Hit Fix: Melissa Rosenberg Interview

Hit Fix got an exclusive with Melissa Rosenberg regarding the writing of the Twilight Saga movies and how involved the directors were/are in the process:

Q: What’s your working relationship with each of the directors for each movie?

It’s been different every time. In ‘Twilight’ Catherine was on-board before I came on. So, I had her input right from the start and because we were working on a very, very tight schedule.  Over the course of about a month I wrote the outline and then they said ‘Can you do a draft in five weeks?’ And I said ‘Sure.’ (Laughing.) And then they said ‘When do you want to get it made because of the writers strike?’ We were fighting the October 31st date, and well, what should I do? And that was a 24/7 slam fest and Catherine was very, very important in that process because I was able to get her immediate feedback. So, I’d finish a draft or scene or act or whatever and shoot it to her and get her immediate feedback right there so I could really tailor it very clearly for her and what she wanted to make it — what she wanted the movie to be. It was a very, very collaborative process. You know as you can imagine ‘New Moon’ we didn’t have a director on-board when I started writing that and so that was kind of me alone. Of course the Summit folks, you know the producers of Summit, they’re all the people who I then become collaborative with and get their notes and their feedback, but it was pretty much me until Chris came on and that was November, I think.  So then Chris got involved and I start tailoring it to what he’s looking for and by then the project’s kind of done and then he goes off and he starts shooting it and Chris is a writer himself so he was really able, and by the way I don’t know if you’ve met him yet?

Q: Not yet.

He’s really a lovely guy and you’ll see. So I did like one or two drafts with him and then was really able to trust him to take it from there to make any changes that might need to be made for production or for whatever reason because I trust [him because he’s a] wonderful writer. But basically the script is a script and he’s got that and I jumped from there and here you go and ran on to do ‘Eclipse.’ So that’s been a pretty wild ride.”

Get Melissa’s full interview on Hit Fix

Mainstream Media Set Reports: New Moon Filming

To make this easy, as various media outlets come online with their set reports (in other words an overview of their day and the feel they got) I’ll edit this entry and link up the info. Again this way it will be easier to find when people want to find it months from now.

Hit Fix (Greg Elwood reporting)

Rotten Tomatoes (Jen Amato reporting)

Fandango (Lizerne Guiting reporting)

MSN Superfan (Myriam Gabriel-Pollock reporting)

Hollywood.com (Katie Bain reporting)


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Taylor Lautner

Wyck Godfrey Hit Fix version

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Michael Sheen

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Melissa Rosenberg Hollywood.com version

Melissa Rosenberg Hit Fix version

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Michael Sheen Interview

Hit Fix, Rotten Tomatoes, Hollywood.com and MSN Twilight Fan all hit the New Moon set the same day, and they are now filing their reports:

“I love the thing in the books that Stephenie [Meyer] wrote about how these vampires are all – well, the Cullen family – really beautiful, and that’s what lures people into their web,” Sheen admits. “And yet, Aro is not like that. She describes Aro as being not the same sort of thing. I like the idea that it’s his voice that lulls people in or his sort of demeanor rather than the way he looks, because he looks quite weird and scary. But yes, I’ve tried to go down that route [to]make him very mesmerizing to people, that his voice is gentle and soft. And yet, there’s something kind of unhinged about him.”

You can currently read the rest of the Michael Sheen interview on Hit Fix

Hit Fix, Rotten Tomatoes, Etc Interview Chris Weitz

Hit Fix, Rotten Tomatoes, and several other mainstream entertainment websites had a fantastic interview with New Moon director Chris Weitz. They did an awesome job, asking some in depth questions.

Kudos to Greg from Hit Fix for bullet pointing out the key areas.  Just some of the areas the interview covers:

*Even Weitz was surprised with how quickly Phil Tippet’s company turned around the Jacob wolf shot at the end of the first teaser trailer.  The shot has gone through numerous iterations and is much more photorealistic than that version.

*He’ll be submitting a director’s cut of the film to Summit within the next two weeks.

*Alexandre Desplat is currently working on the movie’s score.  It may include hints at Carter Burwell’s original “Twilight” theme, but will sound different.

*Thom Yorke and Kings of Leon are interested in contributing to the film’s soundtrack.

*A couple of new scenes from the film will be shown during the “New Moon” Comic-Con panel on Friday, July 25. NOTE THIS IS HIT FIX’S ERROR, panel on Thursday!

*The movie within a movie, “Facepunch,” will only be heard — not seen.

*Shooting in Italy with all of the fans that trekked across Europe to see the production was like Beatlemania.

*His vision of the Volturi is very much like the book and unlike a number of fan inspirations that have hit the web.  He also sees them as having gone slightly insane after living for 2,000 years.

*He’s met with David Slade and expects the filmmaker’s vision for “Eclipse” to be different than what he’s doing with “New Moon,” but with the same actors and visual effects team.

*He’s flattered that fans want him to direct “Breaking Dawn” without seeing “New Moon,” but thinks the fans will want Slade to do it by the time “Eclipse comes out.

*Weitz needs to turn the film in by Oct. 30 to strike prints or if not, they are in “big trouble” to make the release date.

Read the whole Chris Weitz interview on Hit Fix or if you prefer, read it all on Rotten Tomatoes

Adam Sandler Competes With Eclipse

According to HitFix the latest Adam Sandler movie has just moved its release date:

” Summit Entertainment’s “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” has June 30 staked out and the M. Night Shyamalan adaptation of “The Last Airbender” were already set to open two days later on July 2.  This was curious enough that many industry execs wonders whether the “Twilight” Moms would take their kids to “Airbender” or drag their daughters to “Eclipse” instead.  Now, Columbia Pictures has moved the Adam Sandler buddy comedy “Growns Ups” from it’s previously announced March 12 release to June 25.  That’s only five days before “Eclipse”…Could it put a dent in the Eclipse box office total?”

Check out HitFix for the the whole analysis.

Robert Pattinson Smolders in Cannes

Rob posed for photographers on the Rivera today. He’s in Cannes to promote New Moon and Remember Me for Summit.

The are more photos on HitFix