Video: Robert Pattinson Talks Vampire Sex Scene

While on his press tour for Breaking Dawn Part 2, Robert Pattinson chatted with the folks from The Kyle & Jackie O Show. They asked him about the scene that was the most difficult to film in the saga, which movie always makes him cry, and of course… vampire sex! As usual, Rob gives some pretty outrageous answers! Let us know what you think by leaving us a comment.


  1. i think this was a grt intreview,he is so nice and marley an me is my fav weepy, an he is so honest ,he never gives u any bull when he talks abt how hard it is in doing some scenes,i never tire listening to his comments, robert u are star young man, looking forward to bd2 all the best to u in ur life.x

  2. Love Rob, he is so entertaining!!!! Great interview. Kept me smiling.

  3. “I hate people, but I love dogs.” I LOL’d! I say that all the time!

  4. That is too funny! Rob never ceases to amaze me with his self deprecating humor!

  5. Delightful interview, and happy to fine that Rob’s favorite scene is mine also. Great moment. Thank you, Catherine!

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