Are They Really Engaged?

As usual, we don’t know or care if Rob and Kristen are together. Our usual line is, “For all we know they each sleep with a fuzzy blue bear named Fred.” Anyway, lots of people are writing in asking if the story in OK magazine about Rob and Kristen’s engagement is true.

We’ll let you judge for yourself how credible the OK story is. Check out the following photos and you decide:

Picture one:

Rob alone on the couch backstage at the Teen choice awards.

Picture 2:

Kristen, Nikki, and Kellan on the couch backstage at the Teen Choice awards.

Picture 3:

Can we say photoshop manipulation?

Picture that ran in OK magazine

We leave it to you to decide how credible of a source OK magazine is.

For your amusement we created a little slide show. Shout out to Mandy, Robsessed, and Irish Twilight Sisters who did the detective work that we stumbled on. Good work, guys!


  1. No I don’t think that they are not engaged. They might be going out but it is a little too soon for them to get married. Rob and Kristen don’t LOVE each other enough to get married. Maybe in the future they will. I mean, don’t they need to build a successful career first and then think of having a family? That’s my opinion! 🙂 In either case, it might be a hoax imposed on all of us! And if it is true, I will wish well in their engagement! 🙂

  2. how do the OK people sleep at night? i don’t think i could if my job was literally to deceive the American public day in and day out. ugh. disgusting.

  3. twilight + star trek fan says

    Im sure this whole engagement rumor started up after the true blood stars got engaged. Ok magazine was probably looking for an article to help sel their papers. I still highly doubt that they are dating no matter what the tabloids say. These are the same magazines that talk about alien abductions and stuff so I dont find them very credible.

  4. haha! Great detective work Lexiconers!!!

  5. I am sure they have a great relationship. They look so adorable together. But they are clearly too young for engagement. I hope someday they will 🙂

  6. teamcullen12 says

    i dont know if it was mentioned here cuz i didnt read the whole thing… but another site was saying that someone claimed that rob proposed to her on set… let me repeat, ‘on set’… one more time… “on set”…
    just to remind the media and paparazzi.. they are currently filming Eclipse… guess what happens in Eclipse… omg! Edward proposes to Bella! no way!… so could it be, that just maybe, the idiots down at OK magazine got wind that “Rob” (*cough* Edward *cough*) proposed to “Kristen” (*cough* Bella *cough*)…
    moral of the story: dont believe everything u read or hear… especially when it comes from a magazine like OK… OK = The Inquirer of magazines… in other words, they’re not *that* credible.
    so unless u hear from Kristen or Rob that they’re engaged and when u see a ring on KStew’s left hand ring finger (*off set*… not on set where she will have a ring at some point due to the fact that Edward and Bella get engaged), then dont get ur hopes up… sorry to burst anyone’s bubble…

    • wonderfully said 🙂

    • I agree! It’s probably how it got started. I did see these same photos busted a couple weeks back on I don’t think that they are even a couple. I’ve seen no real evidence. And until the day I watch them on tv saying…”yes, we are a couple, yes, we are engaged”…I just won’t believe any of it.

      Words to live by: Never believe anything you hear and only HALF of what you see! These pics are perfect examples of that. Don’t be deceived!

    • there was a joke going around that Rob had proposed to Kristen numerous times on the set of Twilight. That’s what the talk was about. But in quite a few interviews he talks about how he may have said something along the lines of asking her to marry him, but he also said he says that to a lot of girl and obviously doesn’t mean it. I personally don’t believe they’re even dating, I think they’ve just gotten really close with all this time together. If they are, that’s great…but some of these rag mags don’t have the best track records for honesty. I only say this because they talk about kisses and the only actual photo evidence of any kiss are part of the movies. THe photos at the bottom of that article are from a concert…which last time i checked, concerts were really loud causing you to have to lean in close if you want to talk to someone. Plus the cast of Twilight have been known to play fun little games with paparazzi anyway…so yea, I think only time will tell.

    • Twilight Nymph says

      Very well said. Next thing we know when BD begins filming at some point the rumor will be Rob and Kristen got married. LOL

  7. The fact that anyone even entertains the idea this might be real is rediculous, OF COURSE it’s not true.

    Also, aren’t there enough pictures of Rob and Kristen actually together? Why did they have to run with a photoshopped one? That’s weird!

