New Face Friday: MyAnna Buring Fansite’s Breaking Dawn Exclusive Interview

MyAnna Burning who plays Tanya in Breaking Dawn Part 2 spoke with the Twilight websites as part of our ongoing New Face Friday’s series. Last week the series kicked off with fellow Denali coven member Casey Labow.  MyAnna was a Twilight fan before the movies ever came out and she was quite excited to talk to all of us.

Q: A lot of people who are cast talk about the very first time they see themselves in their red or gold contacts, and that’s the first time they really felt like a vampire. Can you describe what it was like for us the very first time you saw yourself all decked out in your vampire gear?

MyAnna: It was amazing. I think that’s the first moment that I really, truly, believed that I was doing the film. Because all of it, you know, you have this build up when you get the part and you can’t quite believe it’s true then, and then you arrive and you still can’t quite believe it’s true then. The idea of you becoming a vampire, or becoming part of this incredible group of vampires that’s described in Stephenie’s films, it’s such a far-fetched notion in a way, and then all of a sudden as soon as the contacts go in, it’s a reality. Suddenly you are able to see yourself as a part of that group, if you will, and it’s an amazing feeling.

Q: Congrats on being cast in Downton Abbey. Can you tell us a little about that part and when you are starting to work on it?

MyAnna: I’ve already started working on it. I play a maid who joins the rest of the staff downstairs. She causes a bit of mischief and I’m very excited to be playing, her name is Edna, and I’m thrilled, really.

For the rest of the interview, check out TwiFans, this week’s host site.

MyAnna Buring Who Plays Tanya Talks How She Was Cast

Every actor’s path to getting cast in Breaking Dawn is a unique one. Here’s how it went down for MyAnna Buring

So how did she come to be involved with the Twilight films? MyAnna reveals: “I was shooting Kill List and I got a call saying they just couldn’t find this character.

“So on the off chance that they might look at a tape, I sent one off, already being a fan of the Twilight series, particularly the books. I sent it off thinking ‘This is a big Hollywood franchise and I’m little old me and they’re looking for a beautiful vampire’.

“I must have done something really right because I got the job two weeks later. I’d never met [director] Bill [Condon], I’d never met author Stephenie [Meyer], I’d never met any of the producers until I stepped foot on set. So after being confirmed for the job, I spent the next few months worrying they were going to call back and tell me they’d changed their minds.”

She didn’t get such a call, so she went into preparation mode: “I went back to the books, first and foremost. I went back and re-read them all and focused on the sections where Tanya was mentioned, focused on the sections where the Denalis were mentioned, what the Denalis said, how Stephenie had written them.

“And there’s a lot of backstory. I did a bit of research on vampire folklore and then obviously when I was on set, I had Stephenie there, so if I had any questions I could go to the original creator. It was just how I’d prepare for any part.”

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Myanna Buring Who Plays Tanya Talks Twilight With Digital Spy

The UK outlet Digital Spy caught up with MyAnna Buring(seen right) who plays Tanya. Myanna lives in the UK and has appeared in many UK films and TV shows.

Asked if she was sad that Twilight was coming to an end, Buring replied: “I’m quite good at realizing that everything has to come to an end, so as opposed to being sad, I’m really happy that I got to be a part of the end of such a massive saga.

“Whether you are a fan or not, you can’t deny that it has propelled and moved people in such a huge way. I’m happy and I’m really excited about November – about it coming out and being able to see the six months of work we did and see the result of it.”

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