What Was/Will Be Kristen Stewart Wearing in Breaking Dawn

When pictures came out of Kristen Stewart wearing that white dress in Brazil everyone wanted to know who made it and where they could buy it. Right away, eagle-eyed fans realized that her shoes were Michael Kors peep-toed pumps…but the dress?

Summit provided the answer to us. Sadly for people wanting to purchase it, the dress is a one-of-a-kind vintage item, so sorry you won’t find it down at Macy’s. On the other hand, COOL! it’s exactly the type of item that Alice would have selected for Bella to wear.

In other news, there are various rumors about Kristen Stewart not wearing a lot of anything in Breaking Dawn. Gossip Cop addresses those rumors.  The movie will still be PG-13, but you can have sexy scenes in PG-13 movies assuming things are strategically covered.


  1. Well, it is a honeymoon…on a tropical island. In the books she didn’t wear alot on that island so….

  2. É com grande prazer que amo de paixão todas as materias que são divulgadas neste blog,e na medida do possível estou colocando no meu twitter e facebook as noticias das filmagem de amanhecer no BRSSIL.Mil beijos….

  3. Was that dress white, nude, yellow or beige ?? Would like to know true color !

  4. Love that dress! It does look like something Alice would’ve picked out. It’s nice to see Bella in something more mature.

  5. I so agree. This is a dress Alice would have selected!

  6. Well we all understand why Bella isn’t going to wear lot of clothes…….because she is in her honeymoon with Edward!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love that dress, it’s perfect!

    Also, if the people at E! and other outlets presenting the story had actually read the book, they might know why Kristen would be wearing less. They present it as if it’s some big breaking news story. Someone needs to tell them that people on their honeymoon spend quite a bit of time clothes-less.

  8. How can a white dress be perfect? In the book Bella’s travel outfit is deep blue – the colour Edward likes on Bella. Style wise very much in keeping with what Alice would select.
    Tropical island, swimming, swim suits…we will be seeing more of Bella and Edward, but still PG13.

    • Pam, I had that thought too. But those conversations weren’t in the first movie, so I guess they figured they could get away with it. Only us die-hard fans would notice that 🙂 It’s hard to see those details being left out sometimes, but I do like the dress they picked out. I suppose we’ll have to trust that everything comes out okay!

  9. I love the fact that it is a vintage dress. Definitely something Alice would pick out for her. (Hopefully that means Alice does dress her. And will dress her while she’s changing for the 1st hunt too.) Too bad it’s not blue. 🙁
    And there’s not really any suprise to the fact that Kristen isn’t wearing a lot in the honeymoon scenes. Hello she’s on her honeymoon w/her husband! Plus I can’t wait to see the loungerie Alice packed for her. (Hopefully that’s in too.)

  10. Is it a sure thing that Alice and Emmett will be played by the same actors in Breaking Dawn?

  11. “rumors about Kristen Stewart not wearing a lot of anything in Breaking Dawn”
    Well at least during the Honeymoon scene, which will not be the whole movie. Or so I hope…
    Now I may sound like a “spoilsport” but I’m beginning to find it really annoying that every time I hear about the next installment, I can’t help but hear about sex and nudity. Last time someone said to me “of course, it’s a sexy story!” and to some extent I agree, the fourth book is actually more mature, but it’s not just “sexy”. It’s a lot more than that! To me, at least. It’s about growing up, and sex is only a part of it! So that’s why I would like to hear more about the “other parts”, for once!
    I have the strong impression that Emma Watson was right when she said that Harry Potter was not like Twilight, they did not “sell sex”. Yes, it’s the new strategy to promote Breaking Dawn, part 1 : sell sex!

  12. Coolspotters.com is where the eagle-eye-ness began!

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