Hollywood Crush: Supporting Breaking Dawn Actors, Their Guess

After yesterday’s announcement of supporting actors, everyone has been wondering who exactly was playing who. They could in fact be characters in the book that are smaller like Gustavo or J. Jenks.  On the other hand, they could be movie creations like Cora, the waitress from Twilight, the vampire who gets his head ripped off by Felix and Demetri in New Moon, or Mr. and Mrs. Biers (Riley’s parents) in Eclipse.

We had a lot of questions yesterday on what is supporting vs. an extra. Sometimes it’s a tough distinction because a supporting players role can range from one word to a couple of small scenes.  Supporting players are different than extras in that they actually have lines of dialogue that are easily identifiable as theirs alone, not just crowd noise and/or they have a featured moment that sets them out from the crowd.  So, nameless people in red capes in Volterra are extras vs. kid in cape who sees Edward is supporting.  Various Quileuetes running in terror at the Cold-Ones flashback are extras, vs. The Third-Wife supporting.

Hollywood Crush has their guesses. Some we like, like the one for J. Jenks others we just aren’t sure.

“Take for instance Ty Olsson (pictured). The 36-year-old actor best known for his work in “2012” and “X2” is a dead ringer for the balding, middle-aged attorney James Jenks that Bella deals with several times over the course of “Breaking Dawn.” He has a fairly important part in the story, so it makes a lot of sense that an established actor would be cast in the role instead of a newcomer, like some of the new vampires were.”

Check out the rest of the guesses on MTV. Do you agree?

New Breaking Dawn Cast Members Announced: AKA Hello Brazil!

Summit LogoThis just in from Summit, given the names it looks like we are talking the Brazil scene actors. Also, since they are cited as supporting roles, this would likely be things like island staff at Isle Esme or J. Jenks minions.

It is unlikely that Huelin or Nahuel are in this batch, as they would not typically be cast as “supporting players”:

THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN – Supporting Roles Casting Update

Summit Entertainment announced today that the following actors have been cast in supporting roles in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN:

· Olga Fonda (LOVE HURTS)
· Janelle Froehlich (Hacienda Heights)
· Masami Kosaka (THE RUNAWAYS)
· Sebastiao Lemos (Brazilian TV series Força-Tarefa)
· Ty Olsson (2012)
· Wendell Pierce (RAY)
· Carolina Virguez (Spanish TV series Matalobos)

Poll: Which Newly Announced Breaking Dawn Actress Are You Most Excited About

Laura’s LOST fangirl is jumping up and down over Andrea Gabriel who played Nadia on lost. You have to love that BOTH of Saiyd’s loves are in Breaking Dawn!

Poll: Which Newly Announced Breaking Dawn Actor Are You Most Excited About?

Laura has been chanting Stuckey (Noel Fisher of Law and Order fame is Vladamir) and seriously drooling over Joe Anderson

Massive Breaking Dawn Casting Update

Summit LogoThis just in from Summit Entertainment:

Summit Entertainment announced today the following have been cast in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN for roles in The Amazon Coven, The Egyptian Coven, The Irish Coven and The Romanian Coven as well as the American and European Nomads as outlined below.

· The Amazon Coven is comprised of Tracey Heggins as Senna and Judi Shekoni as Zafrina.

· Among the oldest vampires in the world, Senna and Zafrina are descendants of an ancient Amazonian tribe.  They have lived outside of civilization for centuries and therefore make no attempt to keep up a human facade. Though they drink human blood, the Amazons have long been allies of Carlisle.

· The Egyptian Coven is comprised of:
o Omar Metwally (RENDITION, MUNICH) as Amun.
o Andrea Gabriel (Lost, House) as Kebi.
o Rami Malek (NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM) as Benjamin.
o Angela Sarafyan (LOVE HURTS, THE GOOD GUYS) as Tia.

· The Egyptian Coven consists of Amun, Kebi, Benjamin, and Tia, with Amun as the leader. It is stated that even though they are not a biological family, they could pass for one. Amun is extremely protective of his family and fearful of Aro.

· The Irish Coven is comprised of Marlane Barnes (THE TREE OF LIFE) as Maggie, Lisa Howard as Siobhan and Patrick Brennan as Liam.

· The Irish Coven, a relatively young group, was founded by Siobhan and Liam, but Maggie’s talent made her an important element of it. They are not vegetarian but they are civilized.

· The Romanian Coven is comprised of Noel Fisher (THE PACIFIC, FINAL DESTINATION 2) as Vladimir and Guri Weinberg (MUNICH) as Stefan.

· The Romanian Coven is one of the oldest covens in the world and they were the ruling vampire family until they were unseated by the Volturi.  For that reason they harbor a centuries old resentment of the Italian coven.

