Details on the Costumes of the Eclipse Trailer

After viewing the Eclipse trailer, MTV gave costume designer Tish Monaghan a call to ask all sorts of questions, including the all important query of, “is that an engagement ring on Bella’s finger???”  She confirms that it is, indeed, an engagement ring as well as giving details on many of the other costume choices we see in the trailer.   Hillywoods… are you paying attention?  John Henson?  The article gives the exact stores some items were purchased from, so die hard fans can get the same look as the characters.


  1. Thanks for the sneak peek!!! The ring is huge though! i spotted in the trailer the first time and going back to the book where she freaks out that he actually has a ring already, I think in the movie she is definetly going to freak if it is that huge!! lol Can’t wait 🙂

  2. annmarie jefferies says

    glad its cleared up thought it was def an engagement ring cant wait for eclipse

  3. (spoiler) ok. I’m a little confused by the ring. does she hide the ring from Jake? I know he finds out she’s getting married after the sleeping bag scene

  4. That scene has to be at the end of the movie…in the book, that’s when she finally puts the ring on.

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