    • That’s what I was wondering! It’s not even like they look particularly thrilled to be there in the photoshopped version, what was the point?? Frankly, I’m glad they did (and you guys sleuthed it out!) because now it serves as some more hard evidence towards my long-standing theory that every damn thing in these cash-grab gossip rags for bored housewives is mind-numbing, privacy-invading bull$hit.
      Thank you Lexicon, honestly, for not buying the hype. I too don’t know or care if those two are together or not, as long as they keep making great movies out of the books we love, that’s all that matters.

      • As a bored housewife I am I hate those magazines and I feel the need to take a stand for intelligent bored housewives..XD

    • yeah!! aswesome point! there is so many othr pics of them and they look much happier in them then this photoshopped one!! stupid unreliable magazine

  8. Not for nothing, but Kristen already has a successful career by all standards, and Rob is diverse and talented enough that he has nothing to worry about.

    As far as them being engaged I’m in the who cares department. But either way I won’t believe it until one of them says it.

    On camera.

    • Kristina totally agree… If they are/arent 2gether who cares.I enjoy them as actors and think they did a great job in bringing bella/ed on screen for us.Im still gonna support there movies regardless of what they do in there personal lives.If they choose to make a comment bout whats gonnin on with them then thats up to them.I think its just gettin played out … Have a good day TWIFRIENDS!!!!!

  9. Not to be overly nitpicky…just an FYI….but those pictures were not backstage at the Awards, but out on the floor around the stage. MTV had like two or three rows of couches around the stage. So stupid of OK to do a manip of such a well known set of photos.

    And OK Mag is about as reliable as Life & Style. It’s not a grain of salt, it’s a whole box of Morton’s.

  10. Seems to me there is no engagement here, at least based on the evidence. But there could be if they wanted it. They are old enough for true love. And, if that is what they have, I’m all for it.

  11. sorry….not MTV….Teen Choice… MTV on the brain…..

  12. Could you imagine, even if you were a movie star or a rock star or some public figure, seeing a magazine cover with your picture on it and headlines like “Engaged” or “Pregnant” or something like that??? And none of these things were true? Or, worse, if they were true, to have it announced to the world like that? I’m sure the stars enjoy the glamour, the money, and, to a certain extent, the recognition. But this kind of thing is crazy. No matter how much they love their work I wouldn’t blame them if they took their money and bought themselves a deserted island to hide out on.

  13. So kristen must really be pregnant with rob’s baby than if they are getting married. HAHAHAHAH. Sorry, don’t hate me for saying that. I just find this all very comical.

  14. OK is one of the worst tabloids out there. Ridiculous. Anything to sell their rag-mag. Ugh.

  15. what makes me so angry is that so many “legit” mags will repeat this stupid OK trash. San Francisco Chronicle repeated stating OK as source. Then the next paper or mag will repeat it as stated in San Francisco Chronical so it gets all the way to CNN as reported by LA Times….Argh. I hope so much that those kids can laugh it off but I’m not sure they have lived long enough to let this crap roll off their backs.

  16. For goodness sake, do people actually believe these stories? Some fans out there really need to update their media reading skills. These magazines don’t know anything. They just write articles that sell, no matter are they true or not. What amazes me is why people who call themselves fans buy these worthless mags. We shouldn’t support this kind of ‘journalism’. Do it for Rob and Kristen guys, don’t buy this stuff!

  17. Haven’t you noticed the rumors seem to keep following the plot of the books. The characters get together in Twlight, suddenly Robert and Kristen are together. They break up in New Moon and Jacob comes into the picture and suddenly there is a love triangle. The characters get engaqed in Eclipse and now Rob and Kristen are engaged. Next, they will be having half immortal children. The tabloids are terrible and you can’t believe a word.

  18. I think OK is getting confused with whats being filmed at the moment!

    Bella+Edward getting engaged in Eclipse = Kristen+Rob getting engaged.

    Lets hope when they film Breaking Dawn (If they do)
    that there wont be another stupid story that says that Kristen is now pregnant, just like Bella!