· The American Nomads are comprised of:
o Lee Pace as Garrett (Pushing Daisies, THE GOOD SHEPHERD).
o Toni Trucks (MUSIC AND LYRICS) as Mary.
o Bill Tangradi (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) as Randall.
o Erik Odom as Peter.
o Valorie Curry (Veronica Mars) as Charlotte.

· Turned during the Revolutionary War, Garrett has chosen to live a nomadic existence, wandering the world on his own. Garrett has never lost the rebellious spirit of his human life, and loves a good fight, always rooting for the underdog. Though not a vegetarian, Garrett is among Carlisle’s closest and oldest friends.

· Mary and Randall are American nomadic vampires.

· Peter and Charlotte are nomadic vampires and mates.  They were created during the aftermath of the Southern Vampire Wars, in which Jasper was a key player.  They have remained friends with Jasper ever since.

· The European Nomads are comprised of Joe Anderson (THE CRAZIES) as Alistair

· A nomadic vampire from England, Alistair has a misanthropic, brooding personality and a deep mistrust of all authority.  Although he counts Carlisle as his closest acquaintance, he doesn’t visit more than once a century.

Summit Announces Denali Coven

Summit LogoThis just in from Summit:

Summit Entertainment announced today the following have been cast in THE TWILIGHT SAGA: BREAKING DAWN for roles in The Denali Coven as outlined below.

* The Denali Coven is comprised of Christian Camargo (THE HURT LOCKER, Dexter) as Eleazar; Casey LaBow (Moonlight) as Kate; Mia Maestro (Alias, POSEIDON) as Carmen; MyAnna Buring (DOOMSDAY) as Tanya; as well as previously announced Maggie Grace (Lost, TAKEN) as Irina.

Christian Camargo

Casey LaBow

Mia Maestro

MyAnna Buring

Maggie Grace

Breaking Dawn Casting Announcement: Meet Benjamin

ET got the scoop at their post Emmy Awards party. Rami Malek (no doubt his IMDB ranking is going through the roof as we speak) will be playing Benjamin. He is probably best known for his roles in 24, The Pacific, and Night at the Museum.

Benjamin, who is mated with Tia, was created by Amun knowing that the boy would be special. Amun has since been trying to turn Benjamin’s ability to manipulate earth, air, fire, and water into a weapon, but Benjamin is very independent and won’t be used.  He bonds quickly with many of the covens and nomads gathered at the Cullen’s house and declares that he will stand with them if the Volturi attack. They are all members of the Egyptian coven.

We are going to go out on a limb and say it also seems highly probable that this is Rami’s real Twitter in that it was made months ago, and it covers his former and upcoming work. We are checking official channels to be sure.

Via Hollywood Crush

Breaking Dawn Casting and the IMDB

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about casting for Breaking Dawn.  Can fans audition? What company is involved? Should resumes be sent out? Is the info on the IMDB accurate? So, here’s a rundown of the latest:


  • Filming will take place in both Louisiana and Vancouver
  • Production Weekly confirmed the dates of the filming in Louisiana
  • Confirmed dates can change slightly due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances
  • We can’t help you get cast. If we had any influence on production Edward would be driving the right car and Alphie and Pel would be playing the Volturi wives while trying not to drool on Michael Sheen.
  • Not sure how to break into the business? See Lana Veenker’s blog, there is good advice there and it’s free! Also see her advice on scams! If anyone tells you that you need to pay them money to get into a Breaking Dawn audition they are lying!


  • What specific roles will be needed. In other words will some vampires be combined such as the Jessica/Lauren of Anna Kendrick’s character or the Eric/Ben of Justin Chon’s character.
  • Will there be an open call for extras. (See past history)
  • Will there be an open call for other parts. (See past history)
  • Will they have an open call for Renesmee (in our opinion the part would be at least twins just to deal with child labor laws)

Past History:

  • The original movie had vast calls for extras the others did not.
  • The only open calls for speaking roles were for Native American/First Nations actors. Every other part, you needed to be in the business, with experience with an agent.
  • We will publicize open calls as we have done in the past.

Now onto the IMDB. It’s like wikipedia, anyone can edit it. The day after Kristen Stewart was officially announced as Bella, the IMDB read that Emily Browning was rumored to play the part. A few months ago someone replaced Tinsel Korey’s name as Emily with actress Brenna Lee Roth, and Edi Gathegi popped back up on the Eclipse cast list.  In a practical joke that had fans scurrying for the hidden meaning, Andrew of TwiSource decided to list that the tagline of New Moon was “Somewhere Bella’s Stove Is On.” So when you see things up their don’t put too much stock in them.  Until a film actually starts filming the info up there isn’t always solid.

