Rumor Control: Will there REALLY be more Twilight books/movies????

We’ve watched the news feeds all day covering the topic of more Twilight centric books and movies centered around the relationship between Jacob and Renesmee.  It all started when MTV asked Taylor Lautner about the possibility of continuing on in the role of Jacob Black if Stephenie wrote more novels.  You can watch the interview below to see exactly how this rumor got started but here is how we can break it down for you.

YEARS ago, and we do mean YEARS ago, Stephenie told fans that Breaking Dawn was the end of Edward and Bella’s story.  She hinted that should she ever return to the Twilight universe the stories would center around Jacob and Renesmee as well as Leah because those stories aren’t finished.  I can’t stress enough that she said this YEARS ago.  This is not “new” news for fans that have been in the fandom pre-Twilight Movie.

Now jump ahead to the international fan junket that was held last month and was covered by the USA Today .  The fans at the junket asked Stephenie about Jacob and Renesmee and she said, and I quote,  “That is a question I’m reserving the right not to answer, because there is a chance I’ll go back to their story.”

Now, fast forward to Josh Horowitz saying, “Stephenie has recently hinted at perhaps maybe she would explore more of Jacob and Renesmee’s relationship at some point.”  To which Taylor Lautner responds, “Really? Breaking news to me live on MTV.”  To which the whole of the Twilight news reporting world took to mean MTV had a scoop that Stephenie is writing more books and they will feature Jacob and they will be made into movies starring Taylor Lautner.

Do we all want more Twilight stories – sure.  I’d love to read about Jacob and Renesmee.  But are they really going to happen – it’s a toss up.  Personally, I feel if we ever do get another Twilight related book it will be years and years from now after Stephenie has stepped away from the world of Forks and done a few others things.   By the time any type of Twilight related book is even possibly published, Taylor and every other current member of the cast would be too old to portray their teenage character.  It’s a great dream, but one that is a long shot.

So for now, just concentrate on the fact that we still have two more movies to go!  And hopefully, someday, in the distant future, we might have another Twilight related title to read should Stephenie feel it’s time to revisit that universe.


  1. I don’t think there should be any more Twilight books. I mean, I couldn’t love Twilight more than I already do, it’s my life, my universe, it has been for years, but that’s why I think a book about Jacob and Renesmee would ruin the magic that relationship has.
    If Stephenie writes more books, PLEASE let them be about Jalice or Rosammett, but pre-Twilight content

    • I agree with you. Sometimes it’s better to leave things as they are. How many horrible movie sequels exist because Hollywood tried to capitalize on a successful movie and they end up producing crap. As much as I like the Twilight movies (I’m sure Robert Pattinson has something to do with that), they don’t even come close to matching the intensity and emotions of the books and I’d hate to see a book rushed to be created just so Hollywood can try to turn it into a movie. They’re after the all mighty dollar, not the true essence of the story. I’ll get off my soap box now.

      • Kevin west says:

        The ending if part two has to many holes in its unfinished !! There has to be more so there may be some closure as to what happens to them all ! Are they all gonna be safe ?

      • If she made more books she will have it about them in the end of braking down part 2 Jacob and Bella’s daughter were on the beach holding hands and laying on each other that’s my favorite book and movie.

    • I don’t think it matters what she writes from the series. The four books won’t be touched and we all have that so I see nothing wrong with writing the series from someone else.
      How could it ruin it ? I see what she writes after totally something different.

    • I honestly disagree I want a lot more twilight but not around jake and renesme idk how to spell it but I’m totally involved in these movies I have cried laughed and devoted 5yes of my life to these books and movies ;( I don’t want it to end when I think of these song and movies ending I cry ;(

  2. Personally, I’d like to see Stephenie finish Midnight Sun first. I just finished reading what exists and I’d love to see the rest of the first book from Edward’s perspective.

