Adam Sandler Competes With Eclipse

According to HitFix the latest Adam Sandler movie has just moved its release date:

” Summit Entertainment’s “Twilight Saga: Eclipse” has June 30 staked out and the M. Night Shyamalan adaptation of “The Last Airbender” were already set to open two days later on July 2.  This was curious enough that many industry execs wonders whether the “Twilight” Moms would take their kids to “Airbender” or drag their daughters to “Eclipse” instead.  Now, Columbia Pictures has moved the Adam Sandler buddy comedy “Growns Ups” from it’s previously announced March 12 release to June 25.  That’s only five days before “Eclipse”…Could it put a dent in the Eclipse box office total?”

Check out HitFix for the the whole analysis.


  1. Devon061381 says:

    I’m thinking Summit might end up moving Eclipse, because Jackson’s in both movies, and I know plenty of adults WITHOUT kids who are going to be seeing The Last Airbender (like me and my husband! :)) because the show was good. I don’t think Adam Sandler’s movie is going to be competition at all, but Airbender might put a dent in sales.

    I think they should move it earlier so they hit Memorial Day weekend sales spikes. Both Eclipse and Airbender hitting 4th of July together is kind of iffy.

    • lolly12 says:

      They can’t move Eclipse up, they haven’t even begun filming yet and this one will have tons of GCI in it. The last airbender could (since it is done filming), but I don’t think it will. But no matter, Eclipse will top them both.

  2. Honestly, we (fans) are in such a frenzy for these movies, neither the “Last Airbender” or “Grown Ups” will impact Eclipse at the box office.

    Personally, I will be seeing Eclipse first, and then Last Airbender.

  3. Ishiguro Twitter says:

    Im seeing Eclipse first before any other movie that comes out after it or before it lol, All the fans cant wait for the movies to come out, what makes you think we will wait longer lol.

  4. Adam Sandler won’t be much competition. Comedies rarely pull out the big bucks in the box office. I have no idea about the last airbender. I off the bat would say it doesn’t have a big following, but I could be wrong.
    And moms DRAG their daughters to see Eclipse? What?! I think in most cases it will be the other way around, but for the majority both mother and daughter will see it willingly

  5. None of those would compete with Eclipse. AND WHY SHOULD WE MOVE OUR DATE ? Airbender could move theres !

  6. I’ll be seeing Airbender but AFTER I’VE WATCHED ECLIPSE THREE OR FOUR TIMES !!!

  7. I don’t think it matters that Adam Sandler’s movie is opening the same time a different demographic will be checking out his movie. Plus, Sandler’s films have been loosing opening box office steam for a while now. I rather like when movies are pitted against each other. I plan to see both Eclipse and The Last Airbender and with Eclipse opening two days before I’ll catch that one first and Airbender over the weekend.

  8. lolly12 says:

    Poor Adam Sandler, his movie had a better chance at the earlier date. I think this only hurts his film not Eclipse. I might have seen his in March, but now I’ll have to see it on DVD, because in June/July I’ll only be watching Eclipse (over and over, lol)

  9. I don’t think Adam Sandler’s movie will hurt Eclipse at all, it will denfiantely be the other way around. As for Airbender, though it shares some fans with Eclipse I don’t think the ticket sales will hurt each other, because they both have huge followings. The airbender fans may not be as loud as the twilight fans, but they there.

  10. Avatar’s gonna be a fail anyway, doubt many will see it. Besides, the Twilight saga isn’t really labelled as kids material, it’s more teenagers to adults. As a causal Avatar fan, I don’t even want to see the movie. They may have the special effects, but the actors are sorely lacking. I saw the trailer before Transformers, and it was cringeworthy. I think many other Avatar fans feel the same way.

    Also, these movies all pander to different demographics. The masses of people jumping on the Twilight bandwagon should be more than enough to keep Eclipse afloat.

  11. I could go for Airbender being moved up. (Since they are done filming already.)

  12. giggle dork says:

    Why does the industry think that we will only see one movie a week? I have been anticipating several movies. I don’t mind spending the weekend at the movie theater. It is the best place to be on a hot summer day in Texas. Except the Adam Sandler movie, that is a dollar rental type of movie. They could put it strait to vidio and I would be happy. Not that I don’t like his stuff; it is just the amount of money I will be spending at the theater should count for something. You know, “more BANG for your buck”.

  13. Cecilia says:

    Avatar has a HUGE fanbase, we’re just silent because the series ended nearly a year ago. Jenna, I think the Twilight Moms with sons might go watch The Last airbender with them and not Eclipse.

    • yeah i think airbender has a big chance at takin eclipse. dont get me wrong, id rather have eclipse take the weekend/summer box ofice, but anime has a much bigger following than ppl tend 2 think. theyre just as enthusiastic but in a more quiet way than twilighters. plus the kiddies will want 2 go see it. i knw i want 2 go see it. i was stoked 2 hear it was bein made in2 a movie, add the fact that one mr. rathbone is in it and how could i resist? ha! but i def gonna see eclipse opening weekend then see airbender the week after it comes out. i’ll prob see eclipse several times opening week/weekend hahahaha! then some more times b4 it leaves theaters hehe! but yeah, its a wait n see which movie takes the weekend/summer. either way jackson wins haha!

  14. Who cares about Adam Sandler?? When two completely amazing movies are coming out!!! XD
    They should definetly move up Airbender cause I’ve been waiting for this movie for like 4ever!!! Btw Avatar DOES have a hugo fanbase! Just wait and see ;P

  15. i love airbender and eclipse..but sorry ima huge airbender fan, i have to watch that first xD

  16. i dont get it! avatar is a movie with all asains. but their using white people for all characters!( not offence)


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