The Denali Coven: What You Need to Rent to Watch

So now that we have the entire Denali coven officially announced, here’s a listing of what we think are each person’s best roles.  We were actually pretty familiar with the women because Laura is a fan of Brit TV, LOST, and foreign film. Thanks to everyone on Twitter who gave us details about Christian Camargo, because we didn’t know much before and now he’s at the top of our rental queue this weekend!

Like the Cullens, the Denali Coven members are the only other vegetarian vampires. They are all strong willed and powerful. So check out some of their more famous, strong-willed roles below. (photo combo below created by Kary65 on Twitter)

First up is Christian Camargo. Christian is no acting lightweight. He regularly performs in live theater. Most recently his Orlando in As You Like, cast opposite his wife, (sorry ladies he’s married) won rave reviews. He also has a double connection to Summit/Twilight. He’s worked on Dexter co-written by Melissa Rosenberg, and he starred in the Academy Award Picture of the Year 2009, The Hurt Locker. Key to rent this weekend is Dexter Season 1 (Melissa Rosenberg is one of the writers) where he plays Rudy Cooper, better known as the menacing villain the Ice Truck Killer.

Next we have Maggie Grace who is best known for her appearance on LOST as Shannon. Shannon definitely has that edge that Irina needs. Check out her audition for the part on LOST on YouTube. For rentals this weekend you can check out LOST season 1, but if you want the film route go for Murder in Greenwich and Jane Austen Book Club. She’s also in Taken with Liam Neeson, but she plays more of a victim in that one.

MyAnna Buring is a regular on British TV. It took me (Laura) a second to recognize her because in a lot of her roles she’s more of a dirty than a platinum blonde of her headshots. Two keys show to see her in are Dr. Who the season 2 episode called The impossible planet. Definitely the kick-butt heroine in that one! Also good is Midsummer Murders (great series, hard to go wrong there,  but I haven’t seen this particular episode) the episode called Midsummer Life.

Casey LaBow is probably best remembered from CSI where she played a needy girl with daddy issues who becomes attached to Mac. For rental you want Forbidden Fruit and Dead Inside season 4 and No Good Deed season 5. Her Twilight connection is being in Skateland with Ashley Greene.

Mia Maestro who is from Argentina is best know for Alias where she played Nadia Santos from 2004-2006. As far as English language film, there’s the remake of Poseidon. If you don’t mind the subtitles, or are fluent in Spanish you want to see The Motorcycle Diaries.


  1. Wow, they’re enough to add to Bella’s insecurity. Love the casting.

    • i wonder if they are gonna bring up the whole thing about tanya wanting edward they didn’t mention the denalis in eclipse. and it would be wrong to bring it up at the wedding reception. ” hi, congrats on your marriage. i want your husband”

      • You’re right ! but it also wouldn’t be nice if they just don’t put in in at all, cause Bella needs to have like a insecurity issue with Tanya..

      • lol yeah “i want ur husband!” that would be the funniest thing ever

      • No, its not wrong,, because Tanya will not show disrespect in Bella’s wedding , ,in fact she knew that Edward will be offended if she do that thing . .and definitely Edward doesn’t like Tanya much . . .

      • Well I am one that thinks that these movies should be as close to the books as possible – like the first one was. The director should have followed the script more closely and not edited quit so much. 🙂

        • I agree I think they should go by the books!!!!!!!!!

        • The movie Twilight didn’t follow the story line never mind, New moon and Eclipse. All 3 lost the love story that it’s suppose to be and committee murder on them. The movies were such a big let down. If I had have seen the movies first, I’d not have bought all 4 books and there i wouldn’t have read them once never mind 61 times, that I have read them. I just hope that the next director stays with the story line more seeing as Breaking Dawn is being made into two movies and not one. He/she would need to be a hell of a better director than the others were.

  2. Loving the casting so far!

  3. Love the casting although Tanya isn’t who I pictured. With the casting of Nessie and now the Denali’s, Breaking Dawn is off to an awesome start!! I’m curious who’s going to be Dracula 1 and Dracula 2. They have to keep that line in the movie by Jacob. It cracks me up everytime. Oh, and Garrett. That’s going to be another major character to look out for.

    • Yea, Tanya and Irina should be switched… like the one that you have for Tanya she she be the Irina and the one playing Irina should be Tanya… Other then that grate casting!

      • The character for Tanya is a bit too soft just by looking. If it is too late to look for a new one, just have Tanya switch to the Irina character. I saw Shannon in Lost and she will be great in delivering the Tanya character. Plus if Irina perished in the BD movie, wouldnt it be nice to keep Shannon as Tanya. In our mind , she will be forever around. Eleazar is spoy on. For Garrett, just a suggestion, he plays as a vampire in moonlighting and the love interests of Jennifer Lopez in that movie where she is a single lady,pregnant and accidentally met him. Cant remember the title. He can be dark, just make him look rugged, he will definitely look great in that character.

