Mainstream Media Set Reports: New Moon Filming

To make this easy, as various media outlets come online with their set reports (in other words an overview of their day and the feel they got) I’ll edit this entry and link up the info. Again this way it will be easier to find when people want to find it months from now.

Hit Fix (Greg Elwood reporting)

Rotten Tomatoes (Jen Amato reporting)

Fandango (Lizerne Guiting reporting)

MSN Superfan (Myriam Gabriel-Pollock reporting) (Katie Bain reporting)


Chris Weitz

Taylor Lautner

Wyck Godfrey Hit Fix version

Rachelle Lefevre

Michael Sheen

Jamie Campbell-Bower

Charlie Bewley

Melissa Rosenberg version

Melissa Rosenberg Hit Fix version

JJ Makaro

Cameron Bright Interviews Charlie Bewley

Charlie Bewley, who has done some seriously impressive homework prepping for a relatively minor role, shares the backstory he created for his character’s motivation:

Do you actually know Demetri’s backstory, based on what’s in the book?
CB: I made it up.

Tell us!
CB: Demetri was obviously Italian. And at a young age, he was orphaned. He was living in the foothills of Mt. Vesuvius — the big, volcanic mountain — and in 900 A.D., it erupts. Lava starts pouring down, and his parents get caught in it. Their house gets taken apart. I outrun the lava, into the foothills, where I found a place where I was safe, essentially. But I couldn’t provide for myself, so I was thrown into slavery. I went through various masters but they couldn’t pin me down, because I was so nonchalant and arrogant and just ran away from everyone; it was really frustrating. I kept getting sold on to the next guy — the next master, for the best price they could get — and I was too nice for someone just to kill me….”

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Hollywood.Com Jamie Campbell Bower Interview

Jamie Campbell Bower also spoke with during their set visit:

Your character, Caius, wants Bella dead the most. How much of that will we see in the film?
Jamie Campbell Bower: As in the book, the Volturri play a small but necessary part in this film. They come much more into play in the fourth film. I’m playing Caius very angry and agitated with the world, I suppose. Just glaring looks. You’ll see as much as you read in the books.

Do you think Caius is agitated because he’s the only vampire of the three who doesn’t have a power?
JCB: He doesn’t have a power! He’s just pissed off about that! He’s so angry! He doesn’t like Bella because he can’t eat her. He’s not happy about that. Why is she there if he can’t eat her? What’s the point?”

Hollywood.Com Set Visit Timeline has a timeline detailing what their set visit was like. (Sneak peak hint, a timeline is the exact style that the Lexicon’s report is done in for our set visit and you will be getting that info really soon). She has everything from arrival impressions, to a not yet seen interview with Melissa Rosenberg listed. Interspersed within the timeline are the previously seen interviews with Michael Sheen, Taylor Lautner, and Wyck Godfrey. So, now you get a sense of what order and context they happened in.  Here’s a bit from the not yet seen Melissa Rosenberg interview:

MR: I’m really enjoying writing Jacob. Jacob’s a great deal of fun to write. Charlie. Particularly writing for that actor Billy Burke. Charlie is someone — Billy Burke is someone — who you just can give a line to, you can give him a deep emotional line or a funny one-liner, and that guy can deliver anything and always brings something new to it. Of course, I love writing the relationship between Bella and Edward — it’s really important.

The biggest challenge:
MR: The biggest challenge is the Bella/Edward, because you’re always writing a line between real intimacy and what’s true versus overly maudlin or melodrama. True romance and true drama — that’s always the line.”

EDITED: Because this whole set up is really kind of overwhelming in its presentation, we are breaking it up into segments that are easier to find.

Get the entire timeline and full 15 Things About Robert Pattinson decided to do something interesting with their New Moon set visit. They broke it down into a list of 15 things that they noticed about Robert Pattinson while there. We loved this one the most:

“2. Like the rest of the cast, Pattinson’s canvas director’s chair had his character’s name (that would be “Edward Cullen”) embroidered on the backrest. On Robert’s chair, however, “Edward Cullen” was covered with yellow tape, on which “ROBERT” was written in bold black marker. Seems our fantasy boy likes to keep things “real.”

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