Win a Red Cloak From Volterra

You can help the victims of the Haitian earthquake and win a New Moon costume at the same time.  Eric Moro, the Editor in Chief of IGN Movies, writes:

” I wanted to let you know that we are hosting a very special eBay auction – all proceeds from the auction are going to Habitat for Humanity to help those affected by the earthquake in Haiti. The reason why I’m writing is because we have a cool piece of costuming used in NEW MOON that’s being auctioned off. It’s one of the eye-popping red robes worn during the shooting of the San Marco’s Day Festival in Volterra, Italy.”

Check out the Ebay auction here.


  1. i realllllllllllllllly want it.. but i am not old enough to have a ebay account let alone have that much money! -sigh

  2. ya. same here.
    i would love it soooo much.
    but i don’t have nearly that much money
    let alone an ebay account
    and i don’t think i could ask my parent to get it for me for easter.
    i’m a little too old for the easter bunny anyway!

  3. iilooveeee twilight,, new moon,, eclipse,, breaking dwan,, midnight sun!!

    tt:bElla cullEn/bElla swAn

  4. Christina says:

    dang, i feel for you guys! i am a huge twilight fan, and i am 50!!! LOL

  5. dude u can just make one yourself a lot cheaper

  6. Angela ^_^ says:

    yeah but the proceeds for this are going to a good cause plus it’s not like “here have a red cape” it’s “here have an actual piece of wardrobe from the movie”

  7. ._. i want that… but i dont have the $$$ or an ebay account 🙁 darn

  8. let there be a website, im an adult and i love twilight (over 30s) only….Im in xxx

  9. I am 31 in febuary and I love twilight…<3 I have a ten year old daughter who loves it too… so what i do is buy all the posters and stuff and put it all in her room… I have made my daughter a red cape already but i would not mind bidding on it 🙂

  10. I’m the biggest twilight fan!!!!! I have whole room witht posters of twilight Im just mad about twilight

    • I’m 26 years old and I love Twilight!!! And I have like 5 or 6 shirts, and the back of my door is covered from bottom to top with Twilight posters!!!! I would love to buy the cape but, I don’t have the money right now!!!!

  11. DesperateToOwnSomethingTwilight says:

    I want this red cape so badly, its sad.. I wish i could have this or anything twilight.. I’m an addict 😛

  12. I’ll look awesome in that red cloak……
    I’m a great fan of not only twilight(the book) but also all the stars of twilight(the movie)!!!!!!!!

  13. who wore it? if it was just an extra i wouldnt buy it. now if it was robert patinson thats a different story!

  14. Yeh i Agree, i Know It’s a Good Cause And All But if It’s Only An Extra i Wouldn’t Buy It. I’ll Find Some Other Way To Help Haiti, Sorry But i Wouldn’t Pay Over 280.00 , Nor Am i Employed.. + Still in School And Too Yound For And Ebay 🙂

  15. I don’t want that cloak but so many more Twilighjt related things. But no money at all…I’m 43 years btw but serious Twilighter thou:)

  16. Vampire girl says:

    Hy I’m 14 and I can’t live without twilight saga….I live in Bosnia so I can’t buy anything because we don’t have any twilight stuff like that…We have just posters(my room is full of posters….every single wall…:),T-shirts and converse-s….and I have it all…and ofcourse we have a books…and I have it all….but I’m so sad that I can’t buy it….<3

  17. omg, who would seriously wear this? i mean im not even that obesessed.. 😐

  18. i’ll give you all my college fund for it! that’s about £280 ;D haha im kiding. BUT I WANT IT SOO BAD

  19. Shania Bella says:

    I love it!


    i am 13 years old and this would be another thing for my collection i am a twinerd and i know everythinghere is to know about twilight new moon eclipse and breaking dawn and midnight sun i know everything there is too know im a twi hard i love it and robert pattinson and edward and taylor lautner

  21. i love it im a vampire freak too my friends call me wierd

    • I purchased a cape just like this one many years ago, have always been into the vampire/occult scene. Did I mention I am psychic? LOL!

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