Rumor Control: Will there REALLY be more Twilight books/movies????

We’ve watched the news feeds all day covering the topic of more Twilight centric books and movies centered around the relationship between Jacob and Renesmee.  It all started when MTV asked Taylor Lautner about the possibility of continuing on in the role of Jacob Black if Stephenie wrote more novels.  You can watch the interview below to see exactly how this rumor got started but here is how we can break it down for you.

YEARS ago, and we do mean YEARS ago, Stephenie told fans that Breaking Dawn was the end of Edward and Bella’s story.  She hinted that should she ever return to the Twilight universe the stories would center around Jacob and Renesmee as well as Leah because those stories aren’t finished.  I can’t stress enough that she said this YEARS ago.  This is not “new” news for fans that have been in the fandom pre-Twilight Movie.

Now jump ahead to the international fan junket that was held last month and was covered by the USA Today .  The fans at the junket asked Stephenie about Jacob and Renesmee and she said, and I quote,  “That is a question I’m reserving the right not to answer, because there is a chance I’ll go back to their story.”

Now, fast forward to Josh Horowitz saying, “Stephenie has recently hinted at perhaps maybe she would explore more of Jacob and Renesmee’s relationship at some point.”  To which Taylor Lautner responds, “Really? Breaking news to me live on MTV.”  To which the whole of the Twilight news reporting world took to mean MTV had a scoop that Stephenie is writing more books and they will feature Jacob and they will be made into movies starring Taylor Lautner.

Do we all want more Twilight stories – sure.  I’d love to read about Jacob and Renesmee.  But are they really going to happen – it’s a toss up.  Personally, I feel if we ever do get another Twilight related book it will be years and years from now after Stephenie has stepped away from the world of Forks and done a few others things.   By the time any type of Twilight related book is even possibly published, Taylor and every other current member of the cast would be too old to portray their teenage character.  It’s a great dream, but one that is a long shot.

So for now, just concentrate on the fact that we still have two more movies to go!  And hopefully, someday, in the distant future, we might have another Twilight related title to read should Stephenie feel it’s time to revisit that universe.

Robert Pattinson Never Turned Down Simon Cowell

robert-pattinson-sexyThis is the rumor that won’t die. Apparently the Sun (you remember the paper that has at various times reported that Rob and Kristen were married, pregnant, Kristen was seeing Tom Sturridge…need I go on) reported that Robert Pattinson had a discussion with the UK’s biggest music promoter, Simon Cowell. Yes that Simon Cowell of American Idol fame.

Wild surprise, we know, MTV checked out the story with Robert Pattinson’s manager and was told that there is no truth to the story. In fact the two have had no discussion at all.

However, when MTV News reached out to Robert’s management for comment, we were told there was no truth to this story. It’s just “another headline generated by the internet,” his manager wrote in an email.”

Despite MTV’s Hollywood Crush debunking the rumor over 24 hours ago, that hasn’t stopped some major media from picking up on the story and incorrectly reporting it.

Check it out on MTV’s Hollywood Crush

Twilight Saga and Stephenie Meyer Rumor Roundup

So there’s a bunch out there circulating.  Here’s what we make of it.

Rumor 1: The Host casting in full swing and Ian Somhalder cast as Ian. Now as much as Alphie would personally love nothing better than to have this be true, at the moment it’s rumor. A number of sources that we checked with were surprised to learn of this because the movie is still actively being developed. What we think sparked this was a German fansite stating Ian would be great for the role combined with a casting website that puts out general information about projects.

Rumor 2: Kristen Stewart is going to be in a Bollywood movie. There are about ten or so Indian entertainment sites reporting this and now others are picking it up. However there’s a pretty big GAPING hole in the story. the story claims that all of this was announced by the director on his blog, and near as we can tell there is NO mention of this on his blog.

Rumor 3: Kristen Stewart is a handbag designer. This one is true. She’s designed for Coach China!

