Video: Robert Pattinson Talks Vampire Sex Scene

While on his press tour for Breaking Dawn Part 2, Robert Pattinson chatted with the folks from The Kyle & Jackie O Show. They asked him about the scene that was the most difficult to film in the saga, which movie always makes him cry, and of course… vampire sex! As usual, Rob gives some pretty outrageous answers! Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment.

VMA host Kevin Hart Says Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to Present at VMAs

According to Contact Music, Kevin Hart said the following:

From what I understand they’re both still gonna be here. I’m not really up to speed on the whole soap opera that’s been going on between them. I know they’ve got a movie to promote. ‘Twilight’s coming out so it makes sense for them to show up at the VMAs if you ask me.

“[Although] I don’t really care.”

Two New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Stills: FeaturingTurtleneck Edward!

For the high quality still check out MTV. They also have an additional one featuring the Denali and Amazons.

3 Videos: Robert Pattinson Appears on Jimmy Kimmel

It’s certainly one way to get everyone’s notice in the new late night ratings war, have the biggest star in the tabloid press on your show. Jay Leno and Dave Letterman have to be jealous over this one.

MTV Asks Twilight Fans About Robert Pattinson’s Recent Media Appearances

MTV asked us, Twilight Series Theories and Fangirlish about Robert Pattinson’s recent press tour and Twilight impact. Here’s what Laura had to say:

On the interviews of last week

I’d say that Robert Pattinson conducted himself with a lot of grace under fire with witty comments about breakfast cereal or changed the subject when things were too personal,’ added Laura Byrne Cristiano, owner of ‘He’s still happy to talk about his films, and that’s what we really want long-term.’

On Breaking Dawn press

Byrne Cristiano said she hopes Pattinson reveals a few details about the book-to-screen adaptation and what he might have added to the story or role himself.

‘I really want him to talk about the changes from novel to screenplay and how big of an adjustment it might have been [and] did he have any input,’ she said. ‘Also looking back on the four-year roller-coaster ride, what did he enjoy the most overall and why.’

See the whole article on MTV and see what Erin of Fangirlish and Kallie of Twilight Series Theories had to say.

Video: MTV Asks Rob “Have You Ever…”

MTV First sat down with Robert Pattinson to discuss Cosmopolis. The interview started off with a round of “Have you ever…” questions for Rob. As for the rest of the interview, we have to give a round of applause to Josh Horowitz for being ultra professional and very respectful by keeping the discussion on track and away from Rob’s personal life.

You can watch all the clips at MTV.

Robert Pattinson Fans Leap to Defend Him From Prying Questions

This one provides a lesson for all press thinking that Twilight audiences are looking to hear Robert Pattinson asked about his personal life. It’s probably no surprise to Twilight fans that we want to hear about his upcoming work, not him going on about problems with his relationship with Kristen Stewart.

Robert Pattinson Tells CNN I’m OK and No one Knows My Personal Life But Me

Looking fairly relaxed in a tee shirt with a cup of coffee or tea Robert Pattinson looks OK to us too in the middle of an all day event of press interviews.

In the past three days Robert Pattinson has been served ice cream by John Stewart, breakfast cereal by GMA, and oddly been asked to draw a parallel between his love life and the late Princess Diana of Wales which was met with a round of boos from the live studio audience and an equally visceral reaction from the online viewers. In our estimation, he’s really taken it all in stride with a great degree of grace. In any case, Rob in his own words seems to be fine, not falling a part at the seems, and says pretty clearly that no one really knows about his personal life but him.

Next Movie Interviews Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg

The pair talks about Twilight fans becoming Pattinson fans and where responsibility lies among other topics.

In casting Robert Pattinson, you have an interesting tension between a big percentage of his fanbase — teenage girls, many of them — and a film they might find inscrutable. Is that conflict appealing to you?
Entertainment One

David Cronenberg: It was not really an issue at all, in terms of casting. On the other hand, what was interesting was while we were shooting the movie, all these “Cosmopolis” websites popped up that were created by “Twilight” fans and Rob fans, and they were reading the book and exchanging notes about the book and how it might work in the movie. Really, I wasn’t thinking that this was necessarily going to be an audience for this movie, but then I started to think, “Well, some of them, it definitely is going to be.” And that was exciting ’cause these are young girls who maybe had read “Twilight” and “Harry Potter,” and suddenly they’re reading Don DeLillo. That’s pretty good.

I don’t really have an audience in mind when I’m making a movie … I’m making it for me and all of us who are excited about the script. I’m making it for an audience, but that’s kind of an unknown and amorphous audience, so anybody who’s part of that audience is okay with us, let’s put it that way.

Robert, knowing that younger fans will cross genres for you, do you worry that you need to choose parts carefully? Is that on your radar?

Robert Pattinson: It’s like I feel a responsibility to myself. If you’re doing stuff just purely for money, you’re probably disrespecting your audience as well. It’s not good for anyone. It’s not even really good for you. The only thing I really know is what I think I would find interesting to watch and if I try and make that, I feel like I learn a lot out of doing it and watching it. And so , I don’t know, I think I fulfilled my responsibility.

I think you do [have a responsibility] in a lot of ways. Not a massive one. But you know, I think your responsibility can also include failures as well. I mean, you can learn something from doing a sh**ty movie, too.’

See more on Next Movie

Video: Robert Pattinson on GMA

Continuing his promo tour of Cosmoplis, Robert Pattinson was on Good Morning America today.