Breaking Dawn Cover on EW Tomorrow!

What do you think of the reveal on ET?


  1. Why are they so scared? It looks like a honeymoon shot but maybe I am wrong. It would not make sense to be frightened by something while on their honeymoon.

    • ITA! There were photos of them filming these scenes at the island where they filmed the honeymoon, so these should be honeymoon shots. They shouldn’t be scared…odd

  2. Mary Masen says:

    Definitely buying this issue!!!! Can’t wait for all the pics in it! There could be a poster too!! hehe

  3. I think they are just posing, but either way the pictures look AMAZING!

  4. If you guys are wondering why they look that way,that water was freezing cold,when they shot the waterfall scene. I’m looking forward to getting the EW mag as soon as I can.

  5. Why are his eyes not gold and her eyes not Brown?? WTF??

    • CullenCoven says:

      In the water scenes, they can’t use contacts because the contacts float out and dissolve. They’ll change the color in post-production.

  6. smitten_by_twilight says:

    Saw this yesterday on the HH thread and was puzzled about their expressions – didn’t notice the eyes until Guest pointed it out. Must be promotion stills, not from the film?

  7. switzy4ever14 says:

    You guys! 99 days!

  8. karategirl says:

    I’ll bet they changed things up from the book from when the housekeeper catches them in an embrace and maybe had her catch them in the waterfall instead. So that’s why he looks concerned and she look sheepish.

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