Breaking Dawn Casting Rumors, Are Just Rumors

Over the weekend news broke on Twitter that there was supposedly casting information available on Breaking Dawn. The acting/casting blog that broke the story initially cited Lana Veenker (one of the people involved in the casting of the original Twilight movie) as being attached to the project as well as other people. They listed Lana’s casting office address, phone and email address.

We immediately thought that this info was slightly odd, because Lana is in frequent contact with us, and this is the kind of thing that she would have mentioned specifically or at least  given a “heads up look for big news tomorrow” kind of thing.

So we contacted Summit and Lana to see what was what. Being a weekend, Summit didn’t respond until today, but Lana got back to us on Saturday stating “For the record, we have not yet been contacted by production about this possibility and have not been hired to provide casting services.”

So we Tweeted that update from Lana, and linked on Twitter to a blog post that she made about it.  Moments after Lana posted on her blog that this was all news to her the blog that started the rumor suddenly deleted all references to Lana and another casting agent, but made no mention that the post was edited or previously contained incorrect info. Unfortunately, it seems that the incorrect info got out there and now Lana writes, “Can you help me put a stop to the onslaught of calls and emails we’re starting to receive and post a link on your site to my blog post nixing the Breaking Dawn casting rumors?”

So here’s the link to Lana’s blog and here’s the statement issued by Summit Entertainment, “Please disregard any information…regarding casting for BREAKING DAWN are both false[the links to the blog and their press release]” (We edited out the links to the site where the rumor started and a press release that site issued.)


  1. This is a really reliable site that, once again, you are wrongfully giving a bad name. I am a working actor, and I rely on that site for information all the time. It has never given me bad information. I wish you’d use your site for news regarding the Twilight series, not as a policing mechanism for industries you aren’t even concerned with. The last time I checked, this was a fansite, not an show business truth-meter.

    • Twilight_News says:

      If he is so reliable why was he citing information that connected Lana Veenker to the project? Lana herself is now getting calls and resumes due to his misinformation.

      This has happened multiple times with this site. He puts out info then suddenly edits it out when people he names say the info is wrong. We have the screen caps to back this up.

      We are reprinting press releases by two people he directly names on his site, and they say his info is false. We assume Lana actually knows if she’s connected to a project or not.

      Most recently was the erroneous information he put out there about The Host Movie which was not only cited as false by the director/screen writer but Stephenie Meyer’s agent.

      There are plenty of hopeful young actors using his site for information and sadly according to Summit Entertainment, they are being lead in the wrong direction in regards to the Twilight Saga movies.

      There is no prize for being first with incorrect info. People want info that is reliable, and they can bank on. Actors use every edge they have to get connected in this business especially with something as big as Twilight. The least they should be able to get is information that doesn’t jump the gun and is correct.

      • When I read it, it didn’t have Lana’s information. I suppose it could also be the case that my information is always reliable from that site because it has been information that didn’t regard any of Stephenie’s properties. It was about other things: agents, extras work, resumes, things like that. It’s my go-to source. However, I think that we, the fans, should also be able to judge for ourselves what sounds legit. I just wonder as to why everything else would be accurate on the website, but not the information about one franchise? That is why I’m not so quick to judge the information as inaccurate. I guess we won’t know the real case until after the fact, after the movie is made, what was true or not.

        • Twilight_News says:

          We have no info regarding anything other that Twilight Saga and The Host info as reported on this site.

          As you say it’s been reliable in other areas. Perhaps this is an odd Stephenie Meyer/ Twilight Saga anomaly.

    • @Ryn: same coul be said about you. you’re not a fan so, what are you doing on our fansite? you’re a professional liar.. not the internet police so you have no business telling a fansite what to do.

      i hear san fernando valley has a bunch of available roles.

      • @bird

        I appreciate that you can state your opinion on a firm stance, but I believe it would be incorrect for you to say that I am not a fan, simply because I am defending a source I have known to be quite helpful in the past. I am a huge fan, and it is insulting for you to accuse me of not having any connection to the fandom. On the note of accusing me of lying, I will have you know that I always make a point of only speaking the truth. It frankly boggles my mind how anyone can lie. Since I have always found the Lexicon to be a good source of Twilight news, and as a fan and avid Lexicon reader, I just don’t want it to become embroiled with tarnishing the reputation of an industry insider with very good intel on the business.
        And what exactly is the insinuation you are making about San Fernando Valley?

  2. The press release I saw was from Reuters and didn’t list Lana’s name. Tried to go to the blog link above but it doesn’t seem to be working.

  3. is it true that it will be a 5 movie of twilight??

  4. I completely trust the Twilight Lexicon. I know they’ll never post something without a confirmation from a reliable source.

    New Moon hasn’t even come out, and we’ve already been hearing rumours about Breaking Dawn casting. It isn’t even 100% certain that they’ll make it (most probable, but we may never know). These rumours are really getting out of control.

    • I totally agree…I completely trust Twilight Lexicon. They have never reported wrong information & continue to keep us updated as regularly as possible on anything concerning Twilight. They are also in contact w/those who are actually involved with the saga (Stephenie, the actors, the directors); I mean I pretty much wouldn’t know jack about what’s going on if it wasn’t for Lexicon. Imagine all the sites we’d have to surf thru just to find this stuff out! Thank goodness we’ve got it all right here on one site. And this is reliable stuff, not gossip trash. You can’t argue my opinion when I say that they work hard to bring us this information. As always, YOU ROCK Twilight Lexicon!

  5. I was brainstorming the other night in regards to Breaking Dawn on who should play Reneeseme(?). Last week Oprah had on a little people couple and they were taling about the different dwarfism among them, and one of them is where they are perfectly formed but in a smaller stature. So my brain (sometimes I do have one) was thinking, maybe…just maybe, have a five to ten year old small stature little girl who could play Reneeseme. They could use CGI when she is born but could use her facial features. Also they don’t have to use CGI when she appears a few months old latter on in the movie. She could have speaking parts and probably would be able to take directions well. Before anybody asks, no I don’t anybody who could play her. It just a suggestion.

  6. Patrice I was thinking the same thing in regards to bringing Renesmee to life. My mom and I were discussing Breaking Dawn the other day at breakfast and she made the suggestion that the only possible way Edward and Bella’s daughter could be pulled off,would be to cast a small person. I told her that Warwick Davis of Star Wars and Harry Potter fame,was eleven years old when he was cast in Return of the Jedi. So I think a small child actress would be an idea the filmmakers could think about,seeing as Renesmee does have a few lines in the book.

  7. I understand Lexicon gets their info directly from Summit, but it wouldn’t surprise me if Summit tells them exactly what they want them to say to the fans. Not that they would outright lie, but not divulging the whole truth.

  8. Wouldn’t they cast Eclipse before Breaking Dawn?

  9. Nymphadora_Cullen says:

    I agree with Marion. I think she has a good idea.

    As for me, I have some ideas of a few other members of the cast (Well, just a couple)

    Garrett– Matthew Gray Gubler
    Sibohan– Julie Walters
    Alastair– Brendan Gleeson, or Michael Gambon
    Liam– Thomas Gibson
    Benjamin– Shermar Moore

    And maybe they could get Daniel Radcliffe in there…. I mean, Rob’s first big break was with Harry Potter, and Jamie Campbell Bower is gonna be in Deathly Hallows…. I wouldn’t say it’s fate, but it seems like a good idea. Just ideas I have… not final, of course.

  10. The link to Lana’s blog doesn’t work – could you please update it? I’d actually be very interested in checking out her blog. Thanks!

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