Maggie Grace and Mia Maestro on Seattle TV Talking Breaking Dawn Part 2

Check out the two members of the Denali coven!

Video: Mia Maestro and Maggie Grace on Arizona TV Talking About Breaking Dawn

Check them out on TV3 talking about what it’s like to see themselves on film.

Video: Maggie Grace Talks Breaking Dawn and French With Craig Ferguson

The Breaking Dawn Part 2 TV appearances are starting. Last night Maggie Grace who plays Irina was on teh Late Late Show.

Maggie Grace Talks Meeting Breaking Dawn Fans

Maggie Grace talks Comic Con and Breaking Dawn 2

Maggie Grace Says There Are Twilight Bonds

According to Maggie Grace there was definitely cast bonding on the set of Breaking Dawn

According to Contact Music:

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn stars Casey Labow, Maggie Grace, Julia Jones and Mia Maestro have become best friends on and off the set – and they regularly hook up for coven-like dinner parties.

The foursome clicked on the set of the final Twilight movies – and now former Lost star Grace hopes they’ll be friends for life.

She says, “It was a gaggle of fun girls and we still have these coven reunions, as geeky as that sounds. We did little field trips during the shoot, and we still have dinner parties when we’re all in L.A.”

Maggie Grace Lockout, Taken 2, and Breaking Dawn 2

MTV’s sat down to talk Lockout, Taken 2, and Breaking Dawn 2 with Maggie Grace.

You’re a relative vampire newcomer to the “Twilight Saga.” What will Irina be up to in “Breaking Dawn – Part 2”?
Well, I think Irina is true to the books. I think she’s largely misunderstood and a situational villain, but well intentioned. The “Twilight” fervor is still new to me — it’s kind of intimidating.

Is it true that you are clumsy and that a former castmate called you “Maggie Graceless”? Who said that?
That would be Josh Holloway from “Lost.” That nickname stuck and is fairly earned, so it’s kind of ironic that I’m doing action movies and running for a living. I trip a lot, and I’ve busted my lip a few times. It used to be that I would be trying to read and walk down the street at the same time, and I’d run into poles. Even fly fishing I’ve managed to hook myself before. I was in Utah recently and we were going to go hatchet throwing and I thought, Is this really a good fit for me? It’s something I’ll probably get the hang of someday.

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Video: Maggie Grace Talks Breaking Dawn Part 2 With Clevver Movies

Looks like that contact thing is a universal problem.

UInterview Needs Twilight Fan Questions For Maggie Grace

UInterview just did a recent feature with Nikki Reed. Now they need fan help again for an upcoming feature on Maggie grace. They wrote in to say: is taking questions for Maggie Grace, who played Irina from ‘Breaking Dawn,’ and next stars with Guy Pearce in the upcoming ‘Lockout.’ Submit your questions for Maggie here:

When you are on the site, look in the upper left hand corner and you will see the interface.

Video: Maggie Grace Talks About Being Irina in Breaking Dawn 2

Collider interviewed Maggie Grace, who plays Irina, at Wonder Con. The Breaking Dawn info starts at roughly the 3:20 mark.