Breaking Dawn EW and People Stills Now Online at E!

E! has a gallery of all the photos that appeared in the print editions of EW and People this week. One of our favorites is the one above of Mia Maestro and Christian Camargo who play Carmen and Eleazar of the Denali Coven.


  1. Why does it look like one of the Denali girls has braces? Or are my eyes playing tricks on me????

    • I noticed about the braces too! Weird. Almost as weird as Irina being at the wedding…

      And Eleazar sure looks…vampire-y. I like it!

      • jennifer says:

        Good catch on Irina being at the wedding. That mistake didn’t even cross my mind. Melissa Rosenberg strikes (out) again….

        And unless the pic is “pre-wig,” Alice’s hair got WAY shorter for BD. Of course, that’s another trend we’ve seen with all the movies…non-changing vampires’ hair changing with each subsequent movie…

        • Melissa Rosenburg indeed.

        • These pictures are so beautiful. Getting excited for the movie.

        • Marion says:

          Keep in mind not everyone has read the novel. So for certain charcters being introduced in part 1,will help the non-readers to get to know who they are ahead of time. Therefore in part 2 it won’t be like a group of vampires showing up at the Cullen house and people would be like-“Who are these guys?” Seeing Irnia at the wedding,sets up what she does in part 2 and her subsequent downfall. It should be interesting to see. Bring on November 18th!

    • It’s the shadow from her lips. The light is hitting her lips at a weird angle in this picture so it makes it look like she has braces.

  2. L. Woodhead says:

    Getting really excited for a film that doesn’t even come out for another 7 months. Does that make a sad person, lol

    • If it makes you a sad person, I’m right there with you!! I have been counting down for a while now, and actually getting excited that it’s less than 7 months away!! Already made baby-sitting plans and plans to go on opening night with a friend, her 17 yr old daughter and my 14 yr old daughter!!

    • I’m sad too !

  3. Who is the girl with Micheal sheen (Aro?)

    • Twilight_News says:

      It is actress Olga Fonda, as to the character she plays, that’s a mystery

      • Maybe she is playing Chelsea or Renata?
        Looks like both she and Aro are holding the same piece of paper as Jacob in the other still. So maybe this is a scene where the Volturi recieve the wedding announcement?

  4. Marcela A. says:

    I can’t imagine how they’re going to portray Irina’s betrayal on the film with her being in the wedding. Why would she be going to “make peace” with the Cullens later on if they were fine enough for her to be going to the wedding in the first place?

    Gah, book adaptations on film make me a bit uneasy.

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