Video: Robert Pattinson on GMA

Continuing his promo tour of Cosmoplis, Robert Pattinson was on Good Morning America today.


  1. Rob is a class act.

  2. Rob looked great this morning. Glad George didn’t push him too much about his personal life. He doesn’t want to talk about it. We get that. I wish the interviewers would too and stick to Cosmopolis.

  3. LadyLovesLeo says:

    Wow, you guys are fast! It was just on a half hour ago! I thought Rob was great, although not as good as on the Daily Show. I guess the live is a bit more intimidating. Come on Rob, you know everyone is going to ask about IT – so be prepared! Even if it’s to say, “thanks for your concern, but I’m doing fine” or whatever. But there’s no denying it, Rob is class all the way!

    • I agree. I also wish Rob would ask his fans (?) to ease up on the hatefulness in the blogs and on twitter. I know eveyone has an opinion on the Kristen situation, but Rob could lead the way with some kindness. After all, she has been a part of his life for several years now and it would be nice if they could at least salvage their friendship.

      • They’re always going to be apart of each other’s lives,no matter where they go from here. Their bond is always going to remain strong and that will never change. I’m glad he’s able to side step mentioning anything,because it’s his and Kristen’s business alone.

  4. Oh no! Video removed!! Can you please provide the link to the GMA site?

  5. I came an hour late to school just to watch this !

  6. As someone up above noted, it made me, the viewer, feel uncomfortable too. All I kept thinking was how truly and deeply disappointed Rob must be in Kristen everytime he’s asked one of those personal life questions. It’s taking away from this movie, which they say Rob is awesome in. And how ironic though — before he dodged questions about he & Kristen being together and now he has to dodge questions about them not being together.

    I still can’t believe she cheated on him…….what a mess

  7. dandelion says:

    based on the two interviews (the daily show and GMA), it’s quite obvious to see what RobPat is lacking of – depth of intellect, knowledge. a smart and wise man is very charming. cheating is definitely wrong, i am not making excuse for anyone, but i start to see what kristen is seeing. the best revenge is a life well lived. RobPat has already shown the world that he is a gentleman. yet to be a Better Man, work harder – study, read, learn, are what you need.

  8. TwilightMaleFan says:

    If he’s sad he defnitely doesn’t show it. He is able to deflect any personal questions with humor and they move on with the interview. They can ask but it doesn’t mean he has to answer anything. I agree with what other people have said about your professional and personal life. As an actor you are at the top knowing that you are doing what you are meant for and it’s something you love doing and people really like you for and enjoy your performances and on top of it all you get paid and get to challenge yourself having fun with the characters you get to play. You get to bring awarness to causes and charities because of your name and people donate money because they all gravitate to you. However, the downside is the media scrunity because you are in the public eye and because you are on screen they all wanna know who you are personally off screen which creates a microscope to examine every facet of your life.

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