ll also miss the crew

Julaii will miss the being away from home with another family

Rob jokes after last premiere it’s off thats it

Fav movie

Taylor  loved book eclipse but BD is his fav movie and Bill condon is reason

Kristen fav boo New Moon favo movie Twilight

They are asked if they use music to prep Na dKristen listens to Band of Horses

Final surprise if each actor paicks out a ticket to win a meet and greet at teh Summit party tonight

Watch Live on the Lexicon – MTV and Actors

MTV will be live with the actors between 3:00 and 4:00 pacific time (PDT) today.

Jack Morrissey Tweets Bill Condon’s Breaking Dawn Script

Jack Morrissey, Bill Condon’s partner, just tweeted the photo of the Breaking Dawn script. Follow Jack Morrissey on Twitter for more goodies related to Breaking Dawn.

Meet Jack Morrissey: Bill Condon’s Partner With Breaking Dawn Goodies

Back when Laura went to Los Angeles to see the MTV movie awards, she met Jack Morrissey.  Jack is Bill Condon’s partner. Laura sat in between him and Erik Odom during the MTV awards show and the two of them had her laughing the whole time. they are both great guys, very cool, genuine and funny people.

Jack just started a Twitter ( @JackMorrissey ) account and he’ll be giving us some Breaking Dawn tidbits from time to time. Nothing too spoilery, all fun stuff.

So far he’s tweeted out a picture of Bill Condon’s and his dog (named Pigpen). He’s also put up a collection of the Twilight Saga books that they still have. (They had them all but gave away the early ones to an uber fan). And my personal favorite, the picture of Bill Condon’s Breaking Dawn clapperboard!

Also, Jack just did a podcast (called smodcast) with Kevin Smith (yes, THAT Kevin Smith). During the end of the podcast they talk Breaking Dawn and Comic Con and Jack defends the TwiHards right to be at Comic Con and states that by no means did TwiHards ruin anyone’s Comic Con experience in past years despite some moaning from traditionalists. (WARNING: please beware that the language is R-Rated as is typical with Kevin Smith’s shows)

New Breaking Dawn I Still: Bella Packing Up

Check out the finer details like the purple bedspread in the background, the boxes, and Bella’s engagement ring.