Robert Pattinson Never Turned Down Simon Cowell

robert-pattinson-sexyThis is the rumor that won’t die. Apparently the Sun (you remember the paper that has at various times reported that Rob and Kristen were married, pregnant, Kristen was seeing Tom Sturridge…need I go on) reported that Robert Pattinson had a discussion with the UK’s biggest music promoter, Simon Cowell. Yes that Simon Cowell of American Idol fame.

Wild surprise, we know, MTV checked out the story with Robert Pattinson’s manager and was told that there is no truth to the story. In fact the two have had no discussion at all.

However, when MTV News reached out to Robert’s management for comment, we were told there was no truth to this story. It’s just “another headline generated by the internet,” his manager wrote in an email.”

Despite MTV’s Hollywood Crush debunking the rumor over 24 hours ago, that hasn’t stopped some major media from picking up on the story and incorrectly reporting it.

Check it out on MTV’s Hollywood Crush


  1. I apologize for being off-topic but I wanted to bring this to people’s attention:

    Corin Tucker, of the great band Sleater-Kinney, is an out and proud Twilight fan. She wrote a song for New Moon which didn’t make the soundtrack. (Contrast that with some musicians who tried to backpedal away from their Twilight series soundtrack contributions.)

    Tucker: “I was a big fan of those books—I am a big fan of those books. I really related to the voice of Bella. …”

    Village Voice: “Most bands I talk to about Twilight are like, “Yeah, the sh_t sucks, but you gotta do what you gotta do.””

    Tucker: “The story of Stephenie Meyer somehow juggling being a mom and being a writer was hugely inspirational to me.”

  2. I never even heard this rumor. What did he supposedly turn down? Weird.

    It’s funny, it kind of makes me want to start an internet rumor and see how long it takes it to get huge. LOL!

  3. I actually read this rumor yesterday on MSN. It read that Rob turned it down because he felt like maybe the fans wouldn’t understand his music (or something like that).

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