Twilight Costumes: John Henson Opens His Website

Designer John Henson has opened his website. John has a collection of both actual clothes worn in Twilight and replicas of those clothes. We saw John’s collection at the Creation Entertainment Twi-Tour Atlanta.

John pays incredible attention to detail when making his costumes right down to making sure he has the exact bolt of fabric. He’s has contact with people like Tish Monaghan to make sure that he “gets it right”. John will also be working with The Hillywood Show creating many of their costumes for their upcoming New Moon parody.

Check out John’s website as he continues to fill it out as the months go by.


  1. *Chokes* Is he wearing. . . *Gasp* EDWARD’S PEACOAT????

  2. He’s working with THE HILLYWOOD SHOW for their upcoming NEW MOON PARODY?!?!?!

    THAT’S SOOOOO AWESOME! I can’t wait!

  3. He IS wearing Edward’s coat.

  4. omgash!!!! he is wearing edwards coat!!! OMGASH!!!! NO FAIR!!1 I WANT THAT COAT! and nooooo fair *cries*

  5. I thought John Henson was the guy on Wipeout?

  6. Go John!!!!
    I had the pleasure of getting to know him @ TwiTour Atlanta. Super great guy. Glad he was able to get the site going…. :))))

  7. Cool!!!! Congrats John!! :))

  8. omg where can i find how to buy these costumes im dying to know

  9. jennifer malino says:

    too cool!!!! i am more obsessed than anyone out there!!!!!! but he cant pull off edward’s coat like rob can!

  10. I am a great fan of “Twilight”. I have watched everything several times and still can’t get enough.

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