    • Same here, I’d much prefer to see a finished Midnight Sun than anything concerning Jake and Renesmee. Although Michelle Lv’s idea about Jalice or Rosammett stories would be awesome. 🙂
      But, you know, even another Host book or even one in a different story altogether would be pretty awesome. I just don’t want Ms Meyer to sit back and think; “Yeah, I’ve got enough money now, don’t need to write anymore” because I’m sure she’s got some pretty genius ideas stored up in her head which shouldn’t be wasted.


    • I would love to see all four existing books from Edwards perspective. And then yes I would love for her to put a few books out about Jacob and Renesmee, because there story isn’t finished.

    • Yes more twilight books…

  3. Very well put!! I would also give anything for another twilight title, Stephenie needs a break, she’s been on the go for years now…..for us! 🙂

  4. I love the books so much and would LOVE to have more to read, but in saying that, I’m not sure if the story of Jacob and Renesmee could ever match up to the love story of Bella and Edward. I’m torn. lol I love all of the characters so much and I really felt like the books got better as they went. Breaking Dawn is my favorite and I have a hard time believing it could get better or equal to that. Of course, if she writes them, I will read them. 😉

  5. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

    This is ironic. When I first watched that interview, I immediately thought, “Oh boy, I bet a rumor goes round about this.” Ironic that you can almost predict them sometimes. 🙂

    And yes, YIPEE for TWO more movies!!

    And, Stephenie Meyer needs time to unwind, recharge her batteries, enjoy some much (over due) free time, and THEN decide if she’s going to share any more with us. Like everyone else, I would love to read more from her imagination (whether Twilight or the Host or whatever is in her genius brain). But, they are HER stories; it is for her to decide what to do with them. I’m very grateful that she’s been more than generous in what she’s shared so far. My life has already been made happier with what she has already done.

  6. Jennifer says:

    First and foremost I really hope SM will someday finish Midnight Sun. Edward’s story needs to be told!

    If SM decides to someday visit the Twi world again & do Jacob & Renesmee’s story or Leah’s then I’ll read it. I just hope she doesn’t feel pressure or forced to do so.

    • Well First Yes i think Mrs. Meyer as do all in the working world deserver a break every now and again because all good things come in due time. if you look at the women who wrote the clan of the cave bear series i believe it was 11 year between the book 2 and last books now that was a long break before she finished them. then second i Pray she would Finished or start over Midnight sun because i have not read the leaked pages because it is not a completed book and it is not something she wanted out there before its time. i for one need the whole book to know i am going to be able to get to the end of something and if not i will not start it so i want that whole book and the outtakes that have Edwards perceptive are amazing i would love a book from that angel.
      Now here is where I see more charter growth out of Alice and Jasper maybe before or after and possible even during because well i love my Alice but there was alot of Story we did not hear from them or from Emmett and Rose and those could go all the way back through or wait the entire saga again. i could go on for days about who she could or could not do stories on. Her mind is her own let she if and when the time comes she give use something new to read we judge it fairly then and in the back of our mind we all can live in our own twilight universe as long as we stay aware of the reality of the world around us to be able to let another good story coming to us.

      • I think, since it seems Stephenie may never get back to the universe she’s created, that Little Brown needs to consider “expanding the universe,” like they have done with the Star Wars novels.

        • Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says:

          That I would NOT read. If Stephenie doesn’t write it, it’s NOT Twilight.

          • Seriously?!?

          • vampbball says:

            Totally agree. I don’t read the Harry Potter knock-offs either!

          • No one could write Twilight offshoots b/c it’s not from her mind. All you fellow writers out there know that you know things about your characters that no one else will ever get. It won’t be original.

  7. Regarding additional Twilight Saga books: Whatever and whenever Stephenie Meyer decides to write, I’ll be delighted. And if she doesn’t, I’ll still be happy that she gave us what she did.

    In the meantime, I look forward to Breaking Dawn Pts. I and II, the second Twilight graphic novel (it would be awesome if all of the books got the treatment), and I admit it: when I’m feeling optimistic, Midnight Sun too.