Now if you want solid extra casting info here’s something, it’s not Twilight, but it does potentially involve seeing Taylor Lautner. Check out this info if you are in the Pittsburgh area.

EDITED: Amanda Bell (The Twilight Examiner) just verified that Xavier Samuel is not in Breaking Dawn though the IMDB seems to think so. We just verified that the name Renesmee is unchanged in Breaking Dawn. There was rumor today that her name was changed.

Bill Condon: Highlights From A Diverse Career

Bill-CondonsoloSo now that Bill Condon has been announced as the director of Breaking Dawn, everyone wants to know just who is he? Given the previous three directors here’s where he stacks up just on statistics:

He’s the same age as Catherine Hardwicke, but has directed the same number of  films as Catherine, Chris Weitz, and David Slade combined.

Like Chris Weitz, he is both a writer and a director. Also like Chris, he was nominated for an Oscar based on his writing.  Bill was nominated an Academy Award for Adapted Screenplay for CHICAGO and he won the Academy Award for Adapted Screenplay for GODS AND MONSTERS.

– Hollywood’s best and brightest (and also most difficult) have worked with Bill Condon such as Oscar nominees and winners: Ian McKellen, Liam Neeson, Brendon Fraser, Laura Linney, Tim Hutton, John Lithgow, Eddie Murphy, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Hudson.

– Like David Slade he’s done the horror thing by directing one of the Clive Barker Candyman series.

-Like Chris Weitz and Catherine Hardwicke, he respects adaptation from the originating source material, and doesn’t want to lose site of the popular work that everyone fell in love with. (See the interview with Charlie Rose below.)

-Like Catherine he thrives on character driven/relationships like Dreamgirls, Gods and Monsters, and Kinsey (Check out Bill talking about Dreamgirls in the video below.)

Now here’s the next item which people should be asking: who do you think he’ll want to be in the Breaking Dawn Cast who he’s worked with before? Hollywood, aside from talent, is all about connections, reputation, and previous experience. There are a lot of new vampires in Breaking Dawn, and we fully expect a lot of them to be cut or combined like the way Anna Kendrick’s Jessica is a combination of the book’s Jessica and Lauren. On the other hand, some are uncuttable due to basic plot. What leaps to mind right away is the Denali Coven in particular Irina, because without Irina going to the Volturi there’s no back end of the story.

So…who appears to be  twenty-thirty something, is an UBER Twilight fan, fits the age range, and has worked with Bill Condon before. There’s one name that instantly jumps up. The first person to come up with the answer that we are thinking of in our comments gets the autographed photo of their choice from our collection.

Casting Scams For Breaking Dawn

We are still getting emails and Tweets regarding Breaking Dawn casting. We don’t want to break anyone’s heart, but at the same time we don’t want to see anyone taken advantage of either. Seriously, we’d love to be able to say that anyone with no experience stands a chance of being cast as Carmen or Tanya, but it’s not the case. Breaking Dawn is not currently casting. Those ads you see online are a total scam.

In fact one company actually contacted us via our forum PM to see if we would run ads on our site. In their email, which we verified with Summit is complete bogus, the following exchange happend:

Lexion: “Your message regarding advertising the Breaking Dawn casting call was forwarded to me since in addition to helping with advertising I am also one of the bloggers who covers current news regarding Twilight. I didn’t realize that the movie was now moving onto open casting calls. Which firm will be handling the casting? Will it be done in Portland or Vancouver?”

Supposed Casting Agent: “Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Summit Entertainment has acquired the rights from Stephenie Meyer to film and distribute Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Breaking Dawn is still in early pre-production stages, but is accepting submissions for principal roles and extra roles. We are looking for talent nationwide and it will be non-union.”

Casting agent Lana Veenker’s name is also erroneously getting thrown around on and off as being connected to the project. Lana did cast certain roles in Twilight, but she was not involved with New Moon or Eclipse since they were shot in Vancouver. Lana’s spoken out before about how these things are scams, but in a recent article for Oregon Live she goes further to explain just what your chances are of being cast in a principal part or as an extra.

“It’s all a scam, Lana says.

“Anyone who is saying click here to audition for ‘Breaking Dawn,’ or the deadline is coming up, is lying. ‘Breaking Dawn’ is not in production. No casting directors have been hired. Nobody is hiring extras.”

First of all, “they haven’t even announced what city or country they’re going to shoot in,” Lana says. “They may shoot in Vancouver again,” in British Columbia. If they do, “they’re not going to hire American extras to shoot in Vancouver. American kids wouldn’t be legal to work in Canada anyway without work permits.

“There’s no way the production company would hassle getting permits for extras when thousands are dying to be in this who live right there.”

Read the rest here.