    Its a crazy world .LOL. 🙂

  19. I was watching E! News last night and they said that the article was about “Eclipse”. The news anchor said that Edward “might” propose to Bella in “Eclipse”.
    I have 2 things to say.
    1. If this is the case, that is false advertisement. The magazine is leading the public to believe the story is about Rob and Kristen, not Edward and Bella.
    2. HELLLOOOO! Read the book, people. If you’ve read the book you KNOW that Edward proposes to Bella!

  20. DetroitStyle says

    For whatever its worth…that is a VERY good photoshop job. LoL!

  21. Did you notice the differences between the manip and the one in OK though? Because there are some differences. I’m not saying it’s not fake, but it could be real. Look at her fingers on his shoulder, the way her face is tilted and the expression is slightly different etc

    • i know – i thought that might be the case too – but look at the backgrounds – the woman behind rob’s pic and the man behind the three of them are both in the photo manip – and the man is larger because they had to make kristen zoomed in to fit with rob

    • Also in the one of just Rob, he is sitting on the edge of a red couch. In the one of the three, you can see that Kristen is sitting on the end of the red couch, and Nikki and Kellan are on the orange. In the one of Rob and Kristen, Rob is sitting on the edge of the red couch, but the backgrounds of both are the same. The girl in pink is still behind him and the people behind her are in the same seats and you can even see part of a hand in both and the two empty seats. Kristen would have had to of scooted over for Rob to sit down. The things behind her should have moved.

  22. I feel so bad for them. When Twilight was being filmed it seemed as those Rob and Kristen were good friends. But now it seems as though they can’t do anything like attending a concert as FRIENDS without the media casting it off as a date. I’ve noticed in any public event this year these 2 have had to stay apart from one another, so the craparazzi won’t publish crap like “look! They can’t stay away from each other! The romance continues!” It’s like they have to avoid each other in public so the media won’t publish more trash. But unfortunately, they still do as we see with that photoshopped image.

    Sometimes I feel rly bad with what the “Twilight fever” has caused for those two. They didn’t ask to be followed around, screamed @, and have ridiculous stories made up about them. It’s quite sad. I just hope after the twilight saga is finished that these two can go back to a screamedless and stalkerless life. And that the media will back off.

    Lastly, i’d just like to say, thanks lexicon. You guys aren’t the types to just jump on the bandwagon of every rumor as many ppl of any fandom are. You guys focus on the truth and report the truth. I and I’m sure many others respect and appreciate that. So thank you.

    • I completely agree with you!
      I just hope Rob and Kristen will be able to go through this craziness without constant damages on their personalities.. it won´t be easy, but I would love to believe they can do it!

  23. fake picture, fake story, leave them alone “OK!”

    Isn’t this the same mag that said they were pregnant? These people make a living on lies. Be smart enough to see through it. Thank you Lex for keeping the rumor stories marked as such. Happy Friday Eve!

  24. I think they might be together based on recent *real* pictures but I really don’t care in the slightest! It’s no ones business but theirs. These tabloids are disgusting making up crap just to sell more magazines. Maybe if everyone stops buying this stuff they will stop printing it. It probably makes Rob and Kristen uncomfortable nomatter what the truth is.


    Thank you ppl at the Twilight Lexicon. Its no wonder this is my favorite and my first to go to twi-fan site. EVEN SM can agree with me. Keep up the GREAT WORK! WE BELIEVE IN EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU! THANK YOU

  26. They are NOT engaged. It drives me crazy when people say that. And that first kiss thing, are people that stupid. That looks nothing like a kiss. You never actually see them touching lips. They are just freaking talking. People butt out of their lives, okay?

  27. Nice photoshop job..hah, you can tell by the people in the background it’s a fake. As someone who has a journalism background, I don’t know how these people sleep at night. Journalism ethics were hammered into my head in college.

  28. Even if they were sitting like that together, it doesn’t mean they’re engaged.

  29. I don’t understand why OK mag. feels the need to make up stories, AND make up pictures? It’s pathetic.

  30. I wish the likes of OK magazine would leave these poor souls alone – how can R & K ever relax and enjoy the company of colleagues with such rumourmongers around? these gossip mags are really scraping the barrel.

