Two New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Stills: FeaturingTurtleneck Edward!

For the high quality still check out MTV. They also have an additional one featuring the Denali and Amazons.


  1. Mel_Australia says:

    Love it – in Twilight, in particular, Edward is often described as wearing a turtleneck!

  2. Why is it that they keep putting Edward in old man pants? They are always so droopy and saggy. I know the man has a nice tush.

    • He also has hips which mean he can’t really wear the skinnier, tighter styles without looking too feminine. My husband has the same type build in that area and he has to buy the pants with a fuller seat to be comfortable. But you are right, they don’t have to be droopy and saggy. Maybe wardrobe dresses him that way because that’s what in style right now. Who knows.

  3. I think the very first movie had the looks a right. Since then not so much. Wish they had kept the looks the same. Shows that some times putting more money into movies can change it and not for better

    • I like the outfits for Edward in these movies more than Twilight’s. Though admittedly the clothes make him look older. And Rwilight looked more of the 17 year old he is supposed to be.

    • I 100% agree. I felt like the first movie got the style of hair and clothes spot on. But then it all went down hill from there.

      • traceylw62 says:

        Edward and his family are supposed to be aging, so their styles would change making them look older. If their faces can’t change it would be too obvious I think. Edward is forever 17, but he has to graduate, get married so he has to appear to be aging. 🙂

      • Hmm.. Yes the pants, Barbara. It does look better, more like in Twilight, which was amazing. This was a good choice because he does wear a turtleneck in the books… Notice too, that the jacket is a little Twilight reminiscent turned up collar and the whole bit. Most of all it’s a /nice/ turtleneck, I got a little worried when I saw that, it looks great on.
        Lastly, I am fascinated by what shoes he ever wears, because when ever I think of it, I can’t think of a type or style of shoe that Edward would wear! It’s maddening, and I always take note of the shoes..

    • I also 100% agree!! I hate to keep harping on the hair because twilight fans get crap for that but seriously… Edward’s hair was PERFECT in twilight and (FYI directors…) it isn’t supposed to change EVER. They chopped way too much off for these last two movies.

      Not to say that Edward does not rock the turtleneck… because he certainly does 🙂

  4. I really like Edward’s new look. He seems much more attractive to me now.

  5. Damn, he looks fine!

  6. FayeMassenroe says:

    Turtlenecks and Gucci is all he needs!

  7. Well I for one hated Edward’s hair in the Twilight movie. Much better in the next three but my favorite is in Eclipse where it’s not standing straight up in the front (eighties anyone?) and is still long enough to have that famous messy look that you want to run your hands through. Breaking Dawn looks good too but a little too short for my taste. As for his clothes, like Bella I just can’t seem to look away from Edward’s face enough to notice what he is wearing very often. But if I had to choose I would say Breaking Dawn is my favorite for his clothes or the lack thereof actually. Tank tops, swim trunks and boxer shorts work for me. HA!

  8. Turtleneckward? LOLOLOL

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