Video:Mia Maestro and Christian Camargo Practice Dancing for Breaking Dawn

Breaking Dawn choreographer, Paul Becker has released a new video showing dance practice for Bella and Edward’s wedding with Mia Maestro and Christian Camargo.

Paul decker previously released footage of Jackson Rathbone and Ashley Greene.

Mia Maestro and Christian Camargo (Carmen and Eleazar) Breaking Dawn Live Blog

Starting at roughly 1:30

Christian and Mia joke OMG it’s true you really exist

Dream project:
Mia doing her album that comes out next year.
Christian says she has an amazing song on the album and there’s a rumor that she’ll play it live soon…he hints
Chritian dream is to work for his own production company

Weather was freezing it was so cold in battle scene especially in Louisiana of all places when they wne to shoot battle scene. Mia says Christian was only cast member waering fur that scene he was warm and she was freezing

Acting was both the family business.

Chritian says great wife and Mia says best fictional husband ever

Christian is not a technology and fandom taught him twitter

Mia appreciates all her twitter messages

Contacts were so hard. Christian needed numbing drops for his eyes. Mia was looking through a golden haze. You have no periferal vision. You can’t see anything coming at you from the side. Mia says fake snow and contacts don’t mix

Mia’s favorite part is honymoon Christian’s is in part 2 the volturi confrontation

Christian hints that you might want to tune in on Sunday to Dexter impyling he is back on the show

Mia says Movies is easier to juggle around music career, but if she ever gets a script as good as Alias she’ll do TV again,

For Chritian as soon as teh clothes were on it was easy to get into character. Mia agrees, but adds there were so many vamps on set you felt part of a pack.

Christian says it was Halloween every day he loved dressing up

Christian says embarrassing moment was accidentally he kept kicking Lee Pace in the shins

Mia’s fav vamp movie is Let the Right One in both versions. Chritian’s is an old Ktheryn Bigelow film he can’t remember name of

On stage Christian would love to be Hamlet

What has changed for them since being cast:
Christian—having so many passionte fans he’s amazed. It’s like theater where you get feedback. The fans drive it it’s so exciting.
Mia—Mia thinks the song Llovera will launch her music career more

Working with Bill Condon
Mia he was the warmest person on set. Best director so calm expert
Christian agrees he’s like a person who runs a business he picked all teh right people and it was perfect. The biggest thing is that he thinks relationships are important and the script was all about that.

Hidden talents:
Christian is a bird watcher. (Mia ratted him out) He says now you made me sound so old they are going to think I really am 700 years old
Mia is a hiker christian cant keep up with her

Twilight fans in families
Christians family kept emailing him asking him for details
Mias nieces in Argentina
Both people try to act cool like it’s not a big deal but they figure it out after 10 phone calls and emails
Christian knows guys who are afraid to admit they are fans

Mia was cast early and had to keep it a secret for two months
Christian jokes I sent in 10,000 with my audition tape

Christian is a huge car buff loves tinkering under the hood. Would own a car shop if not acting. Favorite car of all time is a Cougar. Says we’ll debate Ford vs Chevy later

Mia would be a journalist for like National Geogrphic. Christian say she really swims with sharks, I’m not even kidding

Favorite movie:
Christian Star Wars. He did a movie with Harrison Ford years later and it was mindblowing for him

They had lots of time to get to know each other before filming their scenes.

Kristen Stewart really liked Llovera as did Lee Pace

Christian Camargo Joins Twitter…For Real This Time

After the “oops”  of last week, this time we are sure and Guri Weinberg is sure that his friend and cast mate Christian Camargo who plays Eleazar is now on Twitter!

Here are a listing of the real Twitters
relating to the Twilight Saga

[Read more…]

Breaking Dawn EW and People Stills Now Online at E!

E! has a gallery of all the photos that appeared in the print editions of EW and People this week. One of our favorites is the one above of Mia Maestro and Christian Camargo who play Carmen and Eleazar of the Denali Coven.

