Fandango List of 20 Twilight Things To Do

InfiniteJewleryRingWhile we are all waiting for the final movie, Fandango has a list of suggestions how to pass the time.

For example there is shopping:

This might not be for everyone, but if there’s a special Twihard in your life, you may want to consider getting him or her something extraordinary. Meyer gave special authorization toInfinite Jewelry Co. to produce “Bella’s Engagement Ring” and “Bella’s Bracelet.” And really, there’s no harm in splurging for yourself—it’s actually a subtle way to show your love forTwilight, and sure to earn you some compliments.

We’re also kind of partial to number 15

Fandango’s Twilight Saga Movie Guide is packed with blogs, features, exclusive video and more. Other sites to check out are the Twilight Lexicon, whose expert/writer covers the serieson our sister site, and Stephenie Meyer’s list of fan sites, which include foreign language sites as well.

Breaking Dawn Sales Are Booming on Fandango

Here’s a really good visual image using Fandango’s Pulse App to show you just how popular Breaking Dawn is  on Fandango right now.


TY to MsEssie8710 on Twitter for sending it to us.

Here’s a second image showing that Breaking Dawn Part 2 and the Twilight Marathon are running neck-in-neck for the number 1 and 2 slots.



Get your tickets here

Breaking Dawn Plays a Role in Fandango’s Most Successful Year Ever

According to the press release from Fandango:

Fandango, the nation’s leading moviegoer destination, achieved double-digit growth in 2011, marking its best-performing year in the company’s 11-year history. The year marked record highs for Fandango, not only in ticket sales, but also in online and mobile traffic, advertising sales and the number of theater screens it represents across the country.

Among Fandango’s other best-year-ever results:

An 11% year-over-year increase in average monthly Web traffic, reaching as high as 25 million unique visitors per month. *
A 59% year-over-year increase in average monthly Mobile traffic, reaching as high as 9 million unique visitors per month. *
A 73% year-over-year increase in mobile ticket sales year-to-date.
Record-breaking mobile percentage of total traffic, with mobile representing more than 28% of all visits to Fandango. *
Record-breaking mobile percentage of ticket sales, with mobile sales for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1, representing 22% of Fandango’s sales for the film’s opening weekend.
Ticketing footprint grew to more than 16,500 screens across the country, representing the wide majority of the marketplace.
Increased deployment of Fandango’s exclusive and paperless Mobile Ticket, reaching more than 1,200 screens this year. More than 1,000 new screens will offer this convenience in the next few months.
Record-breaking sales and largest percentage of tickets sold for a movie’s opening (19% of domestic opening weekend for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part 2).

Reader probably remember how Fandango partnered with Summit to reveal a personalized wedding invitation to Bella and Edward’s wedding coupled with a ticket sale alert. Definitely that marketing venture paid off!  What do you think they will come up with for part 2?

Fandango Divulges That Breaking Dawn is a Huge Seller…Wild Surprise We Know

Fandango just let us know the following:

Breaking Dawn Selling Out More Than 1,000 Showtimes

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn, Part 1 already represents 72% of Fandango’s weekly ticket sales, even though it doesn’t open until next Friday, November 18.

More than 1,000 showtimes are already sold out in advance on Fandango – from Auburn, Alaska to Winchester, Virginia – while theater owners are scrambling to add additional showtimes to meet the fan demand.

According to a Fandango survey of several thousand “Breaking Dawn, Part 1” ticket-buyers, 82% say that the action looks better in “Part 1” than it did in previous “Twilight” films, while 48% plan to see the movie on opening night.

Fandango Hosting Breaking Dawn Twitter Party

Save the date! Fandango is hosting a Breaking Dawn Twitter party on Nov. 14th between 5:30-6:30 PM PT.  We’ll be tweeting live from the red carpet and will be giving away prizes such as posters, t-shirts, CDs, DVDS and free movie gift cards.

Text Link ID # 10716861

If you haven’t bought your tickets yet, snag them here at fandango.

Also if you are in the Nashville Tenessee area, we have an early morning showing on Saturday. You know you are going to see the movie again and with fellow TwiHards. So see it with us and get some great prizes. We are close to closing out registration on this event DO NOT MISS OUT! Check it out here, no tickets will be sold at the door!

Text Link Name Breaking Dawn Twitter Party & Prizes

Bill Condon Talks Favorite Scenes, Romance, and Edward’s PoV

Fandongo released an interview with Bill Condon where the director discusses some scenes in the film from Edward’s PoV that focus on his back story.

