Where Are The Breaking Dawn Actors Going to Be Outside the USA?

A lot of this is still in flux, so if your country hasn’t popped up yet all hope is not lost. These things usually have to be worked out with film festival organizers and such, actors filming schedules on other projects, and lots of other details like plain old dollars and cents.

The Twilight Examiner has an excellent listing of what we know so far with the following countries:


Check out her site for full details.

Mary from Italian Twilight Moms also supplied us with this tidbit:

“Tickets for the sixth edition of the Rome International Film Festival, you can buy the ticket October 14, 2011 at the Auditorium Parco della Musica Viale P. De Coubertin, specialstores and Lottomatica enabled (list available on www.listicket.it).

For the first two days of pre-distribution of numbers is expected to eliminate queues at the entrance of the Auditorium from 8.00 am.

For the period from October 27 to November 5, 2011 will be active, also the ticket officeinside the Cinema Village in Viale P. De Coubertin.

They haven’t yet given specifics about Nikki Reed and Jackson Rathbone’s appearances”

We also learned today that Robert Pattinson, Bill Condon, and Taylor Lautner would be at the UK Premiere. This is the first premiere (as opposed to fan event or film festival) where the cast will be.


  1. Any news about the L.A. Breaking Dawn convention? No info on website on who will be attending, etc. Seems strange since they have that info for the Twi Con in Florida the following month.

    • Laura Byrne Cristiano says

      I think this one is a little different since they are working in actors when they aren’t used during press junket weekend. In other words, Summit it calling the shots moreso than Creation

  2. Lynne Stringer says

    I wonder if anyone’s coming to Australia …

  3. does anyone know if they will be in NY?

  4. Alex Meraz, Bronson Pelletiere, Bill Tangradi, Patrick Brennan and Guri Weinberg will come to Bonn(Germany) Next Week to attend the Ring Con Fantasy Convention :)))

  5. doesn’t anyone now if twillight’ll be in Slovenia to? :/

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