Rumor Control: Not 3-D

RumorSomehow there is this rumor gaining ground on the Internet that Breaking Dawn is going to be not only two movies, but it’s also going to be in 3-D.

It remains to be seen whether Breaking Dawn will be split into one or two movies (as reported by Nikki Finke of Deadline Hollywood). However Edward’s hair won’t be coming at you in 3-D…good grief…someone could lose an eye that way! LOL 🙂

There are plans for Eclipse to be released in IMAX locations, but that is for large screen size and not a 3-D effect.


  1. Thank God! Glad to hear that was just a rumor..I have been so freaked out about that possibility. Can you imagine the birthing scene in 3D EWWW! LOL

  2. I’d rather watch the films without having to focus on the fact it’s 3-D

  3. I freaked when I saw this rumor. “What are they THINKING?” I asked myself … and my computer screen, as I may or may not have said it out loud.

    I am very happy to hear that it will not be released in 3-D. While I enjoy 3-D movies on a regular basis, I would not want to see Renesmee enter this world in 3 dimensions.

  4. All I can say is Thank God it was only a rumor and I hope it never becomes true!
    I think Breaking Dawn should be split into 2 movies, 1 movie would be to crammed but definitely not 3D, I think that would be a very bad move on Summit’s part IMO.

  5. I’m thrilled beyond belief because I can’t watch 3D movies…I learned the hard way during Avatar that 3D+Me=motion sickness and the urge to purge!

  6. Stephanie Martinez says

    wht a relief because making the twilight movie 3d will juss make things look fake and cheesey… im glad they didnt make it 3d…good move to the director.. but i do think they should split the movie in to so they can be able to fit alot of things in.. theres alot goin on in breaking dawn

  7. phew!

  8. Bella’s bloody projectile vomit wouldn’t be too great in 3D unless you like graphic horror… and Breaking Dawn is pretty gruesome in some parts, but nothing like Final Destination which was in 3D. Thank goodness no 3D for Breaking Dawn =).

  9. This is just to the person who said they were relieved because they get sick during 3D… you do know that all 3D movies are also released in 2D don’t you?

  10. It should be noted also that just because a movie is shown on an IMAX screen *does not mean* it’s in IMAX format. IMAX films are filmed using a special camera. So with a bigger screen, unless it was filmed digitally, may just be en enlarged version of a film and might not look as good.

    But who wouldn’t want to gander at a 50ft Edward brooding back at us? lol

  11. I think I may have known how this rumor got started. On Imprint, which is a Twilight podacast, they got an e-mail saying how making BD in 3d would be cool and they were discussing it; this was before the rumor.

  12. Thank God. I’m not a big fan of 3D at the best of times. The Twilight Saga is romance/story driven, it would be ridiculous in 3D, and a gimmick like that would only draw more ridicule than the series already gets.

  13. OO im glad we all agree that 3D is crap!! tahnks god!! i get head aches from watching 3D films.. i ONT go and see BD if its not 2-3 movies.. They just cant put that much in to just one movive!! serioulsy!! they need to be slapped if they think that the fans will be happy about only 1 movie!

  14. 3D would be best for New Moon and the best Eclipse (image 3d wolf and victoria fighting, woah) but sadly no. So breaking dawn 3d? NO WAY.


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