The Twilight Guy on the Rumor Mill

It looks like Kaleb Nation, the Twilight Guy, is having about as many emails as we have over the nonsense that Kristen Stewart is supposedly having Robert Pattinson’s love child. We blogged about it here.  Kaleb has taken a humorous approach to the larger issue at hand.

Rumor Control: Kristen Stewart Pregnant

So the latest that is making our inbox churn is people wanting to know if Kristen Stewart is pregnant with Robert Pattinson’s love child.  We were pretty much ignoring this latest tabloid driven story which jumped from the ridiculous to the utterly absurd in the last 24 hours until it took over our inbox.

Now we don’t have a pipeline into Kristen’s private life, but here’s the facts, such as they are, and you can decide for yourself:

The original source is an Australian gossip magazine whose headlines aside from the Kristen story were: Jen [Aniston] Tears Over Brad, Britney Spears Getting Married, and Michael Jackson’s Death, Was It Murder. So, you judge the credibility. The inside story goes on to state that Kristen sent a friend out for a pregnancy test because she was afraid to go to the drug store and be spotted getting one. The said friend then went and blabbed to someone who told the Australia-based magazine.

Now let’s think about this a second. Kristen has pretty much grown up in the business and realizes how rumors start, and knows that media eyes are on her.  She’d risk sending “a friend” to get the test, especially one who can’t keep his/her mouth shut?  Two words: mail order!

Now it gets better. We thought we had seen just about everything on this latest rumor and then it jumped the proverbial shark. Another gossip website states that Kristen responded to the rumor via her Twitter, yet they don’t cite what Twitter account that was, yet they quote it.  Now putting aside the fact that Kristen doesn’t have a Twitter, let’s think about this.  In a series of Tweets Kristen supposedly says that her publicist could have made up the rumor. In our opinion, when you have a career as big and hot right now as Kristen Stewart’s, no publicist (if they value their job and reputation) starts a pregnancy rumor.  It’s not like Kristen isn’t getting a ton of PR via Runaways and New Moon. She would need a pregnancy rumor to attract additional attention because why exactly?

Next, Ted Casablanca, the one of the kings of Hollywood gossip is calling people out and saying BS.  Now, when your rumor is at the point when a guy who makes his livelihood trading in rumor is pretty much going, “yeah right” instead of playing along (he also called BS on the “cab attacks Rob” and with logical back up)…you decide.

So in the end, for all we know Rob is sleeping with a fuzzy blue bear named Fred and Kristen curls up around a much loved and mangled Cabbage Patch doll.  Hmm…maybe the bear and the Cabbage Patch Doll are getting it on? 🙂

Rumor Control:New Moon Movie

Here is the latest hitting our inbox and here are the answers:

  • They are actively looking for extras in the New Moon Movie and will take anyone.False, Despite what various Google Ads might have you believe, not true. In fact some of the ads feature just about the worst photoshopping that we have seen taking Rob’s head from a piece of fanart, Kristen’s head from (well we aren’t exactly sure where) and plopping them on…not Rob and Kristen’s bodies, but we don’t know who they belong to. The last time something was this mismatched was when TV Guide put Oprah’s head on Ann-Margaret’s body.
  • They are making Breaking Dawn into a movie because the IMBD says so.There’s a production schedule and everything.” False According to our source at Summit, the  IMDB is like Wikipedia in that anybody can go on and change information at will (remember the odd tagline now removed that appeared awhile back about Bella having something cooking on the stove). At this point in time, it is false information.
  • “The trailer for New Moon is guaranteed to be attached to Bandslam.” False. According to our source at Summit there is no guarantee of this despite what a radio station may have broadcast to the contrary.
  • Michael Sheen, Jamie Campbell Bower, & Justin Chon have Twitters. True. You can find them by checking out the Lexicon Twitter. We are following all of their accounts.
  • Kellan Lutz, Ashley Greene, Kristen Stewart,and Rob Pattinson use Twitter to communicate to fans. False There are some really great fakes out there with some personal photos, but no they don’t belong to the real Kellan or Ashley. Kellan confirmed he has no Twitter, and right after he said it the fake Ashley Greene account the fake Kellan Lutz account was communicating with delted itself.
  • Stephenie Meyer has a Twitter. False *HEADDESK* Sorry, we’ve covered this a bunch, and still we get questions. No, Stephenie Meyer does not have a Twitter.

