Twilight Saga and Stephenie Meyer Rumor Roundup

So there’s a bunch out there circulating.  Here’s what we make of it.

Rumor 1: The Host casting in full swing and Ian Somhalder cast as Ian. Now as much as Alphie would personally love nothing better than to have this be true, at the moment it’s rumor. A number of sources that we checked with were surprised to learn of this because the movie is still actively being developed. What we think sparked this was a German fansite stating Ian would be great for the role combined with a casting website that puts out general information about projects.

Rumor 2: Kristen Stewart is going to be in a Bollywood movie. There are about ten or so Indian entertainment sites reporting this and now others are picking it up. However there’s a pretty big GAPING hole in the story. the story claims that all of this was announced by the director on his blog, and near as we can tell there is NO mention of this on his blog.

Rumor 3: Kristen Stewart is a handbag designer. This one is true. She’s designed for Coach China!

Rumor 4: Breaking Dawn will shoot in October. Christian Serratos apparently slipped at the Australian convention this weekend and mentioned that. Previously other cast members (Kristen and Kellan) have said they’ve been asked to keep November clear. Our take (this isn’t official, just our conjecture putting together info from lots of sources and having tracked this stuff for awhile): they will start principal photography late October early November. We’d also bet that it will be two films since both Melissa and Stephenie have said they feel there’s enough material for that, and given the possibility for points of view beyond Bella’s this would seem to make sense. What is certain, no matter if it is one of two films, is that it won’t be more than a PG-13 rated film because that is part of the contractual conditions of it being made. You can still have effective steamy romance (a la Remember Me) and medical gore (a la ER the TV series) and be under rated R.

Rumor 5: We’d be STUNNED if Breaking Dawn was 3-D. It might work for action sequences, but the rest not so much. I mean can you see Bella’s ring coming right at you or Renesmee…not so much.


  1. Thanks for always being ontop of this stuff. Especially the Breaking Dawn info. Just knowing that they are moving ahead is great news. Vampires & werewolves are not suppose to age, so let get a move on Summit. The cast isn’t getting any younger & neither are we(the fans).

    Loved the Host & it will no doubt make a great movie as well. And Kristen Stewart in a Bollywood movie would kill it. I’d just like to see her in anything. She’s such and amazing young acteress.

  2. I was at the Melbourne TwiCon on Sunday and Christian did indeed say shooting started in October, to which Gil looked at her with a bit of annoyance. She also mentioned it will be 2 parts.
    She was talking about 3D and said ” I don’t know about you guys but I don’t want 3D, I’m just glad its gonna be in 2 parts” or something close to that.

  3. I agree w/ BD probably shooting in November. Rob, Kristen, and now Christan have all now said/hinted in interviews to Oct. or NOv. I guess the studio could always change this but that timeframe seems to be the consistent news.

    As far as the host, I am with Alphie. Ian S in the host would be delicious. Really started paying attention to him when he was on LOST. Now on the Vampire Diaries, he is some eye candy that I enjoy weekly. It would not suck if he is in the HOST movie

  4. Thank God BD will not be in 3-D. Thank you Twilight Lexicon for being on top of all the rumors.
    Great Job!!

  5. I really hope Breaking Dawn will be PG-13. It really needs to be. The characters and the story have grown so much since the first book the movies should reflect the growth of the audience as well. I think we are mature enough to handle it.

    Excited to hear about The Host. Was able to visualize a film very easily while reading it.

    • I agree with you. Avatar wasn’t all-in-your-face except for down on the planet. There is a way to do it and would look absolutely amazing. Sometimes I hate girls cause they never embrace technology.

  6. They need snow on the ground for the Volturi’s last stand with Cullens and “witnesses”. Unless they are going to bring in a big snow machine, CGI it or wait a year, it needs to about that time of year.

    • Snow would be the least of their worries. There is snow in Eclipse, and it’s just fake snow. It’s all good.

  7. Well, if the rumor about Ian Somerhalder was true, I’d be truly delighted. <3 But it's just wishful thinking. And why wouldn't you like Breaking dawn in 3D? Of course, if some of you get headaches or somehthing like that, then it wouldn't be much fun, but personally I don't have anything against it. Many films look great in 3D, even if they don't have typical 3D-effects (for example Bella's ring coming out of the screen xD)

  8. regarding #1 and casting for the Host…. I wonder why IMDB is listing Ian Somerhalder as Ian O’Shea then? They seem to usually be pretty accurate. I have read The Host – hoping for a second book from SM!! I think he is too short personally.. but that is what I found. Love him otherwise!

  9. Thank you, thank you! Great post(s)!

    Bollywood? LOLOL! After seeing the bag, I suspect Kristen needs to work on her spelling in English before she takes on learning Hindi. (jk)

    Have to say, I ***can’t wait*** to see “The Host” — all those planets will be freakin awesome!!! This will be major! Definitely a 3D candidate. As for “Breaking Dawn” — please, heavens no. Even in 2D, the birthing scene will be frightening enough. Ugh. Not looking forward to seeing Wanda getting hurt, either. Ugh, again.