  8. I have the four books and nothing will change that but I’m ready for something new and I see nothing wrong with that and I honestly don’t think it will ruin the other books. Stephenie Meyer knows her world very well and she wouldn’t just mess up her world and characters for no reason. I’ll read her other books as well which I’m excited for. But I do believe she’ll write more Twilight books and well Midnight Sun to look forward too.

  9. I agree with alot of the posts on here. I’m happy with what Stephanie Meyers has already gave us. I would like for her to finish Midnight Sun though. I liked how Edwards mind worked and I would love to see everything through his perspective. I also liked reading The Host. I can’t wait to have it come to the theaters. But like other people have said Stephanie deserves much needed rest, she’s been working hard ever since Twilight.

  10. Joshua L. Roberts says:

    In truth, I think a Twilight break would both be beneficial for the Twilight Saga as a whole and the fan base. In many ways, I think many of the plot issues and such with the Twilight books, as revealed in the Illustrated Guide, would have been resolved had she been given a little bit more development time. As I’ve pointed out in the forums, I feel that Little Brown rushed Meyer to get the books out as quickly as possible, and mistakes that would have been resolved with a few rewrites, were overlooked. I think now that she is a powerhouse, she’ll have a little more control over her time.

  11. I personally do not need Midnight Sun finished. To me it would just leave me with more questions from Edwards point of view. If she did finish it then I would want New Moon retold and so on. I think it would open a door that I dont want to look behind. I would really like to see the sequel to The Host perhaps? Thats a story that’s just hanging out there.
    Twilight is wrapped up for me. Stephenie is an author and I would like to see more from her. I hate to say this but if she stops writing for a while I am going to start to think that the Twilight series and The Host were one trick ponies.

  12. We can all say what we want “first,” but the fact is that whatever Stephenie writes within the Twilight universe, we’ll love it. Just look at the Bree book. It was awesome. And which of us were asking for a Bree book? None! Stephenie – please return to the Twilight universe and write WHATEVER YOU WANT! That way, you’ll finish it, and we can read it!!! 😀

  13. Each one of us here LOVE the Twilight books,and we’ve all shown support of everything that has come from Stephanie Meyer. The dream that she had which lead to the books and movies we love, lead and inspired us to have our own dreams and go for them. Especially for writing. Each time I read that Stephanie Meyer wants to take a break from Forks, Vampires, and anything Twilight, I have to step back and ask why? Why would you want to walk away and close the doors on something that has made so many people happy? Not to mention her huge success, she’s a celebrity now. It just doesn’t make sense to me to stop writing about the Cullen family or anything Twilight involved. We all know there are so many more stories that can come from what has already been written, one not even published. Midnight Sun. Its really disappointing and I know I’m not alone when I say this. She’s a writer, its what she does and what she is really good at. And like J.K Rowling she should keep writing, because in all honesty their stories are not finished. They’re just beginning.

  14. Anonymous says:

    The only way I’d wanna see more of Jacob and Renesmee is if SM breaks that stupid Imprint. Why would he imprint on the offspring of his mortal enemy?? Its absurd.

  15. Lottie2303 says:

    I am a fan of Twilight – Ecplise and the movies. I truly loved Bella and Edward as a couple and there development throughout the books. I didn’t like everything and I do not believe S. Meyer is the strongest writer. However she managed to make me care about fictional characters. I will always give her credit, as it is really hard to create such beloved characters.

    Said that, I hope she will never publish a book about Jacob and Renesmee. As stated above, I liked the first three books and I was really disappointed about BD. I hated the pregnancy, the far to perfect child and most importantly, the imprinting. I don’t want to read a novel about two characters in love, when I know they were destined to be with each other, when the older man already knew his partner as a fetus! I know I am not the only who thinks that way and I already feel deeply sorry for Taylor Lautner defending his characters during movie promotion. It will be an impossible job, and quite frankly, this particular criticism is appropriate. A grown men does not fall in love with a baby! No matter what explanation is given!

