Mia Maestro and Christian Camargo (Carmen and Eleazar) Breaking Dawn Live Blog

Starting at roughly 1:30

Christian and Mia joke OMG it’s true you really exist

Dream project:
Mia doing her album that comes out next year.
Christian says she has an amazing song on the album and there’s a rumor that she’ll play it live soon…he hints
Chritian dream is to work for his own production company

Weather was freezing it was so cold in battle scene especially in Louisiana of all places when they wne to shoot battle scene. Mia says Christian was only cast member waering fur that scene he was warm and she was freezing

Acting was both the family business.

Chritian says great wife and Mia says best fictional husband ever

Christian is not a technology and fandom taught him twitter

Mia appreciates all her twitter messages

Contacts were so hard. Christian needed numbing drops for his eyes. Mia was looking through a golden haze. You have no periferal vision. You can’t see anything coming at you from the side. Mia says fake snow and contacts don’t mix

Mia’s favorite part is honymoon Christian’s is in part 2 the volturi confrontation

Christian hints that you might want to tune in on Sunday to Dexter impyling he is back on the show

Mia says Movies is easier to juggle around music career, but if she ever gets a script as good as Alias she’ll do TV again,

For Chritian as soon as teh clothes were on it was easy to get into character. Mia agrees, but adds there were so many vamps on set you felt part of a pack.

Christian says it was Halloween every day he loved dressing up

Christian says embarrassing moment was accidentally he kept kicking Lee Pace in the shins

Mia’s fav vamp movie is Let the Right One in both versions. Chritian’s is an old Ktheryn Bigelow film he can’t remember name of

On stage Christian would love to be Hamlet

What has changed for them since being cast:
Christian—having so many passionte fans he’s amazed. It’s like theater where you get feedback. The fans drive it it’s so exciting.
Mia—Mia thinks the song Llovera will launch her music career more

Working with Bill Condon
Mia he was the warmest person on set. Best director so calm expert
Christian agrees he’s like a person who runs a business he picked all teh right people and it was perfect. The biggest thing is that he thinks relationships are important and the script was all about that.

Hidden talents:
Christian is a bird watcher. (Mia ratted him out) He says now you made me sound so old they are going to think I really am 700 years old
Mia is a hiker christian cant keep up with her

Twilight fans in families
Christians family kept emailing him asking him for details
Mias nieces in Argentina
Both people try to act cool like it’s not a big deal but they figure it out after 10 phone calls and emails
Christian knows guys who are afraid to admit they are fans

Mia was cast early and had to keep it a secret for two months
Christian jokes I sent in 10,000 with my audition tape

Christian is a huge car buff loves tinkering under the hood. Would own a car shop if not acting. Favorite car of all time is a Cougar. Says we’ll debate Ford vs Chevy later

Mia would be a journalist for like National Geogrphic. Christian say she really swims with sharks, I’m not even kidding

Favorite movie:
Christian Star Wars. He did a movie with Harrison Ford years later and it was mindblowing for him

They had lots of time to get to know each other before filming their scenes.

Kristen Stewart really liked Llovera as did Lee Pace