Rumor Control: Breaking Dawn Info

There is a website claiming it has Breaking Dawn casting info. What they have is guesswork. All they do is repeat previous information and hope it’s accurate the next time. They did it with New Moon by initially attaching Lana Veenker’s name to it when she wasn’t attached to New Moon as she was to Twilight.  They then hurry up and make revisions when someone corrects them.

Now they are making assumptions with Breaking Dawn casting based on old interview comments made by Stephenie Meyer and the fact that there’s a Breaking Dawn tab on the World of Twilight website.

Their description is copied word for word from Wikipedia with no citation given.

And we’re sure that what’s wrong with this Breaking Dawn cast list of principal actors should be immediately obvious given what happens at the end of Eclipse.


  1. i guess Ryley (Xavier) is coming back from the dead =)

    • and so is victoria…who knew. guess they don’t teach reading like they used too, since i missed so much when i read breaking dawn. anyone know what page victoria comes back in…lol.

  2. Yea really? I have to go back and re read it if I seriously missed THAT much!!!!
    And if you really want to be correct, they are coming back from the un-dead

  3. Haha I love when people are stupid!! It makes my day just that much better!!!

  4. So where are Carlisle, Esme, Rosalie…Rosalie plays a much bigger role in Breaking Dawn. Victoria gets killed in New Moon and Riley dies in Eclipse. Seriously…at least include the obvious roles in the books!

  5. Ya i mean Victoria and Riley are dead so? This person is so not legit with there Twilight news. You can deff tell this was from Wiki because its NOT REAL !!! ya can anyone tell me what page Victoria comes back??? haha i sgree Daylet 🙂

    • Victoria doesnt come back!
      she dies towards the end of eclipse along with riley,
      She comes back in eclipse to get revenge for edward killing james in twilight….

  6. lmao thats great. guess they werent dead after all… lol

  7. Krissygal says:

    That could very well be the correct list Riley and Victoria make flash back appearances in Bella’s thoughts kinda like Robert did in the Harry potter movies maybe???? not saying they are correct cause I have not been able to find even the slightest casting call for Breaking Dawn yet but the characters could be right

  8. Jennifer L. says:

    lol. Victoria and Riley are going to be in Breaking Dawn. it’s been ‘confirmed’. they’re the special guests on Bella’s wedding. Hah.

  9. Maybe they are in flashbacks or something…

  10. Bella never has flashbacks in the book so I don’t see why it would be neccesary in the movie. Even if she did maybe when she was dying they wouldn’t be listed in main characters. I couldn’t even find Rob in the end credits of Order of the Pheonix.

  11. its obviously fake…….melissa rosenberg was asked about breaking dawn but she didnt say anything….theyre probably thinking about if theyre making it a movie but would they really post it on an unoffical website? and victoria and riley arent even in there….haha dang stupid people

  12. Wow. The owner of that website has had pretty accurate information and a good track record of being right on target previously. It’s a site mostly oriented for the business side of things, so the owner probably has not read any of the books. I’m pretty sure they’ll get their information corrected soon.

  13. LMFAO!!!! This is so F*** hilarious, Victoria & Riley come back to play a cameo on Bella’s weddind? or maybe the guy who plays Riley will appear as Eleazar & Bryce will play Tania? Could this ppl be more hilarious or ridiculous?… & I thought that I’ve alread seen ’bout everything … LMFAO!!!!

  14. That is so obviously fake.

  15. “And we’re sure that what’s wrong with this Breaking Dawn cast list of principal actors should be immediately obvious given what happens at the end of Eclipse.”

    that’s a good one…lol! i love you guys and this site!

  16. I heard Butt Crack Santa will be at Bella and Edward’s wedding, too!


  18. lmfao rofl butt crack santa gonna be at their wedding lol

  19. Breaking Dawn is BRILLIANT!!!!!!!I have really enjoyed reading it!!!!LOL!Now i really want to meet the actors and actresses!!!!!!Give praise to the Twilight series!!!

  20. kahmille says:

    Well all of yall need to bequite until u see the movies then youll no what happens

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