    I really hope Mrs. Meyer will finish one day Midnight Sun as I am interested in Edwards story. Anything else – let it be.

    • If you check out the forums in regards to the “Illustrated Guide”… we already have a pretty big discussion in regards to the nature of “Imprinting” as it is dues ex machina in its worse form. It was created solely to give Jacob a happy ending, but that is even debatible, because happiness without a self-will isn’t happiness, in my book.

      Meyer stated that if she did choose to continue the Twilight franchise, it would be from either Leah’s perspective or Renesmee’s.

      As I’ve mentioned above, I think the Twilight Saga has become a bit oversaturated with 6 books (5 canonical novels and one guide) and 3 movies (with 2 more on the way) since the original book’s release just 6 years ago. I still think it would have been a boon for both Stephenie and Little Brown had they released the books 2 years a part, of which would have given Meyer a considerable amount of more time to fully develop her story without the aid of deus ex machina plot contrivences.

      • I appreciate your points, Joshua, and see where you/others are coming from, yet ultimately disagree.

        Imprinting doesn’t solve anything, just opens new complications. Which is why Jacob’s story is far from finished. Deus ex machina refers to a resolution not based on previous events.

        Imprinting relates to the notion of, if a person has one partner destined for them, then dating anyone else is probably a waste of time (e.g., seaside discussion about Claire) and a lack of chastity, in any form, is likely to be a terribly painful mistake (e.g., Sam and Leah). So for Jacob, there is no happy ending, because there is no ending. There is just finding the “one” and now he has to secure her love.

        Bella asks at one point if the girl doesn’t have any choice in the matter. And he said that it’s hard to resist that kind of commitment. There are so many problems that can/would come from that assumption, and I expect Jacob will get to find them all out. And Leah, who thinks that imprinting will solve her problems, will probably get to find out why she’s wrong in her assumptions, too.

        And those problems will all have to deal with self-will. So whatever Nessie chooses, she will choose for herself.

        The central problem may lie in notions of fate/destiny, coupled with the fact that a person is (usually) only married to one person — THE one. So is their final state fate, or did they choose it? I think Meyer is exploring those ideas (along with many other things) — not a mere contrivance. And briefly, since those issues are rooted in perceptions of reality, the only limits are reality and perception, not self-will.

        And I think the many, many other copycat YA paranormal romance and vampire books/TV/movies are largely rooted in reader frustration at not having these (and other) issues resolved for them within the Twilight universe. I think there is enormous pent-up demand for more Twilight, with the only limiting factor being reader fatigue induced by crappy copycats.

        • If you go by what Meyer wrote in her Illustrated guide, when a werewolf imprints they obtain their “soul mate” but at the cost of their free will. They then become whatever their soul mate desires. However, this comes into contradiction in the case of Sam and Emily. Emily is repulsed at Sam imprinting on her and thus hurting Leah. She tries to use the imprinting “curse” to force Sam to fall back in love with Leah, but he can’t and refuses. Her continual rejection of him, is what eventually causes Sam to accidentally phase out of anger, and claw her. While she is in the hospital Sam tries to go to her and persuade her to demand that he commits suicide, but Paul stops him. So we have a contradiction. If Sam has no free will, as Meyer wrote, then he should have obeyed, even if resentfully, Emily. He would have had no choice, but he did choose.

          I was hoping the Illustrated Guide would have shed a little bit more light as to how imprinting actually works, because other than convience for the writer, there isn’t a solid foundation of how it operates. While I can understand Meyer withholding information from the books, it doesn’t make since to simply restate what the books says in the guide, unless imprinting is still a mystery to her as well. Meaning… other than using it as a ploy to give Jacob a “happy” ending, she doesn’t know much about it.

