Twilight Wins at Spike’s Scream Awards

The annual Scream Awards were taped at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles over the weekend. They are scheduled to air on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 27 from 10:00 P.M. ET/PT. (Warning all links this article lead to results spoilers.)

Taylor Lautner was on hand to pick up some of Twilight’s awards, and to present a clip.

Initially there was a lot of talk about never seen before movie footage being revealed; however, going by the Tweets of Robsten Lovers who were there on the red carpet and in the actual awards show nothing new as far as actual movie footage was revealed. On the other hand, there were new behind the scenes type clips with carious cast members speaking.

So check out the awards when they air later this month. If you want to find out who won, click here.


  1. LilyannHale says:

    Breakout Performance, Male: Taylor Lautner, Twilight! DAMN =(

  2. Let’s get this straight- the award for Spike’s Scream winners is a huge black Spike?!…
    That must be the MOST APPROPRIATE award in the history of award shows!; a huge Spike given to a guy playing a werewolf in a Vampire Love story! YESSSS ‘)
    Congratulations Taylor this is definitely the start of many awards coming your way in the future!

  3. wow all the awards are given to the wrong people. as much as i love twilight, it doesnt deserve all those awards because the movie wasnt very good and there are better deserving actors than kstew, rpattz and tlautner. i cant take award shows like this seriously bcos it is obviously based on popularity and not on talent and quality.

  4. @annie ur right in the sense of that the movie was not dat gud.BUT NOT AS GOOD AST HE BOOK!!!!!!!!!! The movie was as amazing as it could possibly be wat do u expect from a low budget u cant get much from dat. I was pleased with all of the winners. At first I wasnt bcos Taylor won instead of Rob but then I rethought it a little. I mean it would be a little embarrassing if Tay didnt win anything AND had to present the clip all by himself. And come on, I’m pretty sure Rob doesnt mind and Tay is a great guy and at least deserves to his award from them anyth at r to come.Oh and kristen won an award 2 I voted 4 her cos I think shes just simply great. luv all her movies especially Speak. TEAM EDWARD 4EVER

  5. Well, Annie, that’s your opinion. Personally, I loved Twilight, and disagree about the worthiness of each actor. We need to understand that everyone has an opinion, and you are not correct simply because you disagree. Obviously, the voters disagreed with you, and it’s incredibly disrespectful to dismiss their judgment as nothing more than a popularity vote. What if I disagreed with a result that you happened to agree with and used that generalization?

  6. Mimi Cullen says:

    I say “Congrats to all the winner” especially Taylor, Rob and Kristen…they are an awesome team.

  7. Annie…I totally agree with you. Since it was announced here that Twilight was nominated for multiple awards for this award show it’s obvious that the Twilight fans flooded the votes and picked Twilight for everything it was nominated for. Which is sad because there were way better movies nominated. It totally sucks that Star Trek didn’t win more awards because, in my opinion, that was a WAY better movie than Twilight.

    • Exactly: in your OPINION.

      Unfortunately, the majority disagreed with you. Calling all of them ignorant is nothing more than a generalization simply because you seem incapable of handling disagreements. For the record, any fasbase could have mobilized, and there are fans – like myself – who genuinely believe that Twilight was deserving of these awards. I loved the movie.

  8. Twilight_News says:

    Food for thought, the world isn’t suffering from a lack of Trekkie’s. they easily could have mobilized their fanbases as well.

  9. mayb im crazy or something but i couldve that i heard there was gonna b a sneak peek of nm on the awards…???

  10. I agree with Annie i like the movie, i have nothing against it but the were a truckload of better movies out there and i don’t think that twilight should have won or deserved all those awards.
    And Matt yes everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and the way you are ‘expressing’ yours shows me that you are the one incapable of handling disagreements.

  11. congrats to the whole team of Twilight!
    they got these awards thru their strong working team! 😀
    oh hai cutie Taylor! 😀

  12. eternitys_charm says:

    Twilight shouldnt have won all those awards. Period. Too many crazzy obsessed fans just wanting to vote for it because its twilight. seriously? twilight winning? im sorry, im sounding like a total twilight hater right now –which im not– but i just feel like twilight didnt deserve these awards. Star Trek and HP did.

  13. Really love how people are making this award show seem like the Oscars. XD Now if that was the case, there truly would be a problem. But like others have said, these awards were based on popularity. So you can’t blame the Twilight fanbase for coming together and voting for something they like or love. Did I love the movie? No. But like I said, it’s not the Oscars. There is where the truly amazing and note-worthy movies get noticed. But for Spike, MTV, etc, it’s purely fanbase and they’re awards don’t mean much. It just shows how supportive a fanbase can be. The Twilighters who rly did enjoy the film pull through with each of these awards and for that I commend them. They are just showing support and enthusiasm.

  14. Team Twilight celebrates yet again!
    Later, Haters!! 😉

  15. I went to the award show. & taylor won best male breakout(which is a joke). & twilight won best fantasy movie, I think? I forget. but didn’t win best movie. & actually there was a ton of new footage. mostly of the werewolves. & I feel that taylor is becoming more awkward like rob & kristen. he used to be so bubbly.

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