Rumor 4: Breaking Dawn will shoot in October. Christian Serratos apparently slipped at the Australian convention this weekend and mentioned that. Previously other cast members (Kristen and Kellan) have said they’ve been asked to keep November clear. Our take (this isn’t official, just our conjecture putting together info from lots of sources and having tracked this stuff for awhile): they will start principal photography late October early November. We’d also bet that it will be two films since both Melissa and Stephenie have said they feel there’s enough material for that, and given the possibility for points of view beyond Bella’s this would seem to make sense. What is certain, no matter if it is one of two films, is that it won’t be more than a PG-13 rated film because that is part of the contractual conditions of it being made. You can still have effective steamy romance (a la Remember Me) and medical gore (a la ER the TV series) and be under rated R.

Rumor 5: We’d be STUNNED if Breaking Dawn was 3-D. It might work for action sequences, but the rest not so much. I mean can you see Bella’s ring coming right at you or Renesmee…not so much.

Rumor Control: Not 3-D

RumorSomehow there is this rumor gaining ground on the Internet that Breaking Dawn is going to be not only two movies, but it’s also going to be in 3-D.

It remains to be seen whether Breaking Dawn will be split into one or two movies (as reported by Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood). However Edward’s hair won’t be coming at you in 3-D…good grief…someone could lose an eye that way! LOL 🙂

There are plans for Eclipse to be released in IMAX locations, but that is for large screen size and not a 3-D effect.

Breaking Dawn Casting Rumors, Are Just Rumors

Over the weekend news broke on Twitter that there was supposedly casting information available on Breaking Dawn. The acting/casting blog that broke the story initially cited Lana Veenker (one of the people involved in the casting of the original Twilight movie) as being attached to the project as well as other people. They listed Lana’s casting office address, phone and email address.

We immediately thought that this info was slightly odd, because Lana is in frequent contact with us, and this is the kind of thing that she would have mentioned specifically or at least  given a “heads up look for big news tomorrow” kind of thing.

So we contacted Summit and Lana to see what was what. Being a weekend, Summit didn’t respond until today, but Lana got back to us on Saturday stating “For the record, we have not yet been contacted by production about this possibility and have not been hired to provide casting services.”

So we Tweeted that update from Lana, and linked on Twitter to a blog post that she made about it.  Moments after Lana posted on her blog that this was all news to her the blog that started the rumor suddenly deleted all references to Lana and another casting agent, but made no mention that the post was edited or previously contained incorrect info. Unfortunately, it seems that the incorrect info got out there and now Lana writes, “Can you help me put a stop to the onslaught of calls and emails we’re starting to receive and post a link on your site to my blog post nixing the Breaking Dawn casting rumors?”

So here’s the link to Lana’s blog and here’s the statement issued by Summit Entertainment, “Please disregard any information…regarding casting for BREAKING DAWN are both false[the links to the blog and their press release]” (We edited out the links to the site where the rumor started and a press release that site issued.)

Misconceptions: New Moon Info Recap

Here are a couple of odd things we’ve seen lately, and we thought we’d help to straighten them out.

~The last name of Aro, Marcus, Caius, Jane, Alec…or for that matter anyone in the Volturi coven is not Volturi! Aro, Cauis, and Marcus were vampires long before people took to the custom of having last names.  Volturi is derived from Volterra, the city that they settled in. The coven’s name is like a tribe moniker. Look at it this way, referring to Aro as “Aro Volturi” would be like referring to Jesus as “Jesus Galilee”. As for Alec and Jane, we imagine they do have last names, just we don’t know what they are.

~The last name of Tanya, Katrina, etc. is not Denali. Denali is just the location where they happen to be currently located. Denali is a town in Alaska, it’s also the traditional name for Mt. McKinley, the highest peak in North America. Calling Tanya “Tanya Denali” would be like saying “Renesmee Forks”.