          What I would like to know is the rules:
          How much of a werewolf’s free will is taken by the imprintee? Where is the werewolf able to draw the line? Sam drew lines…but at the same time he had to have the imprintee permission to commit suicide…
          What if the imprintee, such as Claire, out of child like ignorance, ordered Quil to remain a wolf the rest of his life? He will be anything she wants… what if the toddler wants a pet? Would he have to comply?

          As you said there are numerous questions that really need to be answered, if we are to understand the rules of Imprinting…

          • Totally, bro. I assume sometimes she is overstating things, just as a conversational technique or whatever. Which I *totally* (haha) understand.

            But sill, here we are, wondering… which is an unsatisfying feeling, and can undermine enjoyment of her work. And she has said that “Did you enjoy the ride?” was her primary goal. So, it’s particularly frustrating when she has sort-of backed out of there being any meaning or moral structure to Twilight at all. Which is ridiculous, because there is no such thing as a story without meaning or moral structure; that’s what makes it a story and without those, its just stream of consciousness. And we definitely have a story here.

            So, we’ll wait and see. I guess.

    • In a sense Breaking Dawn or in prototype form Forever Dawn is the original sequel to Twilight minus Jacob and imprinting of course. (I would be thrilled if the Forever Dawn draft were someday published but I doubt SM would ever do that.) It’s my favorite of the books and has a very bold horror element in the pregnancy (and Edward’s demand for an abortion!), birth, death and transformation (when Bella’s heart stopped beating at the end of her venom ordeal I was horrified at the end of her human life even as I was happy that she got what she wanted). And there’s the fairytale wish fulfillment ending as a stark contrast to the horror.

      As for the Jacob-Renesmee imprinting: yeah, it’s hard to wrap one’s head around it. But it is perfectly chaste while Renesmee remains a child, and she retains free will in this and can conceivably reject him for another suitor as an adult. (Double burn on Jacob!) I suppose one way to look at it is that every soul always existed in the pre-life and hence so did their engagements. (I’m an atheist myself; I’m just speculating here.)

      That make me think that there are still all kinds of unanswered questions: Where did vampires come from? Did they evolve through natural selection? Or did God specifically create them? Or was it the Devil?

      • I was really hoping Meyer would explain how her vampires came into existence. That was one of the big reasons I bought the book, but alas… she didn’t even cover that part. 🙁

      • Halek, excellent questions. I believe that your suppositions are correct.

        The way I understand it, Halek, is if something is eternal, it doesn’t just start and then go on for a long time. Like God (aka, “I Am”), eternal marriage exists beyond our universe’s temporal realm of time and space, and either IS (and always has been and will be, from our temporal point of view) or it just… isn’t. In which case, a person can do whatever, but a marriage that wasn’t eternal will end at death.

        And, I think the concept is that evil is allowed as a consequence of people’s foolish choices not created by God himself. For example, Jacob really pulls some crap along the way, calls the bad good, refuses to stop or back down, and so he deserves the harmful consequences of what he caused.

        And it would have to be God who created them, since the devil isn’t a creator, and not on par with God; he is trying to encourage people to make bad choices the end, because that’s all he can do.

        I think that is more orthodox, and of course, actual folk beliefs would vary considerably. So one never knows, unless she chooses to spell it out specifically. Which seems unlikely. :\

    • “And as for [Taylor Lautner’s] plot arc in Part 2, which will involve falling for — or imprinting on — Renesmee?

      “There were many times I walked up to Stephenie [Meyer] and asked her, ‘What exactly is imprinting?’” says Lautner.

      “It’s still a very confusing thing for me, so don’t ask.””

  16. Firstly, I would love for her to finish Midnight Sun. I mean, which Twerd or Twihard wouldn’t? And I think she should do a book on Carlisle’s story. Like from growing up to his transformation, all up until the begining of Twilight. I would like to see what went on in SM’s head and Carlisle’s during that time.

