Breaking Dawn Casting and the IMDB

We’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about casting for Breaking Dawn.  Can fans audition? What company is involved? Should resumes be sent out? Is the info on the IMDB accurate? So, here’s a rundown of the latest:


  • Filming will take place in both Louisiana and Vancouver
  • Production Weekly confirmed the dates of the filming in Louisiana
  • Confirmed dates can change slightly due to weather or other unforeseen circumstances
  • We can’t help you get cast. If we had any influence on production Edward would be driving the right car and Alphie and Pel would be playing the Volturi wives while trying not to drool on Michael Sheen.
  • Not sure how to break into the business? See Lana Veenker’s blog, there is good advice there and it’s free! Also see her advice on scams! If anyone tells you that you need to pay them money to get into a Breaking Dawn audition they are lying!


  • What specific roles will be needed. In other words will some vampires be combined such as the Jessica/Lauren of Anna Kendrick’s character or the Eric/Ben of Justin Chon’s character.
  • Will there be an open call for extras. (See past history)
  • Will there be an open call for other parts. (See past history)
  • Will they have an open call for Renesmee (in our opinion the part would be at least twins just to deal with child labor laws)

Past History:

  • The original movie had vast calls for extras the others did not.
  • The only open calls for speaking roles were for Native American/First Nations actors. Every other part, you needed to be in the business, with experience with an agent.
  • We will publicize open calls as we have done in the past.

Now onto the IMDB. It’s like wikipedia, anyone can edit it. The day after Kristen Stewart was officially announced as Bella, the IMDB read that Emily Browning was rumored to play the part. A few months ago someone replaced Tinsel Korey’s name as Emily with actress Brenna Lee Roth, and Edi Gathegi popped back up on the Eclipse cast list.  In a practical joke that had fans scurrying for the hidden meaning, Andrew of TwiSource decided to list that the tagline of New Moon was “Somewhere Bella’s Stove Is On.” So when you see things up their don’t put too much stock in them.  Until a film actually starts filming the info up there isn’t always solid.

Now if you want solid extra casting info here’s something, it’s not Twilight, but it does potentially involve seeing Taylor Lautner. Check out this info if you are in the Pittsburgh area.

EDITED: Amanda Bell (The Twilight Examiner) just verified that Xavier Samuel is not in Breaking Dawn though the IMDB seems to think so. We just verified that the name Renesmee is unchanged in Breaking Dawn. There was rumor today that her name was changed.


  1. I wanna be Garret!!!!

  2. will they have auditions in the UK?

  3. Any theories or musings as to whether or not the south american vamps would be open call like the native american/first nation actors were?? On a side note, I do hope they use some locals as extras, I’m about 2 hrs away from baton rouge and would GLADLY take a road trip for a chance at some red contacts! 🙂

  4. switzy4ever14 says


  5. Thanks for posting the link about Taylor’s movie that’s filming in Pittsburgh!! I wouldn’t have known about it. I e-mailed them and got a spot as an extra for this weekend! I’m SO excited! Thanks again!

  6. I live in LA & am in the business-it is very unlikely they will use locals as extras. Generally, but not always, extras belong to a union and are cast, just like everyone else, and paid according to union rules. It is very complicated for filmmakers to cast people not in the industry because then neither the actor nor the filmmaker is protected by the union laws. The reason they can cast actual roles from outside are a.) they want it to be authentic so they deal with the complicated-ness because the role matters and b.) once the actor is cast, they have to join the union, thus erasing anything complicated. The reasons extras that are not in the union wouldn’t have to join is because they do not have speaking roles. You have to speak over 5 words in a film to join the union. I am very surprised you received a spot via email; when things like this happen, they generally do not pay and can keep you there for as long as possible (because you aren’t protected by union laws) but they don’t love doing this (because they aren’t protected by union laws saying you are trustworthy and have to sign a confidentiality contract etc.) But congrats! 🙂
    Renesmee will very probably be booked from an agent. There are millions of children with agents, although if they found the right child elsewhere, I’m sure they’d figure it out.
    If anyone says they are an agent and if you wire them money, they can get you an audition, it is 100% a scam. Agents have their own actors already, and if they wanted you, they’d sign you on, not ask you to pay them. Do NOT fall for this, or anything similar (join our website for $159 to get exclusive information on Breaking Dawn casting!-that info will only be what’s on this website here).
    If you really, really have a passion for the industry beyond Twilight and want to get involved, go to theatres in your town and start working. Go to universities and colleges around you and ask for a list of upcoming student films that are casting. Get in them. Get a reel and resume. Get headshots. Move here and begin the long uphill struggle that is very, very worth it.

  7. i would love to play the role for Kate

  8. Tremendous piece

  9. Cracking writing..

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