Swan House Reconstruction Going Quickly.

Things are still underway at the Swan House site outside of Vancouver. Just the other day it was a pile of wood!

Check out more fabulous photos here. As well as a description of the happenings like putting the trees back up. When we visited the set of New Moon in April 2009 we saw the leaf stapling first hand(2:25 mark)

Fansite Friday: New Moon Set Report

On April 28th of 2009 I had the privilege of visiting the set of The Twilight Saga: New Moon in Vancouver, British Columbia. Being the intense fan that I am of all things Twilight and Stephenie Meyer, I actually began preparing myself for this chance way back in December by applying for a passport! I wasn’t going to miss out on such a huge opportunity because I couldn’t leave the country. Heck, I was willing to go to Italy if I had to. (And let me tell you, it would have been SUCH an immense hardship to have to go to Italy. Who really wants to visit a movie set in Europe anyway? Not me. Insert sarcastic face here.)

For as long as I’ve been involved in the Twilight Saga (and I think I can safely say that I’m kind of the momma bear of the fandom) I’ve taken the stand point of reporting on everything as I see it to bring it to the rest of the fandom who may not have had the same opportunities that I have had. Yes, I am just as fan gurlish over the actors as the next person (as you will see in my report), but I also think that the surrounding atmosphere and landscape is just as interesting. Incidentally, the landscape (or more specifically the weather) plays such a huge part in the filming that it’s virtually impossible to do a set report without commenting on it in some way.

In fact, if I may take this chance to put in a personal request to anyone who ever gets the chance to interview anyone involved in the film, let’s all agree in a new phrasing of a certain question. Please refrain from asking, “What was your biggest challenge with the film?” Because the answer is ALWAYS, “The weather.” Instead ask, “What was your biggest challenge with the film OTHER THAN the weather?” We will all learn so much more in the long run! Seriously. Wait until you hear EVERYONE talk about in our interviews. So, let’s ask a different question. The weather is bad. It’s supposed to be raining. That’s kind of the point. Let’s talk about something else. [Read more…]

Mainstream Media Set Reports: New Moon Filming

To make this easy, as various media outlets come online with their set reports (in other words an overview of their day and the feel they got) I’ll edit this entry and link up the info. Again this way it will be easier to find when people want to find it months from now.

Hit Fix (Greg Elwood reporting)

Rotten Tomatoes (Jen Amato reporting)

Fandango (Lizerne Guiting reporting)

MSN Superfan (Myriam Gabriel-Pollock reporting)

Hollywood.com (Katie Bain reporting)


Chris Weitz

Taylor Lautner

Wyck Godfrey Hit Fix version

Rachelle Lefevre

Michael Sheen

Jamie Campbell-Bower

Charlie Bewley

Melissa Rosenberg Hollywood.com version

Melissa Rosenberg Hit Fix version

JJ Makaro

Cameron Bright

Vancouver Set Visit

Alphie and Pel (Lori and Laura) had a fabulous time in Vancouver. A full detailed set report will be out in a few weeks. We have video, audio (the audio is to die for), photos, you name it. It was fabulous!

We can’t really say much more at the moment because we have to wait for an official release date OK from Summit, plus we have a lot of editing to do (did we mention the to die for audio). Summit isn’t being mean or anything, it’s what is known in the industry as an embargo. It’s very standard and this type of relase date in the future thing is imposed on full-time professional journalists on press junkets all the time.

So what we can share at the moment are two photos: one of Alphie and Pel and the other of the scenery where you can tell how Forks-like the terrain is.

Shout out to Mandy who acted as a local guide for us showing us everything Vancity had to offer. We also have to add what a privilege it was to finally meet so many fellow Twilight site ops and assistants. We always talk to each other online, but this was the first time we met everyone in person. Another shout out to Kallie and Kassie of Twilight Series Theories, Matt of Twilight Source, Kimmy of His Golden Eyes, Kara of Twilighters Anonymous, not to be confused with Kara of Twilight Moms.