    With the 3D clamor, I keep thinking of “Singing in the Rain,” and wonder about filmmakers rushing films into 3D that really (really) shouldn’t be.

  10. Hopefully it will NOT be 3D, I don’t think this is one of those 3D type movies. So please no 3D 😉

  11. I absolutley agree with the Breaking Dawn being in 2 movies and NOT 3-D. I do think its cool that it could be told from multiple view points. I would love to see the view point of Alice and Jasper when they go to South America at the end. Also it would be cool to see Jacob coming back for Bella’s wedding, and of course from the wolfpack view while Bella is prego.

  12. Twilibrarian says:

    Thank you so much for the updates and for clearing up the rumors.

    As far as the cast “aging” and being ageless in the books, I don’t give a flying fig how old the actors are as long as Summitt makes Breaking Dawn high quality. I think many fans feel the same way. Bella, Edward, Jacob, the Cullens, Volturi, Wolfpack, etc. etc. etc. are portrayed by actors we fans know and love. (Please don’t start in on the Victoria debate; it is what it is.)

    The only real casting nightmare, as I see it, will be Renesmee. Baby roles require multiples, so each phase in Renesmee’s life must be well thought out and well-written. She matures from newborn (albeit with a full set of her daddy’s teeth!) to a toddler in a matter of months. Her presence drives so much of the second film. (Notice how I just stuck that in?) Please, no CGI babies!

    I hope Summitt stays with the ethnicity of the witnesses, as well as the multitudes of Volturi guard. For me, the perfect point to split the book would be at Renesmee’s birth. It leaves Bella transforming, Edward worrying, and Jacob imprinting.

    For more helpful hints, opinionated opinions, or whatever, fell free to contact me!!!

    • Well said, Twilibrarian; I totally agree with you!
      No freaky CGI babies.

      I would love to see a departure from the dark colors of Eclipse and see some joy and happiness for the wedding and Isle Esme. I picture the vibrant colors described in the book for their honeymoon. I know technically we can’t have sunshine in Forks, but we don’t need gloom, either!!

      • Twilibrarian says:

        Oh, yes! There has to be some dazzling sunshine on Isle Esme! The first night in the moonlight can also “dazzle,” don’t you think. I really hope they leave in Bell’as wedding night “jitters” and the “why am I covered in feathers?” line. There needs to be some humor amidst Edward’s “look what I’ve done to you” attitude. I would love it if Bella’s intense love for Edward really shows up in the writing, and helps him to get over the fear of hurting her.

        There is a wonderful part in the book where Edward admits to having a “talk” with Carlisle and his brothers. Please write that in, as it would be a light-hearted moment between the Cullen men. Imagine teaching 100 year old Edward the facts of life. It would also give Jasper and Emmett some comical screen time, and not just the “Bella will kill everyone” bet. You could even take it a step further, and include the Cullen women (poetic license.) Naturally, Rosalie would overreact, like Jacob, which would strengthen their bond in protecting Renesmee.

        Just a few random ramblings from somebody who should go to bed!

  13. As far as The Host goes…
    I would LOVE to see Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Jared. I have to say, I had Nikki Reed playing in my head as Melanie/Wanda…not sure why. But Jared is supposed to be a bit older than Mel.
    Eric Dane as Ian…Gerard Butler as Kyle.
    I wish Paul Newman was still with us, I’d love to see him as Jeb. Doc…hmm…That’s a tough one and Peter Facinelli probably wouldn’t appreciate being type cast as a doctor again. But, I’d follow him anywhere.
    The Seeker would be tough too. Maybe Zoe Deschanel. I can see her being tough and withdrawn.

  14. Well, I’m glad if BD won’t be on 3D ….I don’t like 3D …..

  15. I don’t really understand you people and the whole 3-D business. Of the movies that have already been put out in 3D, not every single part was “coming at you”. In Avatar when they were inside the science station and not on the planet, did it feel like everything was coming at you? NO!

  16. Would love to see Kristen starring in the Bollywood movie. I heard about the movie – disappointed to hear it is only a rumor. Rob is getting offered all these roles…what about Kristen!

  17. Brittanylovestwilight says:

    If BD is 3-D and it’s done correctly – YOU WONT NOTICE THE EFFECT! Did anyone see Alice in Wonderland in 3-D? I didn’t notice any obvious effect other than one moment at the end. Seriously, guys, it’s not like you’ll be able to see the wolves leaping off the screen. It’s subtle effect! It just brings you more into the movie.

    However, I’d rather it not be in 3-D because I don’t want to pay more money hahaha yeah i’m cheap! XD

  18. NO BREAKING DAWN 3D!!!!!!!!!!!! its bad enough that they want to split the damn thing….but THIS???? omg..please no…NO ONE IS GOING TO WATCH IT!


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