Poll: Which Newly Announced Breaking Dawn Actress Are You Most Excited About

Laura’s LOST fangirl is jumping up and down over Andrea Gabriel who played Nadia on lost. You have to love that BOTH of Saiyd’s loves are in Breaking Dawn!


  1. You were on top of it before I asked! Haha I wish we could double vote though. I’m sticking with my Doctor Who girl and hoping she’ll surprise the heck out of everyone!

  2. You didn’t put MacKenzie Foy on the list. What a beautiful and perfect Renesmee she is!

  3. LOL, that’s just how I reacted! It’s so awesome that Nadia AND Shanon are in this movie 😀 So.. I voted for Andrea. But I’m glad with pretty much everyone.

  4. alwaysedward says

    Isn’t Siobhan supposed to be heavy?

    • I must admit that I was looking forward to having a more voluptuous actress for Siobhan. However, do we know which “Lisa Howard” is playing the part? Is it the TV actress or the Broadway actress, because the TV actress is very angular, but the Broadway actress is a little softer, and rounder and therefore (in my opinion) would make the better Siobhan.

  5. mschicklet says

    Character’s name is Katrina? I thought it was Kate?

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