Halloween Prep Twilight Style

Our friends over at Twilight Poison have updated their Twilight costume guide to reflect both New Moon and Eclipse. It’s a really in depth look at how to achieve the right look down to the details. They have also added a new section on how to achieve an actor’s look from a specific awards show.

Check out the character costume list here.

Check out their actor costume guide here complete with how to make your very own MTV Golden Popcorn prop!

Twilight Pumpkin StencilsThey also have some terrific ideas on make-up and how to make yourself over in Photoshop as a vampire. As usual their tips are easy to follow and come with step-by-step instructions with illustrations so you know that you are on the right track!

While you are in full Halloween prep mode, don’t forget to do up your pumpkin Twilight style. You can download the stencils anywhere in the world, and since it is a download file and not a one shot paper item you can keep it for future projects. If you accidentally rip it, not worries, just print a new one.

So good luck shopping and carving this weekend!


  1. Tried to access costume site, but got a Yahoo 404 page not found.

  2. I noticed that the guide doesn’t include Bella. One would think that would be the most popular costume…

  3. I found my own Bella costume. I bought a brown with red tones wig and a red/blue flannel shirt that is similar to the one Bella wears in Eclipse. Getting brown contacts, and the look is complete! Just find a picture you like and find the outfit that looks similar.

  4. i look like bella and i dress like her. so no problem for me:) but i wish i had edward like bella does too:(

  5. i have bellas vamp look from what ive read of breaking dawn… just need the golden contacts

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