    • I agree. I pictured Tonya as very womany & alittle wild loooking, not in the Victoria sense but in the Hot vamp kind of way. The actress playing her looks too much like Alice & she’s alittle girlie for me. Can’t wait to see who they cast for Garrett & Dracula 1&2.!

      • THANK YOU! lol! That’s EXACTLY what I was trying to say in my comment… haha! She just looks like too much of a little girl, and I pictured her more of a crossover between Fergie and Rachel McAdams… (bodybuild-wise) But more of a Russian exotic look. (Don’t know how that would have been pulled off exactly but whatever… lol)

    • AGREE!!! Tanya and Irina need to be swapped. In the book Tanya is a strawberry blonde not white blonde. Maggie Grace fits that description more and Irina is hardly shown in the book. And Maggie is awesome. The twilight saga is famous for picking up not so famous actors- she also fits that category. Look at her in lost. She can play the feisty girl who in some ways Tanya becomes when her family is threatened.

      • I think ppl are forgetting that most of the Cullens wear wigs in the movie. You have to use a bit of immagination with these movies. You are not going to find ppl who look exactly like the character. Rosalie for example I thought should have been more slender and longer blonde hair BUT You get Nikki with a wig (shorter hair) … Though she is pretty and plays the part well she was not exactly as I imagined. So I think you need to look apart from the hair and the looks. Everything gets altered 🙂 I can’t wait for BD… I have read the books a million times and it never gets old… EVER!!!

  4. The first thing that came to my mind when I saw them: Ah! It’s the chick from The Impossible Planet! lol She was also in The Descent.
    Then omg it’s Shannon! And then I was like “It’s The Ice Truck Killer!
    This is such a great casting.
    And I really do hope they at least include some flirting from Tanya. I loved that bit of back story of Tanya wanting Edward, it added something to the mix.

  5. I do not like Tanya buu

  6. mari_cullen_salvatore says:

    creo que la que está como kate haría mejor de tanya, sorry i didn’t know how to say it in english! :S

  7. Wheres carmen’s man, I think his namer is Elzar

  8. Tanya is in Lesbian Vampire Killers!!!

  9. I don’t like Tanya!! The others are great though!

  10. “Most recently his Orlando in As You Like, cast opposite his wife, (sorry ladies he’s married) won rave reviews.”

    I think you meant ‘As You Like It’? The Shakespeare play?

  11. RachelBeth says:

    WOOOOH!!!! Spoiler alert on Dexter!!!!! You just it all away!! So much for the mystery!!!!! >:-(

    EEP!! Doctor Who is the best show ever to be conceived by man!!! They should have more actors who’ve been on it. 😀 😀 😀

    Cool! And Nadia too!

    These are some great people!! Can’t wait!!!!!!!!

    • Twilight_News says:

      Agh! Sorry I didn’t know! That’s how people explained it to me on Twitter. I didn’t realize it was a secret!

      • It’s like you were reading twilight and someone told you: james was using videos for Renne’s voice *lol* it’s the hole first season mistery!

      • Mía also plays Frida Kalho’s sister in the Salma hayek film! I’m from Argentina and this makes me so exited!

  12. I don’t like the casting for Tanya. To me she doesn’t have the seductive vampirish look they described in the books. I think Julie Michaels, the gilr who played Denise in the movie Road House would be much more fitting but that’s just my opinion.

  13. Seeing the Denali Clan (finally) makes me so excited for Breaking Dawn. I think they did a wonderful job in casting.

    November 2011 is too far away. 🙁

  14. you forgot to mention mia maestro’s role in ‘frida’ as frida kahlo’s sister, cristina! she did a wonderful job and will make an awesome carmen ^_^

  15. I think they should switch kate and tanya… good on the ice truck killer.. he is great!

    • I agree, Kate look exactly like I imagined Tanya to be – much more “competition” for Bella, sorry I don’t remember her name but the one playing Kate is really stunning! Tanya has a more unusual look, which I would have imagined Kate as more than Tanya.

      Overall though, GREAT casting! Except Tanya they all look exactly how I imagined them, awesome!

  16. EJ's girl says:

    I think they should have switched Tanya and Kate. looks like Kate has the strawberry blonde hair that Tanya is supposed to have. And I can see Tanya’s look going more with Garrett.

    I also pictured Carmen older — older & wiser (still pretty though) looking.

  17. Na Faeria Lilakoi says:

    I agree the actress’s cast for Irina and Tanya needs to be switched around. When I read the book the one casted for Irina is who I actually saw for Tanya. Besides someone spelling Eleazar’s name wrong I concur with everyone that I am VERY excited to see Breaking Dawn.