~We can’t believe that we are actually saying this, but judging from comments on the blog and around the Internet we’re going to repeat it. ROB AND KRISTEN ARE NOT ENGAGED despite what the headline in one UK gossip magazine read.  You know, the same magazine that faked a photo to make it look like they were sitting together. Do they have a relationship that’s more than friends? Possibly, but they are not engaged. If they were, it would be plastered all over mainstream entertainment sites like ET, EW, Access Hollywood, E!…you get the idea. When even Ted Casablanca, who is leading the Robsten charge and would love nothing better than them to be engaged, is saying the story is bunk, there’s a sign.

Are They Really Engaged?

As usual, we don’t know or care if Rob and Kristen are together. Our usual line is, “For all we know they each sleep with a fuzzy blue bear named Fred.” Anyway, lots of people are writing in asking if the story in OK magazine about Rob and Kristen’s engagement is true.

We’ll let you judge for yourself how credible the OK story is. Check out the following photos and you decide:

Picture one:

Rob alone on the couch backstage at the Teen choice awards.

Picture 2:

Kristen, Nikki, and Kellan on the couch backstage at the Teen Choice awards.

Picture 3:

Can we say photoshop manipulation?

Picture that ran in OK magazine

We leave it to you to decide how credible of a source OK magazine is.

For your amusement we created a little slide show. Shout out to Mandy, Robsessed, and Irish Twilight Sisters who did the detective work that we stumbled on. Good work, guys!

Rumor Control:AKA Tanya Isn’t in Eclipse

Apparently there is this magazine in South America that reported that actress Luisana Lopilato was cast in Eclipse in the role of Tanya. She’s the girlfriend of Canadian performer Michael Buble. They were recently seen in Vancouver ( shocker we know since her boyfriend is…er…Canadian) and someone put 2+2 together and basically came up with 5.

It seemed really fishy to us in that Tanya 1) is not in the book Eclipse as an actual speaking character, and 2) that part or anything remotely like it hasn’t appeared on any casting notices.

So we asked Summit. It turns out despite the fact that it’s being reported as fact in various quarters that it’s just plain rumor and nothing more. We confirmed with Summit that Luisana Lopilato in not invovled in Eclipse.

Cause Jennie Garth is Classy Lady, & She Doesn’t Talk Trash!

We heard the rumor earlier today that Jennie Garth, of all people, supposedly “outed” Robert Pattinson’s off-screen relationship with either Nikki Reed or Kristen Stewart we didn’t believe it, because that’s just not Jennie. She’s no Hollywood newbie to get caught up saying something about other people’s love lives(true or not). As one of Pel’s officemates said, “That gal could wear a brown paper bag and still be the classiest thing in the room.”

We even saw some mainstream entertainment sites totally fall for it, and repeat the story. We didn’t run it because we couldn’t find the original quote on the originating source (usually a sure fire sign that something isn’t right), and well IT’S JENNIE “I EXUDE CLASS” GARTH. Well, Gossip Cop did their homework, contacted the originating source and discovered the details Cop!

Where was Jennie when she supposedly said all this? At a TJ Maxx sponsored charity event.

And now Peter Facinelli has come to Jennie’s defence!

“Complete media fabrication. I read the transcript of what my wife actually said, which was, “My husband talks to me about Twilight stuff, but I promised him I wouldn’t talk about it.” Somehow that got turned into this. @sorichii So hey is it true your wife said this??

Its unbelievable how the media can just write whatever they want to sell papers.
Perez, love ya, but check your sources before u blog buddy.” (

Rumor Control: Breaking Dawn Info

There is a website claiming it has Breaking Dawn casting info. What they have is guesswork. All they do is repeat previous information and hope it’s accurate the next time. They did it with New Moon by initially attaching Lana Veenker’s name to it when she wasn’t attached to New Moon as she was to Twilight.  They then hurry up and make revisions when someone corrects them.

Now they are making assumptions with Breaking Dawn casting based on old interview comments made by Stephenie Meyer and the fact that there’s a Breaking Dawn tab on the World of Twilight website.

Their description is copied word for word from Wikipedia with no citation given.

And we’re sure that what’s wrong with this Breaking Dawn cast list of principal actors should be immediately obvious given what happens at the end of Eclipse.