Fandango: We get so much of Bella’s and Jacob’s view in the last book, but what specific parts do we get to see more of Edward’s point of view?
Condon: There’s something that we put in there that’s referred to in an earlier book. We actually get to see Edward in his early life as a vampire and hear his thoughts about that. There’s a glimpse of him in Twilight describing how he got turned, how he got changed by Carlisle, but this is more extensive. I do think we get more inside Edward and he changes a lot, too. The wedding has an effect on him. There’s an aspect of self-loathing to him about what he did when he was a vampire [earlier] that he releases through Bella’s love. I think that’s a fun thing to watch.
Fandango also asks Condon about something fans have been speculating about – why is Irina from the Denali Coven at the wedding?
Fandango: What is Irina doing at the wedding (as seen in movie photos)? That’s noticeably different from the book.
Condon: In that case, it’s just about good movie storytelling. Just imagine if she’s not there and then in the second movie, she shows up, sees Renesmee and freaks out. No one will know who she is. People will talk about who she is, as they do in the book. Or you’d be stuck with some clunky flashback. To make something really cinematic, you put it into the present tense. She doesn’t want to come, she’s convinced to come, she gets there, she sees something that upsets her and she leaves – so that you see, you experience what it is that’s bothering her. It’s because her problem with the Cullens is the lynchpin for the entire second movie. Part of it why it’s there has to do with servicing what’s going to happen in the first half hour of the second film.
Read the whole interview at Fandango.

Reminder: Tickets On Sale TOMORROW for Breaking Dawn Part 1 on Fandango

Tickets are onsale tomorrow for Breaking Dawn part 1 on fandango and several other online services. The last two movies have set box office records for presales. Do you think that Breaking Dawn will top the previous two Twilight movies in presales?

Eclipse Dominating Fandango Sales

According to Fandango:

“We are definitely excited for everyone’s reactions to Eclipse when it releases tomorrow night at midnight! Currently, Eclipse accounts for 82% of daily ticket sales on Fandango AND the film ranks as the company’s top advance-ticket seller of the year to date!

Thank you for your support so far, but we’re not done yet. We want to make sure it beats box office records!  Please be sure to remind everyone to buy their tickets in advance on Fandango.

Also, we’ve made our Limited Edition Eclipse gift cards available. ”

Fandango: Eclipse Caption Contest Next Round

Fandango is continuing with its Eclipse caption contest.  Here is last week’s photo and winning caption:

So we’ve both agreed that Bella isn’t allowed in our new club, right?

So check out the details on this week’s contest.

“Have a knack for crafting funny one-liners? We’re giving away Exclusive Limited Edition Eclipse Fandango Bucks to those who can write some quick quips! Write your own photo caption to the Eclipse photos we post in this gallery. Be funny, witty, original and creative! Leave your caption in the comments section below (one caption per entrant) and we’ll pick a winner each time a new photo is posted. Check out the official rules here. Now, on to the captioning!”

Check it out on Fandango!

Fandango: 20 Things To Do Before Eclipse

InfiniteJewleryRingFandango has a list of 20 things to do before Eclipse comes out.

“The final countdown to Eclipse has begun, and we know you Twi-hards out there are writhing in anticipation. As you’re waiting to check out the intense battle scenes, see Edward’s golden eyes or Jake’s muscular physique on the IMAX screen, here are 20 fun things you can do with your friends to pass the time.”

Number 10 is:

“10. Invest in Some Bling

This might not be for everyone, but if there’s a special Twi-hard in your life, you may want to consider getting him or her something special. Meyer gave special authorization to Infinite Jewelry Co. to produce Bella’s Engagement Ring and Bella’s Bracelet. Hint, hint! But if you’ve got the funds, there’s no harm in splurging for yourself—it’s actually a subtle way to show your love for Twilight, and sure to earn you some compliments.”

There are all sorts of items on this list, but we’re kinda of attached to number 13. Let’s hope it’s not unlucky 13 in this case!

Eclipse Pre-Sale Tickets This Week!


According to Summit, “This Friday, May 14, you can pick up your tickets to THE TWILIGHT SAGA: ECLIPSE on Fandango and! Official run time is 2 hours and 4 minutes.”

If you remember, when New Moon tickets went up for pre-sale they set a new record on Fandango and other online ticket brokers:

“According to Fandango, who notes that their numbers are increasing every second, several thousand New Moon showtimes have sold out, making it the most the company has ever sold prior to a film’s release date. (And, yes, that means the film has even topped The Dark Knight, and movies from both the Harry Potter and Star Wars franchises.) AMC and report the same information. Both the movie chain and the online ticket buying service have said the film has broken records set by Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings. (New Moon even nabbed the No. 1 spot on’s list of top 10 advance ticket sellers of all time, breaking a nearly five-year-old record set by Star Wars: Episode III—Revenge of the Sith. The service is also reporting over 2,150 sellouts for the film, with over 200 in Los Angeles and New York.)” Source EW

So do you think that Eclipse will beat New Moon’s record?