Stephenie Meyer Updates Her Website Regarding Alleged Lawsuit

Stephenie Meyer has updated her website to address the false media reports that she is being sued. Even today after a statement was released to the media confirming that the story was a hoax, various major media outlets continued to incorrectly report and perpetuate the story revitalizing the rumor that Stephenie was being sued, just that it wasn’t affecting the production. Their coverage was then cited by other sources. As you can see below the story never had any basis in truth, ever.

“There are a lot of things I should be doing updates on—for example, how awesome and successful the Book Babe event was, and how cool it was to meet all the other authors and hang out with them a little bit, and how much I appreciated all the tremendous support from the fans—but instead of commenting on happy things (which I admit I should have done a week ago; I was waiting for things to slow down for a day, silly me!), I’m commenting on ridiculous internet rumors so that my publicist’s day will be just a little bit better.

I am not being sued. No one has contacted me or my publisher to inform either of us that I’m being sued. I never had a roommate named Heidi. There is no professor in the BYU English department named Dr. Peter Benton (though there is a character on ER by that name). And most of all, I began writing Twilight exactly the way I’ve told people in countless interviews and events for the past six years: I had a cool dream, I wrote it down, writing it down was really fun, so I kept writing until I had a whole book.

The sad thing about this silly situation is that so many legitimate news outlets reported it without doing any research at all to determine if there was any truth to the story. And at least two of these facts are really, really easy to confirm. Particularly, the one about the BYU professor. A simple on-line search can give you that information. Also, a quick call to my publisher would have cleared up the whole lawsuit story. (Kudos to the fansites who did their due diligence and debunked this rumor days ago.)

I guess the moral of the story is that—big surprise—you can’t believe everything you read on the internet. Seems like it’s April Fool’s Day every day on-line. So no worries, the filming of New Moon continues uninterrupted. And, to end this on a bright note, the filming of New Moon continues to be awesome. It’s all so beautiful! Chris Weitz is brilliant. Kristen, Rob, and Taylor are beyond words. I have gotten choked up more than once on set due to their amazing performances. I can’t wait to see it all put together!


Stephenie Meyer Lawsuit Story is bogus

It seems that the unsubstantiated story that Stephenie Meyer is being sued and filming on New Moon has halted continues to spread like wildfire on the web. Our inbox is exploding with various readers citing new places the story has cropped up.

Below are the official comments now from both Summit Entertainment and now Little Brown/Hachette:

Official comment from Summit Entertainment regarding the portion of the story as it specifically refers to filming is as follows(released April 19): “This rumor is certainly NOT true. Please let your readers know.”

Official comment from Stephenie Meyer’s publisher regarding the portion of the story that refers to the lawsuit(release April 20):

“This story is false.”

Second official statement released by Summit April 20: There is absolutely no truth to the rumor about any interruption to the filming of NEW MOON.  The production of the film has not been stalled or interrupted in any way and filming continues as planned.  Additionally, after consulting with Stephenie Meyer and her publishers, speculation about any claims of plagiarism are also completely not true.  This is a hoax, pure and simple.  The internet for all of its assets can still be an easy breeding ground for such hoaxes and detractors, and we hope that people will not be duped so easily, and use appropriate diligence before perpetuating everything or anyone that claims to have information about the TWILIGHT franchise,” according to a Summit spokesperson. “

The origination of the story on the Max Dan Wiz site has now been removed.

Rumor Control: Stephenie Meyer Being Sued

OK, we are going to go out on a limb on this one even though it’s Sunday and getting an official comment is practically impossible.

