Robert Pattinson Fans Leap to Defend Him From Prying Questions

This one provides a lesson for all press thinking that Twilight audiences are looking to hear Robert Pattinson asked about his personal life. It’s probably no surprise to Twilight fans that we want to hear about his upcoming work, not him going on about problems with his relationship with Kristen Stewart.


  1. I don’t think the interviewer had any idea what he was getting himself into. I wonder if the question was accidental? In any case, it was a *very* awkward moment indeed and it felt so good to hear the audience booh at him. 😉

  2. These reporters need new freakin’ questions! Seriously! Ticks me off. >%

  3. It was a really nice moment, I think. The mood of the room was definitely pro-Rob and not anti-Kristen. Another good moment was when Cronenberg said something about not equating Edward with Rob and we all applauded. An annoying moment was when they all 3 looked surprised that we had all seen Little Ashes. We Twi-fans are so underrated. Le sigh. 😉

    • I agree and want to add that it is nice how Rob has come to the defense of Twilight fans too, like when he corrected Josh Horowitz. I love how he explained that in his experiences most Twilight fans are 18 and older. It is the media that constantly insists that we are a bunch of teens and tweens. What is annoying is that when they show footage of fans it is obvious that there are a lot of adults at the fan events, but they still talk as if we are all teens.

      • I suppose I get why they focus on the nuts, because it sells magazines or whatever, but it does the entire demographic a disservice. Ergh, don’t get me started. 😉

  4. Green Lily says:

    I NEVER comment, however I have to abandon my lurking for a moment.

    Questioning Robert about the situation is examining the innocent party. Reporters might as well try to interview the cheated wife, or better yet, her children. In all reality, curiosity of the innocent parties is natural. However, the innocent’s reaction doesn’t change what actually happened nor does it add to or take away from the ramification of the guilty parties’ behavior.

    I only hold the guilty parties responsible…..NOT the movies in which they work.

    Concerning Kristen:
    I have perfect clarity that Twilight is a BOOK which has been adapted for a movie. The actors are not the characters. My love of Twilight is utterly unaffected. It is only my opinion of Kristen that has changed. While I still acknowledge her talent as an actress, I no longer have a favorable opinion of her personally. However, I believe people can change. I pray, for her own sake, that she does.

    Studio Reaction:
    It is insulting that the studio thinks the fans so immature and weak-minded as to need a reminder that Kristen is not Bella. Also, their trying to shame and talk down to Twilight fans who are disappointed by her immorality is abrasive. Mr or Ms Executive, there are ramifications for this kind of behavior for us plebeians as well – families are shocked and/or torn apart, relations with friends and acquaintances are strained and sometimes never heal, and, yes, even for us, employment or professional connections may suffer, etc, etc. Kristen’s fame only make these ramifications more public…. N O T more profound. So, it is the STUDIO that is inserting “Kristen” issues into the Breaking Dawn promotion. They must stop.

  5. While I understood why Jon Stewart, being the first to interview him after the story broke, had a reason to discuss it (although he should have just mentioned it briefly and moved on) they don’t need to keep asking him about it. I think they’re all hoping if they ask him he might actually break and say something, and then they’ll get a scoop.

  6. It’s his and Kristen’s business alone. When theyr’e promoting their other projects,they should be made to feel comfortable in the interview and not worry about personal questions coming up every time. I’m sure over half of Kristen’s upcoming interviews will be about trying to get her to open up about what happened. There isn’t much tot tell other than it was a momentary indescrestion. However I’m glad Rob is not discussing his private life and when she gives her interviews,she will not discuss the matter either.

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