  31. I feel sorry for Rob And Kristen, Even if thay wanted to have a realitionship they couldent, summit and the paps make sure of that… Why cant people just leave them be, mabe there just friends mabe there together…its none of anybodys buseniss but theres…. Im sorry Rob and Kristen I wish the world would just let yall be…by Lacey

  32. has anyone ever noticed that rumors kinda go along with the books and movies? its just to rev the fans up- as if we aren’t already!! In real life, so what! they can do as they wish. easy to get caught up in the drama!

    • Soooo true. It’s all a publicity. Hey whatever sells the magazines. I’m surprised they haven’t started rumors of her and Taylor dating just to get their sales up. Who knows maybe after New Moon debuts. Eventually they’ll me reporting a real life love triangle between Kristen & Rob & Taylor. I should work for OK magazine. I’m inventing stuff as I type!

  33. That is really scary how well photos can be manipulated. I particularly like how the woman who is behind Rob in his picture and the guy behind Kristen in hers are suddenly next to each other, I wonder how that happened.

    I don’t know whether the US version is so different than the English version I remember but OK did not use to be on the same level as the Enquirer or any other trashy magazine. Yes it used to be gossip, but it was reputable gossip, not manipulated photos.

  34. Those pictures were totally manipulated.It’s SO fake. I can’t believe they actually did this. It’s just disgusting. Thanks for the clear-up, Lexicon!

  35. One question….Who really cares?

  36. TwilightFreak says

    Ok, of course we all want that to be true. But the things that magazines do just to get good stories and start a little gossip just makes me sick. And i feel so bad for Rob and Kris, because of all the rumors that are started and all the crap they get. They are strictly just friends….its been said by them literally A MILLION times!! Eerrrr. JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    But thanks, Twilight Lexicon. 🙂

  37. AliceKikiCullen says

    Thank you Cathrine. I agree. For the love of twilight leave them alone. Jeezes, and likeTwilightFreak said, Rob and Kristen have stated they are just friends and JUST LEAVE THEM ALONE!! Jerks. 😛

  38. Pathetic

  39. Vampirelover says

    hahaha. what deluding people. indeed lying is a great sin. beware God sees everything

  40. The depths to which these mags will sink to in order to sensationalise anything is absolutely LUDICROUS!

    I juz wonder, tho’….how CAN they get away with utter rubbish like that??

  41. Its amazing how the print media get all these nit-bits of quotes from the past and put them together to fabricate a story. They all know that if they put anything remotely associated with Twilight on their cover that it will sell. Yes as others mentioned here, Rob joked on the set of Twilight all the time that he proposed to Kris. And they could also be getting the plot of Eclipse confused with real life. As we know Bella & Edward (the characters) get “engaged” in Eclipse.

    And all OK magazine versions are the same around the world. That article is the splitting image of the one we have in Aust.

  42. I could have sworn Kristen Stewart had a long time boyfriend…I wonder how he feels about Its gotten so bad here in New Zealand, that the popular radio stations are even running the stories about them “kissing” at a concert and all the other trash that’s out there. Its called RESEARCH! And they call themselves journalists.. *rolls eyes*

  43. my friends always wear rings on their ‘wedding finger’ i bet she could of just put a random ring on that finger..evry1 does it

    i cant believe how ridiculous this whole thing is!!!! ok magazine just wants to make money..twilight has a massive fan base so they decide to make stuff up to get more money. All the magazines do it…cant they just research an dreport true facts

  44. She’s no longer with her boyfriend. That’s where some of these rumors stem from.even kristens cast member confirmed that.

  45. Twilight lexicon your the best! i get sick of the constant rumors spreading around and its refreshing to see a twilight fansite not get hyped up on the bull and you guys take a good logical approach to everything… like edward. lol.

  46. I agree with teamcullen12 all the way!!!

  47. kay….gotta do it…

    well i think it’s true…

    hahahahaha i love messing with online forums….

  48. Umm… how is this magazine still running?

  49. OK is full of crap. They make s**t up all the time. That should be illegal.

  50. wow! Do they think we’re stupid?! I could do that at home on my computer!!!!

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