  18. urwatuwsqa says:

    i didn’t like tanya… Tanya was supposed to be more beautiful than bella… i think they should find someone beautiful attractive etc not her..

  19. I don’t like the casting for Tanya. I thought she was supposed to be strawberry blonde…or am I mixing her up with a different character? Other than that, I like the rest of the casting!!
    Sooooooo excited 🙂

    • there is such a thing as hair dye, like they did for other actors. but yea she looks nothing like Tanya should, but i guess we’ll have to wait til shes actually in character to see

  20. I Just Hope The Movie Is Made Exactly Like It Is Written In The Book..The Book Was Awesome!!!Well All Of Them!

  21. I was hoping Summit would put bigger names from the movies in these roles.

    Lana Veenker (sorry if I mis-spelled) was spot on with her casting in Twilight.

    Just my op.

  22. Great cast!

  23. Oh ok my mobile doesn’t show it

  24. i love it….pls shpows some pictures of all the character in eclipse…

  25. Theyre gonna look great with yellow eyes

  26. Sweet, I can’t wait to see more of the Ice Truck Killer!!!

  27. I agree tanya and irina definatley need to be switched

  28. Christian Comargo was fantastically great in Dexter. Season 1 is what got me hooked on that amazing program. I don’t have Showtime but one of my customers told me about it and the first season was on sale so I bought it. Totally an amazing actor. He was also in and episode of Without A Trace.

  29. i read the book and i cant wait till the movie

  30. Will we get the pleasure to see them all with the golden eyes? I loved how Maggie(Irina) looked.

  31. not how i pictured them, but oh well. but i probably would have switched Tanya and Irina, just cuz thats a little more how i pictured them

  32. it says in the eclipse book that tanya has strawberry blonde hair… and eleazar has long black hair… i cant wait to c wut the amazons look like…

  33. You’re all right, the cast is amazing, I hope they show the Tanya “not so pure” interest in Edward, that was very funny! And it would be interesting watch Kristen in plan of being jealous… Who will play Mister J. Jenks? He is kind of important too, and Zafrina? Is so sad that its getting closer the end, but at the same time I’m exciting with the movie. 🙂

  34. Casey LaBow was also in an episode of ‘Moonlight’. Another vampire show…

  35. tanya is horrible.i know summit hate everything related to edward.thats why they give him less screentime,bad dialouges and now even more bad admirer.i have no faith in MR about showing edward backstory.

  36. I can’t wait to know how the amazon and the others vampires look like!!!!

  37. DEnali Coven<<<< i think of what i read in Breaking Dawn they are from Alaska lolz…..

    i love this movie cant wait to watch this on theater…..

  38. Yallo!

    I live on the other side of the world and Im fan of Midsommer Murders!
    It’s not Midsummer. It’s called Midsommer Murders because the murders take place in a fictional rural area in England called Midsommer.

    tight hugs!

  39. cullens rock says:

    all this is so great i agree tanya need a change—-strawberry blonde—–bella looks better…..can’t wait until the movie….waitin to see how zafrina, benjamin look and use their power even kate with that shock stuff…gr8 book.

  40. The Dragonfly says:

    i know it won’t be til the second movie but like Garret, i can’t wait to see the cast for the other worldly vamps and how the baseball field scene will take place knowing all their special gifts! im jumping the gun but truly excited!

  41. The Dragonfly says:

    whoever plays GARRETT should be a true Southerner

  42. wow,they’re all really pretty,i can see why is Bella so worried

  43. Wht do you mean its not coming out till November 2011 thts all most a hole another year and alomst in to 2012.When is the second part coming out ,2013???!!! >;l. I’m soo mad right now plus ,u nake us wait, know tht this was the last movie u may ever make in the twilight saga =•(

  44. ITS NOT FAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!That we have to wait its disapointing and cruel and mean !

  45. I don’t think that Tanya looks anything like they said in the book! The Tanya the book had strawberry blond hair!

  46. Dorian Priory says:

    I think Tanya is perfect and you all have no imagination whatsover. There is such a thing as hair dye to make her strawberry blonde and you should look through her other pictures before making comments like that.

  47. I love the casting! Does anyone know who they chose to play Renesmee?!
    And I think Tanya should have that “strawberry tint” to her hair like in the books, because that’s the trait that stood out the most on Tanya.
    I personally like Kate the best!

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  49. WOW! I must say, not ONE. SINGLE. PERSON. is how I envisioned them! AT ALL! lol… I always thought Tanya would actually LOOK like a succubus or at least a b***. And be really tall and possibly a little thicker? She just looks so petite… ;\ Not so sure I like any of them. And to me, Carmen and Eleazar look all wrong. They’re just not really throwing out that parental vibe or look that Esme and Carlisle pull of… Hopefully their perfomances are better though… lol


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