Hollywood.Com Set Visit Timeline

Hollywood.com has a timeline detailing what their set visit was like. (Sneak peak hint, a timeline is the exact style that the Lexicon’s report is done in for our set visit and you will be getting that info really soon). She has everything from arrival impressions, to a not yet seen interview with Melissa Rosenberg listed. Interspersed within the timeline are the previously seen interviews with Michael Sheen, Taylor Lautner, and Wyck Godfrey. So, now you get a sense of what order and context they happened in.  Here’s a bit from the not yet seen Melissa Rosenberg interview:

MR: I’m really enjoying writing Jacob. Jacob’s a great deal of fun to write. Charlie. Particularly writing for that actor Billy Burke. Charlie is someone — Billy Burke is someone — who you just can give a line to, you can give him a deep emotional line or a funny one-liner, and that guy can deliver anything and always brings something new to it. Of course, I love writing the relationship between Bella and Edward — it’s really important.

The biggest challenge:
MR: The biggest challenge is the Bella/Edward, because you’re always writing a line between real intimacy and what’s true versus overly maudlin or melodrama. True romance and true drama — that’s always the line.”

EDITED: Because this whole set up is really kind of overwhelming in its presentation, we are breaking it up into segments that are easier to find.

Get the entire timeline and full Hollywood.com.

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