New Breaking Dawn I Still: Bella Packing Up

Check out the finer details like the purple bedspread in the background, the boxes, and Bella’s engagement ring.


  1. Its nice to see a picture of Edward & Bella sharing a moment, being in love, it would be nice to see more moments like these in the film.

    • Karen G says:

      It would have been nice to see these moments throughout the entire series. I so miss the “couple moments” in the first Twilight movie that where shown in the book. I know the movies cannot contain all of the books but some of those missing details really took away from the movies.

      • I completely agree. Like their first kiss, their first morning “together”, ahhhhhh I think I have to read the books again for the 5th time. November IS NOT coming fast enough.

      • She must be packing to leave home. Is that a different ring?

        • Helen Pauline says:

          No, it’s the same one.

          There’s a high res of this picture, and you can see it’s the same ring.

        • Based on the proportions to her hands…I don’t think it is. It looks smaller. I love how this film will be so much closer to Stephanie’s vision since she had so much more control over the film this time. Like Alice’s hair is finally short!

      • Lunna-san says:

        Yah. I really missed moments like that in the other movies. I feel like they turned Bella and Edwand in an unhappy, angst couple. And they are not like that at all.

  2. @harleySrussell says:

    I am so excited about Breaking Dawn and all of these new stills are so amazing!! I want to see one of Jacob and Renesmee together but thats in Part 2 -.- Yay For Breaking Dawn!!!

  3. These stills are making me even more excited(as if that were even possible). I agree, it’s great to see that we’ll have plenty of Edward/Bella stuff to look forward to in BD. We haven’t had enough of them since Twilight!

    And yay,Edward’s wrist cuff is back!I kinda missed it in the previous photos.

  4. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    😀 This is so great!! I agree, I love to see couple moments between the two—and it is hard to believe that this can make me even more excited for the movie!!! 😀

  5. I’m more excited too ! Summit keep this stuff coming please !

  6. Harshi says:

    awww.. they look so in love!! Gosh! i can’t wait till the moive comes out!!

  7. I like that her hair looks better than it did in Eclipse.

  8. chetzyl says:

    happy dance!!! hahaha Love it!

  9. Michelle B says:

    Yeah, this is most likely Bella packing her room up because she is marrying Edward. I think this is the night before the wedding where Edward is worrying about all that Bella is giving up to be with him scene for the movie. In the book Bella didn’t pack her room up, but I think the film makers are showing Bella packing up as a way to show that she is leaving home to start her life with Edward.

  10. Pawprint says:

    I love how this still actually reflects time passing by: Bella’s hair looks longer and yes, I totally agree that it looks even better…

    I was wondering: if Bella is now becoming a Cullen, will she get some Cullen crest jewelry in the BD movies? We all know that is not part of any book, but that is something that they changed that I actually came to like from the Twilight Movie. I hope she does get something, maybe a cool necklace like Alice’s and Rosalie’s… That’d be great! Or a bracelet like Esme’s? It would be nice and would really give her some sense of belonging to the clan. So far we haven’t seen anything on the other stills but I really hope they don’t fail on this tiny little detail.

  11. Maelina says:

    Such a beautiful still, and hot! I get very good vibes from these stills, let’s hope it means there are lots of Edward/Bella moments in the films.

  12. Judy Bradley says:

    November cannot come soon enough! But I so dread the end of Twilight!

  13. Jean Brown says:

    I agreed with everyone. It is so nice to Edward and Bella deeply in love and to see Bella 100% sure that it is Edward she wants and love. Thank god we are done with that stupid “love triangle” and we dont have to deal with looking at Jacobs mug and his interfering in E&B relationship. That right there along has me excited to see the movie. BTW love Taylor just not Jacob so much.

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