Super Christian Camargo Interview: Holland Festival

Christian Carmago, who will be playing Eleazar in Breaking Dawn, was interviewed as part of the Holland Festival. In the festival, Christian was playing in acclaimed Shakespearean productions that have been touring the globe directed by Sam Mendes (film director of American Beauty, Road to Perdition, and more) that were winning them both rave reviews. The intro is in Dutch, but after the first 30 seconds or so it switches to English. Christian talks about his acting acting experiences, his approach to theater, and more. You get a really great sense of how dedicated he is to the craft of acting.

The Denali Coven: Vegetarian Vampire Makeovers

Lexicon reader Adonis has transformed our latest cast members into vegetarian vampires. Click on their images to see them full-sized.

The Denali Coven: What You Need to Rent to Watch

So now that we have the entire Denali coven officially announced, here’s a listing of what we think are each person’s best roles.  We were actually pretty familiar with the women because Laura is a fan of Brit TV, LOST, and foreign film. Thanks to everyone on Twitter who gave us details about Christian Camargo, because we didn’t know much before and now he’s at the top of our rental queue this weekend!

Like the Cullens, the Denali Coven members are the only other vegetarian vampires. They are all strong willed and powerful. So check out some of their more famous, strong-willed roles below. (photo combo below created by Kary65 on Twitter)

First up is Christian Camargo. Christian is no acting lightweight. He regularly performs in live theater. Most recently his Orlando in As You Like, cast opposite his wife, (sorry ladies he’s married) won rave reviews. He also has a double connection to Summit/Twilight. He’s worked on Dexter co-written by Melissa Rosenberg, and he starred in the Academy Award Picture of the Year 2009, The Hurt Locker. Key to rent this weekend is Dexter Season 1 (Melissa Rosenberg is one of the writers) where he plays Rudy Cooper, better known as the menacing villain the Ice Truck Killer.

Next we have Maggie Grace who is best known for her appearance on LOST as Shannon. Shannon definitely has that edge that Irina needs. Check out her audition for the part on LOST on YouTube. For rentals this weekend you can check out LOST season 1, but if you want the film route go for Murder in Greenwich and Jane Austen Book Club. She’s also in Taken with Liam Neeson, but she plays more of a victim in that one.

MyAnna Buring is a regular on British TV. It took me (Laura) a second to recognize her because in a lot of her roles she’s more of a dirty than a platinum blonde of her headshots. Two keys show to see her in are Dr. Who the season 2 episode called The impossible planet. Definitely the kick-butt heroine in that one! Also good is Midsummer Murders (great series, hard to go wrong there,  but I haven’t seen this particular episode) the episode called Midsummer Life.

Casey LaBow is probably best remembered from CSI where she played a needy girl with daddy issues who becomes attached to Mac. For rental you want Forbidden Fruit and Dead Inside season 4 and No Good Deed season 5. Her Twilight connection is being in Skateland with Ashley Greene.

Mia Maestro who is from Argentina is best know for Alias where she played Nadia Santos from 2004-2006. As far as English language film, there’s the remake of Poseidon. If you don’t mind the subtitles, or are fluent in Spanish you want to see The Motorcycle Diaries.

Summit Announces Denali Coven

Summit LogoThis just in from Summit:

Summit Entertainment announced today the following have been cast in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN for roles in The Denali Coven as outlined below.

* The Denali Coven is comprised of Christian Camargo (THE HURT LOCKER, Dexter) as Eleazar; Casey LaBow (Moonlight) as Kate; Mia Maestro (Alias, POSEIDON) as Carmen; MyAnna Buring (DOOMSDAY) as Tanya; as well as previously announced Maggie Grace (Lost, TAKEN) as Irina.

Christian Camargo

Casey LaBow

Mia Maestro

MyAnna Buring

Maggie Grace