Michael Sheen Interview

Hit Fix, Rotten Tomatoes, Hollywood.com and MSN Twilight Fan all hit the New Moon set the same day, and they are now filing their reports:

“I love the thing in the books that Stephenie [Meyer] wrote about how these vampires are all – well, the Cullen family – really beautiful, and that’s what lures people into their web,” Sheen admits. “And yet, Aro is not like that. She describes Aro as being not the same sort of thing. I like the idea that it’s his voice that lulls people in or his sort of demeanor rather than the way he looks, because he looks quite weird and scary. But yes, I’ve tried to go down that route [to]make him very mesmerizing to people, that his voice is gentle and soft. And yet, there’s something kind of unhinged about him.”

You can currently read the rest of the Michael Sheen interview on Hit Fix


  1. I love Michael Sheen, he is going to make the most fabulous Aro. I really love that he is getting into his character, seems like he really understands Aro.

  2. Michelle says:

    Love Michael Sheen. I think he’s going to be perfect Aro…. but I think Twilight Lexicon needs a moodier photo to attach to articles about him though and yet he does have a lovely smile.

  3. Luthien says:

    Yeah I think he’s going to be fantastic too. He’s such a great actor! Can’t wait to see his Aro!

  4. Jennifer says:

    Michael Sheen is an amazing character actor. He’s done roles that I find out later were him and I can’t believe I didn’t know it was him. And he seems like a genuinely nice guy! Can’t wait to see him as ARO.

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