On April 10th the oh so scholarly and reliable Max-Dan-Wiz site runs a story supposedly obtained from the AP claiming Stephenie Meyer stole the idea for Twilight from her former college roommate, said roommate is suing her, A BYU professor is backing the roommate, and production has halted on New Moon.

OK let’s take this out step by step:

  • Article appeared on April 10: filming has gone on since that date most notably Friday when Vancity Allie got pictures of the cast in Bella’s Birthday party attire.
  • The article claims an AP wire as their source. We can find no such record of this on the AP.
  • The article claims Dr. Peter Benton now head of the BYU English Department is backing the claim. There is no Dr. Peter Benton at BYU (but he was a character on ER or a few seasons).
  • Stephenie’s supposed former roommate must be living under the biggest rock ever if in Salt Lake City of all places she is only just now hearing that her former roommate’s success is based on a vampire novel.
  • Vampire short story in the BYU curriculum…yeah…I’m sure the BYU undergrads wrote lots of vampire tales 15 years ago right along with all those stories involving lots of swearing, drinking, and pre-marital sex.

So who fell for this nonsense?

The Insider who thought for whatever reason it was a good idea to let fans upload stories and have it appear as if it were an official The Insider story. The site is reporting the story as fact, and is also running the story with the fan made poster WITH A TURKEY in the corner as if it were real. On a quick glance other news outlets who don’t read the fine print to realize this is a fan uploaded story are linking to this story.

Others who fell for this include:

Backseat Cuddler
…the list goes on. Run the words “Dr. Peter Benton and BYU” and “Heidi Stanton and BYU” though a Google search and you get tons more links.

EDITED: Official comment from Summit Entertainment regarding the portion of the story as it specifically refers to filming is as follows: “This rumor is certainly NOT true. Please let your readers know.”

EDITED: Official comment from Stephenie Meyer’s publisher regarding the portion of the story that refers to the lawsuit:

“This story is false.”

*Note the story on the Max-Dan-Wiz site has now been removed.

Rumor Control

Here’s the latest swarming the Internet:

  • Robert Pattinson injured himself on set. Truish. He did it last year during Twilight. For some odd reason the “Rob pulled a groin muscle” “Rob injured his bum”…stories are all reappearing as if it just happened. So, no fear Rob does not injure himself repetitively as does Bella.
  • Martin Sheen is Aro. False. Michael Sheen is Aro, there is continent and about a 20+ years age difference there folks.
  • “Fill in the blank of any band” is officially on the New Moon soundtrack. False. Nothing has been decided about who is on the soundtrack, and a supposed note from Chris Weitz claiming otherwise is a left over April Fools joke destined to become urban legend.
  • OMG! Billly Burke, Gil Birmingham, Edi Gathegi, Rachelle LeFevere and the human kids all got cut from the movie. False. No, they are in the movie, they just weren’t on the recent press release from Summit.
  • Twilight fans are being recruited into a crazy religious cult called Cullenism. False This is what happens when it’s a slow news week and entertainment news sites start grasping at straws and half truths to cobble together an article with the word ‘Twilight” in it. It’s a joke people, a tongue-in-cheek thread that has been on our forum and others for at least two years. A quick glance and it’s obvious they are not serious.

Ted Casablanca: Multiple Personality Disorder

Ted Casablanca can’t seem to decide if he is pro or con Twilight and pro or con cast members depending on the day of the week. Ted was the one last week claiming that Rob had BO because an oh so credible source told him so. Today he is still clinging to that contention. Frankly we think the only thing in need of fumigation is Ted’s brain because clearly it isn’t able to handle the obvious (see below).

Now, in today’s ramblings, it looks like Ted had too much coffee or something because the graphic that accompanies the story is hilarious. For crying out loud Ted, it has a TURKEY in the upper right corner! Not only is Ted running the fan made New Moon poster as if it’s the real one, but he’s also given credit for the image to Summit Entertainment, as if to suggest he actually got the image from them. We can guarantee that he didn’t get the image from Summit. From Ted’s ramblings of today, it’s plain that he doesn’t think very much of Twilight fans’ intelligence. Oh, the irony!