Video: MTV Asks Rob “Have You Ever…”

MTV First sat down with Robert Pattinson to discuss Cosmopolis. The interview started off with a round of “Have you ever…” questions for Rob. As for the rest of the interview, we have to give a round of applause to Josh Horowitz for being ultra professional and very respectful by keeping the discussion on track and away from Rob’s personal life.

You can watch all the clips at MTV.


  1. Great interview with Rob, and you always gotta love Josh..he is always classy.

  2. I love Josh, he always does great interviews. I wonder if he’ll do one w/the cast like he did for BD1 for BD2 or if it’ll be too awkward.

  3. Elizabeth (EverythingRemindsMeOfTwilight) says

    I’ve always appreciated and enjoyed Josh Horowitz’s interviews the most. It’s so nice to see him and Rob laughing. Great, great interview! Thanks, Josh! And thanks Rob for giving it!

  4. Applause to Josh for not asking creepy personal prying questions. Classy guy.

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