  17. I never read books before I was introduced to the twilight saga in 2007 shortly before my own wedding. These books have changed my life. 🙂 I know that statement is a bit extreme but they really have.
    I would LOVE for Mrs. Meyers to write the rest of Jacob and Renesmee’s story. I would love to read about Bella and Edward in those books, too.
    This is something I want to happen soon because I love Taylor Lautner as Jacob and want him to play that part in the movies.
    If I had a choice of what book I want to come first I would say the story of Jacob a d Nessie!
    One more thing, these books have made my 90 year young grandmother very happy. She loves Edward. This is were me and her differ I am team Jacob all the way…lol.
    We just watch the first part of breaking dawn and my grandma says that a year is too lo g to wait to see the end. She wants to see it much sooner. ;D
    Thank you Msr. Meyer for your wonderful stories and I hope to be reading more of them in the near future.

  18. I never read books before I was introduced to the twilight saga in 2007 shortly before my own wedding. These books have changed my life. 🙂 I know that statement is a bit extreme but they really have.
    I would LOVE for Mrs. Meyers to write the rest of Jacob and Renesmee’s story. I would love to read about Bella and Edward in those books, too.
    This is something I want to happen soon because I love Taylor Lautner as Jacob and want him to play that part in the movies.
    If I had a choice of what book I want to come first I would say the story of Jacob a d Nessie!
    One more thing, these books have made my 90 year young grandmother very happy. She loves Edward. This is were me and her differ I am team Jacob all the way…lol.
    We just watch the first part of breaking dawn and my grandma says that a year is too lo g to wait to see the end. She wants to see it much sooner. ;D
    Thank you Msr. Meyer for your wonderful stories and I hope to be reading more of them in the near future.

  19. I hope that she does tell us more about Jake and Nessie as I feel somewhat cheated because there is no ending. What happens between them? And being a Harry Potter fa as well, at least they told us their future. It had an ending. The series also gave us 7 books. She could have easily kept going. But..her possibly waiting until all the charecters are too old to continue would ruin it for me. I could see no one else playing Jacob, I mean we love the charecters, we feel as if we know them. It just wouldn’t be right. Not to mention, the market is hot for Twilight NOW, it may not be so in 5 years. So if it is soon, then I will love it, but if it is going to be a while, I will probably pass.

  20. I am BEGGING and PLEADING for the stories/movies to continue! please please please please MAKE MORE! I love all the characters and Im crushed to think i wont be seeing them anymore : ( I think it would be cool to see it turned into a tv series so we dont have to wait so long between movies! : )

  21. Will Edward be in it if there’s anymore?

  22. I think not only should she write about renesmee and jacob bot include all the cullens in it as usual, maybe overshadow her first days in high school or something and how that relationship works with jacob around. and maybe a final war where the voltori are actually beaten and the cullens take over the vampire world as “leaders” making it a better place, i could see that. i guess that sort of how i envision it anyway. i was just so sad that edward bella renesmee and jacobs story ended happily so abruptly. I, and Im sure tons of other fans have sooo many questions….that and stephanie is just such a fantastic writer. Im reading the host next. Im excited…

  23. Crystal says:

    I would LOVE to read a book about Jacob and Renesmee!!!! PLease write it Stephanie!!!

  24. Have any of you heard about the series “The Created”?

  25. OMG plz at least make more books or movie twighlight will be missed i love twighlight just saw the new one and im crying cause its really over plz make more the new was so good i just hope there are more books

  26. In the movie he said we wont fight TODAY which means it cant be over. They still want her and when they want soneone they usually get them or they kill there family

  27. Stephanie Meyer should write another book or books because in breaking dawn it doesn’t say what happened after the Volturi left.And what about Allison’s vision about Jacob and Renesmee?Do they live happily ever after?What happens to Edward and Bella?Or the rest of the Cullens?.My opinion is that they should make more movies because they left many stories unfinished

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