Casting Scams For Breaking Dawn

We are still getting emails and Tweets regarding Breaking Dawn casting. We don’t want to break anyone’s heart, but at the same time we don’t want to see anyone taken advantage of either. Seriously, we’d love to be able to say that anyone with no experience stands a chance of being cast as Carmen or Tanya, but it’s not the case. Breaking Dawn is not currently casting. Those ads you see online are a total scam.

In fact one company actually contacted us via our forum PM to see if we would run ads on our site. In their email, which we verified with Summit is complete bogus, the following exchange happend:

Lexion: “Your message regarding advertising the Breaking Dawn casting call was forwarded to me since in addition to helping with advertising I am also one of the bloggers who covers current news regarding Twilight. I didn’t realize that the movie was now moving onto open casting calls. Which firm will be handling the casting? Will it be done in Portland or Vancouver?”

Supposed Casting Agent: “Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Summit Entertainment has acquired the rights from Stephenie Meyer to film and distribute Twilight: Breaking Dawn. Breaking Dawn is still in early pre-production stages, but is accepting submissions for principal roles and extra roles. We are looking for talent nationwide and it will be non-union.”

Casting agent Lana Veenker’s name is also erroneously getting thrown around on and off as being connected to the project. Lana did cast certain roles in Twilight, but she was not involved with New Moon or Eclipse since they were shot in Vancouver. Lana’s spoken out before about how these things are scams, but in a recent article for Oregon Live she goes further to explain just what your chances are of being cast in a principal part or as an extra.

“It’s all a scam, Lana says.

“Anyone who is saying click here to audition for ‘Breaking Dawn,’ or the deadline is coming up, is lying. ‘Breaking Dawn’ is not in production. No casting directors have been hired. Nobody is hiring extras.”

First of all, “they haven’t even announced what city or country they’re going to shoot in,” Lana says. “They may shoot in Vancouver again,” in British Columbia. If they do, “they’re not going to hire American extras to shoot in Vancouver. American kids wouldn’t be legal to work in Canada anyway without work permits.

“There’s no way the production company would hassle getting permits for extras when thousands are dying to be in this who live right there.”

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  1. We can always count on you guys to warn us beforehand.
    Thank you for doing this awesome job!

  2. Yup, these goons are right up there with literary agents who charge fees for repping you. They aren’t REALLY looking for talent. They want your money. In most cases, with scam run casting calls, they will have you pay upfront for photoshots and other “needs” of which you will pay them, and get no results. As has already been stated Summit will post casting calls for extras usually in around the area they are filming. This is no different than any production though. We get a few here in Oklahoma, and people will be asked to come to a casting call, locally.

    The reality is, if you REALLY want a part in Breaking Dawn (IF it goes into production, of which it most likely will) and IF you are talented, it is usually best to have an agent. They take care of getting you the parts. In truth it isn’t easy for folks who aren’t in LA, NYC, or any other filmsentric location. I will be honest. It’s LOTS of hard work, but this is what this business is all about.
    Usually anything that looks too good to be true on the web, is really TOO good to be true.

  3. it’s good info

  4. I’m girl from Samoa and me and a friend have a dream to part be of the “Breaking Dawn” movie. We’d like a part as movie extras or anything.We dont have to be in either. As long we’ll a part of making the movie. We’re not obsessed fans just big fans of the story and movie. In our country we’re not the only ones. We’re very determined to reach this dream and we’d like some help and advise on how to go about it. Or if its possible for girls like us. Please dont take us for granted just because we’re small island girls from a small island. Please please e-mail soon.

  5. i would be the coolest person to have in the movie!!!!! i cant wait till the rest of the movies come out im such a big fane and i know ur books in side and out!!!!

  6. there are so many scams running on the internete so watch out*;`

  7. there are so many scams running on the internete so watch out-;-

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